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How to Use AI Marketing Automation to Boost Productivity and Grow Your Audience

Utilizing AI marketing automation tools can increase your productivity and boost your social media following. Here’s how to start using them for your benefit.

Posted 1 year ago
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Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 1 year ago
Marketing activities, especially on social media, take a lot of upkeep. In order to stay relevant and increasingly grow or engage your audience, you’ve got to post new content continuously.
Whether you’re a creator or a brand, it’s worth looking into ways to optimize these marketing campaigns so you’re able to generate more content without investing so much of your time. Luckily, AI marketing automation tools such as Flick exist, which allow you to revolutionize your marketing with AI content creation.
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  1. What is AI Marketing Automation?
    • Task Automation
    • Machine Learning

What is AI Marketing Automation?

AI Marketing involves using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to automate your marketing activities or campaigns on platforms such as social media. The computer program can analyze user data to identify trends and use that information to create AI-generated content suitable for your target audience.
Flick, for instance, comes with an AI social media assistant to help you create content more efficiently and reach new audiences. The AI writing tool can generate ideas, create on-brand captions, shorten long-form content into digestible snippets, and more.
ai marketing automation

Different Types of AI Marketing

Task Automation

This refers to tools that automate repetitive activities that require little effort or intelligence. You establish a set of rules for the AI to follow — for example, you can schedule posts, send automatic emails, or respond to customers with chatbots — and off you go!

Machine Learning

Machine learning is where AI evolves and changes its behavior as it analyzes more and more data. Over time, it can learn what strategies work best from previous performance analytics and use that information to help create better marketing campaigns for your brand.

Examples of AI Marketing Tools


flick ai tool
Flick is an AI marketing tool that specializes in content writing, brainstorming, and repurposing posts to make them more suitable for social media. We also save and organize your ideas so you can schedule them to post at any time.

Publica LLC

publica ai tool
Publica is an Ad-Tech platform for TV broadcasters, streaming apps, and device manufacturers. They offer advanced analytics, ad pod automation, audience targeting, and more so you can sufficiently optimize your campaigns.

Why is AI Marketing Automation Useful for Your Brand?

Increased Efficiency

AI post generators and social media prompts allow you to streamline your content creation for increased efficiency. You can also automate routine tasks such as email campaigns and scheduling posts.

Marketing Content is Optimized

Using AI in your marketing strategy helps you optimize your campaigns with predictive analytics based on current trends and user data. AI can then reformulate content to attract your target audience better.

Increased ROI

An AI-powered marketing strategy helps improve your campaign performance, which can lead to higher conversion rates and increased ROI.

How to Use AI Marketing Automation to Boost Productivity and Grow Your Audience

Step 1: Content Generation

Before you can start introducing AI marketing automation to your campaigns, you must first locate a suitable AI writing tool, such as Flick. With our AI social media assistant, you can start streamlining your content generation for various social media platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.
Our AI writing tool specializes in three main areas: brainstorming, content writing, and repurposing.
Brainstorming: Receive unique content ideas to break through writer’s block and speed up your productivity. Just search for a topic, such as ‘gardening tips’, and view multiple AI-powered content suggestions.
brainstorming flick ai social media assistant
Caption Writing: Generate personalized captions that suit your brand so you can focus on creating more long-form content. Input your brand voice, writing style, length, and more to fully optimize your caption writing.
caption writing ai tool
Repurposing: Convert lengthy content into smaller pieces to make them more appropriate for social media or other online platforms. Repurposing content into bite-sized snippets helps boost your visibility and online engagement.
ai repurposing content

Step 2: Ad Enhancement and Targeting

AI analyzes previous campaign performance and user behavior patterns to help improve your marketing and audience targeting. It creates ads or content specifically tailored toward your target audience to boost your conversion rate.

Step 3: Social Media Listening and Brand Awareness

With AI marketing automation, you’re able to monitor your brand awareness through social media listening. This involves tracking all mentions of your brand across various social channels via social listening tools such as Hootsuite.
View sentiment graphs, word clouds, mention volume, and more as part of your consumer research. Learn what customers are saying about your products online to get some insight into how you can improve customer experience and satisfy consumer demands. Use this information to optimize your marketing strategies and increase engagement.

Why use an AI solution for social listening?

Manually scouring the internet for brand mentions and customer sentiments is very time-consuming, so it’s more efficient to use AI. You can also receive actionable insights about emerging trends, brand sentiment, and the volume of mentions per week to get a better sense of your reputation and brand awareness.

Step 4: Channel Optimization

With the help of AI, you’re able to analyze and compare performance data across different channels to see which ads are producing the best results. This way, you know how to allocate your resources efficiently and optimize your ad placements to ensure they reach the right audience. Higher visibility can lead to higher conversion rates and increased ROI, which will make any social media manager very happy.

Step 5: Forecasting the Performance

Predicting your campaign performance is difficult to do manually, but there are many predictive analytics tools, such as Adobe Analytics, that help forecast your ad performance. With this data, you can make better-informed marketing decisions to achieve higher engagement and sales.
Predictive analytics are generated based on your historical data, which is analyzed by the AI to gain insight into previous trends and behavior patterns. Forecasting performance allows you to predict how users will behave to some extent, so you’re better informed on how to design your campaigns in a way that attracts engagement.
Additionally, Flick forecasts the best time to post by analyzing user activity data. We predict when your audience is most active each day and highlight the best posting times on your content calendar.
flick analytics overview

AI Marketing Automation Best practices

Identify and Prioritize Areas

Decide how best to use your AI marketing automation to achieve the best results. Which areas require AI assistance the most? Where would AI be the most effective? Focus on tasks that require a lot of time and effort, such as social listening, or look at activities that help elevate customer experience and engagement.

Training and Reskilling Your Marketing Team for AI-Powered Automation

When utilizing AI marketing automation, you must make sure your team is trained on how to operate your AI assistant or automation tools. Have them master all the main features of your AI and practice using them in the relevant contexts. For example, use AI for predictive analytics and analyze the data.

Keep the Human Touch

AI can replace human actions in many areas, but when it comes to AI writing or more complex tasks, it may encounter some issues. Always make sure to have someone overseeing your marketing activities to ensure the AI stays on task and no errors occur.
With AI content creation, pay attention to your brand voice and whether it comes through in your posts. Your tone and messaging should stay consistent to make your marketing campaigns appear more authentic.
The best advice we can offer here is to use AI as an aid rather than a crutch. You’ll want to carefully review the content that AI generates and then make your own edits for the best results.

Track Your Performance Metrics

Once your marketing campaigns have gone live, track your performance data to get real-time feedback on how effective your strategies are and whether they need amending. Determine which key metrics to keep a close eye on, such as conversion rates and impressions.
For further insights into user engagement, try conducting some A/B tests, where you create two versions of the same ad to see which one performs the best. Each version is shown to a different audience group — in this case, you can showcase each campaign on a different marketing channel.
Monitor user reactions in the comments or engagement analytics to determine what appealed the most to your target audience.

Use an Analytics Tool

You can receive detailed reports on various performance metrics using tools such as Flick’s Analytics.
flick's ai analytics
View metrics such as:
  • Average Engagement Rate
  • Rank Ratio
  • Conversion Rate
  • Click-Through Rate
  • Reach Rate
Compare your data to previous months to see how much your stats have improved or dropped over time. You can also view analytics for each individual piece of content, from impressions and likes to reach and engagement rates.
content inside flick analytics
Look at past analytics reports at any time for reference. Reports are generated on a weekly basis, and you can see what your best posting streaks were for each week.
flick's ai hashtag analytics


AI marketing automation is a great way to streamline your campaign activities, especially when it comes to social media. From AI content generation to scheduling posts, you’re able to save a lot of time with the help of AI tools such as Flick in your marketing strategies.
Here at Flick, we strive to eliminate creative blocks and optimize content creation with our AI social media assistant. Try Flick for free today to start automating your marketing with AI.


What is AI Marketing Automation?

Different Types of AI Marketing

Examples of AI Marketing Tools

Why is AI Marketing Automation Useful for Your Brand?

How to Use AI Marketing Automation to Boost Productivity and Grow Your Audience

AI Marketing Automation Best practices


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