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A fast, reliable, and modern Scheduler for Social media.

Say goodbye to outdated, clunky, and slow tools. The future of streamlined Social planning is here – from custom Reels thumbnails, to AI generated captions, Flick's got you covered.

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Social Media Scheduling Tutorial

Learn how to schedule your Social media posts using Flick's Post Scheduler alongside some tips on how you can save time and improve results.

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Multi-platform Scheduling

Plan and schedule content for multiple platforms in one place.

Make getting organized for the month ahead easier than ever. Get an instant overview of your scheduled content. Plan every post in full, or take advantage of drafts to loosely outline your future content.

Media Storage and organisation
AI hashtag & caption generation
Drag and drop calendar

AI Social Media Assistant

Create Social posts 10x faster with AI-Powered ideation and creation tools.

Say goodbye to creative block, and hello to your new brainstorming, writing, and planning partner for Social – Flick's AI Social Media Assistant can help you write on-brand captions, research creative post ideas, and help you claim back hours of your time.

Auto-generate quality hashtag lists
Create engaging captions, video scripts, and more
Brainstorm unique content series and post ideas

Best Times to Post

Publish your content at the best time, every time.

Amplify your reach by  posting when the majority of your audience is online and active. Flick’s Scheduler uses your Instagram audience insights to highlight the best posting slots for each day.

See your top three posting times per day
Reach the most followers when you post
Best times from inside your Calendar

Mobile App

Full control of your posts no matter where you are.

You deserve peace of mind. Make last-minute changes on the go with Flick’s mobile app! Rest easy knowing that wherever you’ll be, your calendar, scheduled posts, drafts and media library are all right there with you.

Edit scheduled posts on the move
Upload content to your Media Library
Status updates for Scheduled posts


Everything you need to get the job done, fast.

It's often the small details that make a big difference. We've got your back: Custom thumbnails, media editing, content management, feed previews, best times to post, notification posting for TikTok, hashtag suggestions, and much much more.

Automatic, and notification posting
Custom thumbnails & media editing
Team workflow tools

Hashtag Helper

Access the world's #1 Hashtag Tool whilst creating your posts.

Your content needs the best hashtags and you can only find those hashtags on Flick. When creating and scheduling a new Instagram post, you’ll have full access to Flick’s extensive hashtag features to help you select the perfect ones for your posts, plus all of your Hashtag Collections easily accessible all in one place.

Say goodbye to constantly switching tabs
Reach more people with tailored hashtags
Easily add the best hashtags to your posts

Visual scheduling tools for Social Media.
Choose optimal posting times, we'll handle the rest.

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Save time and reduce stress by scheduling future posts with Flick's Social Media Scheduler. Drag, drop, and rearrange your posts within your personal content calendar. Use Flick's best times to post suggestions to easily choose a posting time that maximizes your potential reach.

We also make finding and using hashtags for scheduled content easier than ever. Now, you have the world's most powerful hashtag tool sitting inside your scheduling tool. Not too bad, eh? Start claiming back your time and get organize your content strategy with Flick.

How Flick's Instagram Scheduler Works

Upload and Plan
Prep your scheduled posts

Upload content to Flick's Media Library, craft your posts, and utilize Flick's Best Times to Post suggestions to choose a posting time that maximizes your potential reach.

Plan and create your next posts

Use Flick's drag and drop content calendar to stick to your posting schedule. Rearrange future posts in your preview feed to make sure everything is looking on-brand!

Monitor your progress

Keep an eye on your progress and get insights into whether your content schedule is working for your audience. Use actionable insights to inform your decisions.

Frequently Asked Questsions

Whether you’re posting as a creator, brand or marketer, Flick's Instagram Scheduler is ready to help you save time, improve results, and get organized.

What is Flick?

Flick is a modern Social Media Marketing platform helping you to grow and mange your socials.

Can you add tags, captions and locations to scheduled posts? 

Yes! Flick makes it easy to add all the details your post needs before you schedule it. This includes tags, captions, and locations. Just create your post within the Flick app, then click the “Schedule” button to add it to your content calendar.

Can you schedule Instagram Reels automatically?

Yes! Flick makes it easy to plan and schedule Instagram Reel posts. Simply select 'Reel' when you're creating your scheduled Instagram Post and you're good to go.

Can you automatically post Instagram Carousel posts?

Yes, you can schedule Instagram carousel posts to be published automatically with Flick's Instagram Scheduler.

How much does Flick's Social Scheduler cost?

Flick's is free to use for 7 days! After that, we have a range of plans for solo creators ($7/mo.) all the way up to agencies with 10+ client accounts ($40/mo.). Check out our pricing page to learn more.

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