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5 AI Tools to Streamline Your Work As a Social Media Manager

Learn how to stay consistent on various social media platforms by using these 5 AI tools for social media managers.

Posted 10 months ago
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Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 10 months ago
AI tools are taking over the world of social media (and elsewhere in the world too!) for good reason. The tools can help you run your job tasks more efficiently and streamline your workflow so you can take more time to focus on other areas that need more of your attention. As a social media manager who is trying to get on top of your socials, we know how many tasks you’re dealing with day-to-day. And trying to stay consistent with socials on top of all that? It’s hard work! That’s why we’ve rounded up our favorite AI tools to help you as a social media manager.

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  1. How can AI help social media managers?
    • Content creation 🎨
    • Social media planning 📆
    • Analytics and Reporting 📊

How can AI help social media managers?

There is an age-old expression: “Learn to adapt, or get left behind.” That is especially true with AI tools. As we can all see, AI is all over the place, and as a social media manager, you need to learn to use these tools to better help your skill sets and also to streamline your work.

Content creation 🎨

Think of how many different social media platforms there are out there. And you have to create content for all of them? Woof. Using a content creation AI tool will help you write captions, create ideas for your social media platforms, and speed up some of the mundane tasks that come with creating social media content.
instagram scheduler with flick

Social media planning 📆

When it comes to planning social media, it can be incredibly time-consuming to come up with various ideas for different platforms. Using an AI tool can help you create various ideas for your platforms in seconds.

Analytics and Reporting 📊

Honestly, is this not the most mundane part of being a social media manager? With the right AI tools, you can generate reports and audit your social media pages in seconds without spending hours finding the information you need.

Things to think about with AI tools and social media 💭

Yes, AI tools are amazing and can help you with your social media management. However, there are things to be on the look for when it comes to using AI tools like:

Fact-check your information ✅

Yes, while the copy can sound like you, there is a possibility that the information the AI wrote might not be fully correct. Always make sure to fact-check dates, numbers, citations, and sources before you start posting the content willy-nilly.

Edit the copy 📝

AI tools are definitely sounding more like real-life humans, nothing beats an actual real-life human behind the copy. Use an AI tool to help you kickstart your creativity or ideas, not as a catch-all where you don’t need to edit or add your own spice to the copy. Make sure that it has your personality shining through or people might not connect as much with your content any longer…

What are the best AI tools for social media managers?

Now it’s time for the good stuff! What AI tools are actually helpful for you to manage your social media accounts? Here are five of our favorite tools to help you get started:
craft the perfect caption ai flick

Content creation and scheduling 📆

When it comes to content creation, analytics, and scheduling, there is no better tool than Flick.
With Flick’s AI Social Media Marketing Assistant, you have a well-seasoned marketer in your back pocket at all times.
All those days of you trying to figure out what type of content you want to create for the month ahead are gone. Now, you can type in a topic or keyword into the AI Assistant and the tool will give you access to endless content ideas in seconds.
Not only that but once you choose an idea, it will curate the perfect caption for your content every single time. Even better than that, enter information about your brand inside the AI tool, and each caption and idea will be perfectly tailored to you.

Instagram Analytics

Grow your account with best-in-class Instagram Analytics.

The days of you editing and editing and more editing of a caption are over when you use the Brand Info button.
Think that’s all? Not even close. Here are some more reasons why you need to use Flick:
  • Analyzes all of your content in seconds and lets you know exactly how you stack up against your competition
  • Schedule out all of your content in a single click
  • Create captions inside the Scheduler with the AI Caption Generator tool
  • Writes in your brand voice based on your Brand Info
  • Get access to endless post ideas in a single click
  • Access to a FREE AI caption generator
  • Repurposes all long-form content into bite-size social media posts
  • Integrates into Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok
  • Get auto-generated hashtags based completely on your captions that are best fit for your content
  • Caption templates that sound more human and completely like a post you’d actually write
  • Available in multiple languages
  • AI-generated images and access to our Stock Image Media Library
Pricing: Free trial for 7 days. Plans start at £11/month.
ai social media assistant

Image creation 🖼️

Shutterstock AI
shutterstock ai social media manager
We all know of Shutterstock and the endless amounts of commercial-free images it has on its website. But, did you know that Shutterstock has an AI image generator that can create images for you based on the prompt you provide?
Yes, it’s true.
With Shutterstock AI, all you have to do is prompt the tool in great detail and the results will start appearing in seconds.
Why should you use Shutterstock AI?
  • Create a variety of images and pictures based on a detailed prompt
  • Prompts can be written in over 20 languages
  • Can quickly edit the results you get by adding text and background and resizing the images
  • Can use the generated images for your own use if you have a plan
Pricing: Pricing starts at £19/month

Email 📧

Creating and sending emails that have an incredible subject line, eye-catching details, and are engaging for people to actually click on your call-to-action is HARD. Campaigner is an email marketing platform that will help you do all of that and more.
campaigner ai tool social media manager
It focuses on creating A/B testing, user-friendly designs and templates, detailed reporting, and tools to help you optimize your content in the best way possible. Plus, its personalization options are the best part of the tool. It uses information like location, purchase history, and engagement to help you better fine-tune your emails.
Why should you use Campaigner?
  • Access to super-detailed reports and analytics
  • Personalization on all emails and SMS that you send customers
  • Detailed sales funnels for you to get higher conversions on your content
  • User-friendly email templates that anyone can use
  • A/B testing that can test multiple variants in an experiment
  • Static or dynamic segmentations on your email list
Pricing: 30-day free plan. Plans start at $59/month

Customer Service 💁‍♀️

heyday ai tool social media manager
Having a chatbot on the team to help you keep on top of your messages is a serious game changer, and that’s what HeyDay does. HeyDay is an AI tool that will help you get even more sales and personalizes your customer’s experience on your e-commerce website. You can gather leads, take away the major pain points for your customers like tracking information and FAQs, and so much more.
Why should you use HeyDay?
  • Frees up your time from doing repetitive and time-consuming tasks
  • Offers multi-channel messaging across various platforms
  • Instant support for your customers
  • Can increase conversions through product recommendations
  • Automates low-value interactions to help you reduce response time and get better customer satisfaction
Pricing: $1000/month

Video creation 🎥

If you do a lot of video creation, Vidyo.ai will help you turn your podcasts, webinars, long-form videos, and more into bite-size short snippets for social media content.
vidyo ai social media manager tool
The platform has several different templates for a variety of social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
All you have to do is import your video, figure out what platform and format you want, and get your perfect video in seconds.
Why should you choose Vidyo.ai?
  • Access to auto-video captioning
  • Easy-to-use video resizing
  • Video clipping of your long-form videos
  • Auto-video chapters and timestamps in seconds
  • Social media templates for all different social platforms
  • Cut together multiple and complex clips easily and effectively
  • Create highlights of the best parts of the videos
Pricing: Has a free plan but paid plans start at $29.99/month
Now that you have the AI tools to help you get started to make your social media manager life that much easier, it’s time to start thinking about other ways to grow your account. Click here to learn even more ways AI can help you with your social media content with free tools!


How can AI help social media managers?

Things to think about with AI tools and social media 💭

What are the best AI tools for social media managers?

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