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Flick’s hashtag manager and analytics tool takes the hard work out of choosing the most relevant Instagram hashtags. Start by finding hashtags, then save them into relevant Collections that you can manage from mobile or desktop. Mix and match hashtags from different collections to test which ones work best.

By optimizing your hashtags, you could be reaching 30%+ more people every time you post to Instagram. Stop using Apple Notes, Google Keep, Evernote or other note taking apps to manage your hashtags on Instagram. Start claiming back your time and utilize actionable hashtag insights using Flick.

Finding, managing, and using hashtags just got easier.

How Flick's Hashtag Manager Works

Find Instagram hashtags

Create a search related to your content, and save them to Collections, Flick’s hashtag manager for Instagram.

Organize your hashtags

Use Collections to manage your hashtags, import existing hashtag lists from anywhere, get suggestions, and create high-performing combinations for future use.

Review hashtag metrics

Analyze metrics of your top-performing hashtags to create a winning strategy that will help you reach new audiences.

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Whether you’re posting as a creator, brand or marketer, Flick will tailor suggestions based on your Instagram account.

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Join Flick’s community of more than 20,000 content creators, brands and marketers across the globe and level up your Instagram hashtag game.

A faster and smarter way to manage your IG hashtags.

With Flick, manage and organize your top-performing hashtags into groups. Unlike note-taking apps, our hashtag manager allows you to see powerful metrics of every hashtag that you save. Never lose sight of your top-performing hashtags, get suggestions based on your hashtag groups, and discover trending ones in your niche.

Available on desktop and mobile
Store unlimited hashtags forever
Say goodbye to clunky notes apps

Create winning hashtag combinations and sets.

Use Flick's Hashtag Manager to understand which hashtags to use and which aren’t providing the results that you want. Remember that copy-and-pasting the same hashtags for every post won’t get you anywhere, and avoiding banned hashtags that can hurt your reach is key. Flick allows you to create varied hashtag combinations based on past performance.

Highlights banned and flagged hashtags
Copy hashtags to your posts in one click
Highlights which hashtags are working best

See all the hashtag metrics you've always wished for.

Get actionable insights into valuable hashtag metrics, including daily average post count, ranking difficulty, average likes and comments, and potential reach. In addition to your hashtag performance data and your account’s analytics provided by Flick, these insights can help you further refine your Instagram strategy and significantly grow your account.

Dapc, Total Posts, Avg. Likes, Avg. Comments
Times used, Times Ranked, Rank Ratio
Competition Score, Oppurtunity Score

Frequently Asked Questsions

Whether you’re posting as a creator, brand or marketer, Flick will tailor suggestions based on your Instagram account.

What is Flick?

Flick is an Instagram Hashtag Manager and Analytics Tool, helping you to grow your account, business or influencer profile.

Will it work on my device?

Yes, Flick has a desktop, iOS, and Android App – no matter where you go, your hashtags and analytics will follow.

How is Flick better than my notes app for managing hashtags?

Flick is all about saving you valuable time at every step of your Instagram journey. Not only is our mobile and desktop app the most efficient way to manage your hashtags, it will also track which of those hashtags are working best, categorize them into collections, provide recommendations on which hashtags to use, and reveal actionable insights on past performance and other hashtag metrics. None of these are possible with any note-taking app. 

What is a Hashtag Collection?

A collection is a 'smart' folder of hashtags that live within Flick. You can save, categorize and manage your hashtags into different groups, and uncover vital performance insights to grow your account.

What is a Hashtag Manager?

Flick's Hashtag Manager allows you to organize your hashtags so you can easily add hashtags to your posts. Sort your hashtags into groups based on topic, hashtag size, or following your own hashtag strategy. Add hashtags to Collections within a Hashtag Manager and then use them on your posts to increase your overall engagement.

What kinds of hashtags should I use on Instagram? 

We recommend creating and managing varied hashtag groups that will help you achieve what you need – remember, there's always a trade off between how competitive a hashtag is, and the potential return you could receive. After all, different types of hashtags can help you achieve various goals related to growing your Instagram account. These include topical hashtags, audience-specific hashtags, product-specific hashtags, location-based hashtags, community-based hashtags, flagged hashtags and banned hashtags. Read our comprehensive guide to Instagram hashtags to learn more.

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