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Digital Content Strategy: 5 Ways To Delight Your Audience

It’s time to make the most of your marketing with a well-crafted and put-together digital content strategy. Here’s our guide to getting started.

Posted 9 months ago
digital content strategy

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Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 9 months ago
Did you know that 90% of businesses that create a robust content marketing plan achieve their goals? It means your brand can also take advantage of a digital content strategy to woo customers and create a win-win relationship. With a content blueprint, you can improve your brand visibility and reputation.
But you must have a clear roadmap to achieve your digital marketing goals. Below, Flick explores super easy ways to accelerate your business growth through a digital content strategy on Instagram and TikTok. So grab your favorite beverage and dive in!

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  1. What is a Digital Content Strategy?

What is a Digital Content Strategy?

A digital content strategy is a blueprint describing a series of repeatable activities when producing content, with the aim of resonating and captivating your audience across digital platforms throughout the buyer journey. It spells out your content creation and distribution process, determines the content formats, and encourages collaboration across content teams.
For example, a digital content marketing strategy on a social media channel like Instagram can use AI marketing tools and hashtags to reach a wider audience. Flick can help you create an effective digital content strategy using AI tools. Here’s why.
It has three powerful tools to help you unlock the power of Instagram to grow your business.
  • AI Social Media Marketing Assistant: It helps you brainstorm endless content ideas, dive deeper into content and captions ideas, write engaging, on-brand captions for your accounts, auto-generate hashtags, generate AI images, and so much more to streamline your social media planning.
  • Instagram Hashtag tool: It lets you find, manage, and analyze relevant hashtags. You can collect a treasure trove of hashtags in minutes, organize and copy them, and use the statistics to find out which ones perform best for your brand.
  • Instagram Post Scheduler: Save time and reach out to your audience at the right time by scheduling posts and planning your calendar.
  • Instagram Analytics tool: Make data-driven decisions by gathering and analyzing key metrics on your Instagram digital content strategy.

Instagram Analytics

Grow your account with best-in-class Instagram Analytics.

While we’re in the process of bigging ourselves up, take a look at some of the other popular features you can find on Flick:
  • Content Lab: Research the best content ideas for your content in seconds and store them safely in your Content Lab for later.
  • Hashtag Search: Find hashtags that align with your digital content strategy instantly.
  • Hashtag Manager: Save your best-performing hashtags for reposting.
  • Banned Hashtag Checker: Check which hashtags have been flagged or banned.
  • Instagram Analytics Reports: Receive prompt feedback directly in your inbox on what’s working and not.
  • Instagram Hashtag Tracker: Keep tabs on the vital Instagram metrics to monitor performance.
  • Instagram Feed Planner: Organize and schedule your posts with the feed planner.
Want to see how you can create a digital content strategy with ease on Instagram? Create a free account to get started with Flick.

Different Types of Instagram and Tiktok Digital Content

Creating a digital content strategy on Instagram and TikTok can take several forms. See the examples below:
  • Reels: They’re short-form videos similar to TikTok and cater to a new audience. Use reels to scout potential customers.
  • Stories: Video content and vertical photos created between 5 and 15 slides are examples of Stories. Your audience can tap through the content to access it.
  • Lives: They let you engage with your audience via comments, responses to questions, or live collaboration with other marketers.
  • Videos Based on Trending Sounds: These are popular videos based on trending sounds. You can take a famous sound and then inject your brand personality to create a unique video.
  • TikTok Challenges: You identify trending challenges on TikTok and then produce a video based on them. Also, you can add your branded hashtags to the video to direct traffic to your website or any content assets.

Examples of Instagram and Tiktok Digital Content

Now, let’s dive into examples of digital content strategies to inspire and help you develop your own.
Pack an order with me (ASMR videos)
If you deal with physical inventory, packing orders on camera can engage your target audience and build a community on TikTok. You can develop a sense of trust when you create a captivating video showing how you package orders. That’s because you can show that your products are safely packaged and in optimum condition.
Pack an order with me videos are a type of ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) content. It’s due to hearing a specific sound that triggers a tingling sensation down your back.

How to create ASMR/Satisfying videos

ASMR videos take advantage of extraordinary sounds to create a lasting impression. For example, it could be the sound of grabbing stock to put into an order, restocking goods, or filling containers with your product.
Here’s another great example below from DTE Beauty:

Exclusive offers, sales, or dedicated promo codes

Make your Instagram community feel special by providing them with exclusive offers. To ensure your niche is in the loop about your promotion, create a sales alert well in advance. You can add more fun by offering a special promo code to your raving Instagram fans. The added benefit of the promo code is you can track exactly how many customers converted based on your promotions.
Check out the following example:

Interviews [or sneak peeks]

Sneak peeks allow you to share a wide range of content with your fans on Instagram. You can broaden your audience, build and strengthen relationships, and increase brand awareness.
Use the following four ways to promote interviews on Instagram:
  • Regular post: Produce and publish a 1-minute long sneak peek of the best part of your interview.
  • Instagram Stories: Pick the most interesting sections or points from your interview to create 15 seconds long Instagram Stories. Add subtitles to your videos to help people follow your content since many view stories with the sound off. Use online editing software to polish up your video content. Remember, Instagram automatically cuts a video into Stories if it’s 45 seconds long.
  • Reels: You can upload or film a 1-minute long video clip that you can edit before sharing it on the app or with the help of an online reel maker to create an engaging reel with a predefined template.
  • Live: Do live broadcasts of your interview if you’re confident and have prepared enough. These videos are reusable in your future SEO content strategy, so make sure to save them.

Why Digital Content Strategy Is Important

According to several studies, a digital content strategy can help your business educate your audience, enhance brand awareness, and build trust. Here are more compelling reasons if you’re still not convinced:

Helps Deliver Great Content

A written digital content strategy framework is a great way to update your content and keep it fresh and relevant to your customers. It’s a roadmap that outlines the critical tasks you must execute to deliver the right content to woo potential buyers.

Keeps Everyone on the Same Page

You can improve collaboration between various digital marketing teams if you have a documented strategy. Everyone on the team needs to know what your business expects of them.

Improves Rankings in Search Engines

Engaging and interesting content is a mighty weapon to help you rank higher in Google and other search engines. You can drive traffic to your website or build an email list, based on conversions from your posts.

Enhances Customer Satisfaction

You can create a content-rich newsletter to educate your subscribers, promote your product or service, etc. In this way, it’s possible to keep them engaged.

How To Create An Instagram Digital Content Strategy

Creating a digital content strategy shouldn’t be an uphill task for your brand. Here are super easy steps to delight your audience with top-class quality.

Step 1: Define Your Goal

Before you roll out a campaign on social media, determine your goals first. Decide what you want to achieve with your digital content strategy. For instance, you might zero in on expanding your audience, increasing engagement, or generating more revenue.
Next, consider the types of content you need to accomplish your objectives. Is it short-form videos, reels, live interviews, etc.? After deciding on content formats, define your KPIs to help monitor performance. And if you use an app like Flick, it’s as easy as ABC to track your key metrics with its Instagram analytics tool.
To manage your digital content strategy goals, break them down into different milestones. For example, decide on the milestones you need to watch out for if you want to improve revenue by 15% by the end of the year.

Step 2: Know Your Audience

Your Instagram content plan should align with the interests of your ideal audience to avoid misfiring your strategy. So carry out audience research to understand your prospective customers. Here are some questions to get you started:
  • Can you describe a typical day in their life?
  • How do they spend their free time?
  • What are their favorite brands?
These questions can tell you the type of content you should create for your buyer persona. Again, Flick can come in handy if you want to know the best-performing hashtags to amplify your unique content.

Step 3: Run a Content Audit

Once you grasp your audience, run a content audit to identify your current content assets and any gaps you must fill. Does your existing digital content enable you to achieve your Instagram goals? Be sure to harness Instagram’s multiple content formats to advance your business growth.

free guide

Instagram Audit Checklist

Step 4: Start Posting On Your Schedule

For your digital content strategy to bear positive results, schedule your posts on particular days and times. For example, you can post on Mondays at 6 am, 11 am, or 1 pm. to double engagement rates. It also makes your content creation and distribution consistent.
Flick can make scheduling posts a breeze with its Instagram Scheduler. Use this nifty tool to share your high-value content at the right times and save countless hours on content distribution. As a result, you can develop your Instagram content calendar ahead of time and create a sense of expectation and curiosity in your community.

Instagram scheduler

Start scheduling with Flick!

Step 5: Use AI tools to grow your account

When creating your content, utilize Flick’s AI Social Media Marketing Assistant to save you time and ensure that your content will help grow your accounts. By using the AI Assistant, you will have access to endless content and caption ideas that are tailored perfectly to your brand and business.
You can also use the tool to repurpose content that did well previously, as you know this is the content your audience likes from you.

Step 6: Monitor your Performance using Analytics

Keep an eye on the performance of your Instagram campaign by tracking your goals and other crucial KPIs. Find out which posts have high engagement rates, save them, and repurpose the content. Fine-tune your strategy to improve the content that is performing below expectations.

Grow Your Business on Instagram with a Digital Content Strategy

Studies show that a business with a documented digital content strategy can triple its lead generation by 63% less than the cost of traditional marketing. A digital content strategy is a cost-effective system that allows you to hit your marketing goals. With a platform like Flick, you can take advantage of the AI Social Media Marketing Assistant, hashtags, schedule Instagram posts, create a content calendar, and analyze your results with ease.

Instagram Analytics

Grow your account with best-in-class Instagram Analytics.



What is a Digital Content Strategy?

Different Types of Instagram and Tiktok Digital Content

Examples of Instagram and Tiktok Digital Content

How To Create An Instagram Digital Content Strategy

Grow Your Business on Instagram with a Digital Content Strategy

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