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Find relevant hashtags for your Instagram account.

instagram hashtag search tool

Quickly search for the best Instagram hashtags, and improve your organic reach with Flick's Hashtag finder.

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instagram hashtag search tool

Instagram Hashtag Search Tutorial

Finding hashtags for your Instagram posts isn't easy. Watch this video to learn how you can find, manage, and use hashtags with Flick's Hashtag Finder, alongside some tips on how you can save time and improve results.

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Fast Search

Find hundreds of Instagram hashtags in a matter of minutes.

Make searches related to your content or target audience, and Flick will generate most relevant Instagram hashtag suggestions.

Search unlimited hashtags
Filter results based on your account
See key hashtag data
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Top Post Preview

Preview top-performing hashtag content whilst searching.

Decide whether or not your post matches up with the content that's performed well on a hashtag before.

Discover what's worked well on a hashtag
Easily improve your hashtag strategy
Visually asses hashtag content
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Smart Hashtag Filters

Get tailored hashtag suggestions based on your Instagram account...

Take advantage of Flick's Suggested Filters, and find hashtags that are personalized to your Instagram page's size and engagement.

Rank on more hashtags
Maximize your hashtag reach
Make hashtag decisions faster
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Advanced Hashtag Filtering

Or, create custom filters based on your own hashtag strategy.

Speed up your hashtag research and apply more specific parameters using Flick's Advanced Search Filters. Perfect for anyone to get the most out of every hashtag they use.

Filter hashtags by keywords
Filter hashtags by their activity levels
Filter hashtags by their level of competition
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Banned Hashtag Checker

Never worry about using a banned hashtag again.

Banned hashtags on Instagram change frequently based on recent content and activity. Make sure your content is safe with our Banned Hashtag Checker.

Identify banned hashtags instantly
Keep your account and content safe
No more worrying about banned hashtags
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Frequently Asked Questsions

Whether you’re posting as a creator, brand or marketer, Flick's Instagram Hashtag Tool is ready to help you save time, improve results, and get organized.

What is Flick?

Flick is an Instagram Scheduling, Hashtag & Analytics Tool, helping you to grow and mange your Instagram account(s).

how to find the best hashtags for instagram?

The best way to find hashtags for Instagram is by using a tool like Flick.

Simply make a search, and Flick will find you the most relevant Instagram hashtags. You can use filters to refine your results, and easily store those hashtags into Collections for easy access when you're ready to post.

What is a Hashtag Finder for Instagram?

A hashtag finder will help you discover hashtags related to a keyword you search. Flick's Hashtag Tool is known as the best hashtag finder, and is designed to save you time, and improve results.

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