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Best AI Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business in 2023

AI can make your workflow so much easier and we’re bringing you the best AI marketing tools you need in 2023.

Posted 6 months ago
best ai marketing tools

Written by

Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 6 months ago

In case you’ve been living under a rock recently, you’ll have heard of ChatGPT and AI and everything in between when it comes to AI in marketing. There’s been a lot of uproar from copywriters and social media managers alike who wonder what this technology means for their jobs … and we’re here to say, it’ll be a useful tool in your belt when it comes to creating and generating ideas for your future social media strategy. If you’re an entrepreneur, content creator, social media manager, or just need some fresh ideas to streamline your social media workflow, AI-powered marketing tools should be added to your list of “must-have” items. It’ll help you create an effective social media strategy while creating content 10x faster, on-brand, and hitting your goals even quicker. Here are our top AI marketing tools you need for 2023.

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  1. What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Let’s start off simply: what is AI? Artificial intelligence is software that can process a lot of data.

Wow, cool thanks. What does that actually mean though? It’s essential things you use already. Google, Netflix’s algorithm making suggestions for you, Siri and Alexa answering questions you ask—all these things are run by artificial intelligence. So even though it might sound a bit like science fiction, it’s already in our everyday use. Now … how do you use this to your benefit when it comes to marketing? Let’s explain.

How is AI used in marketing?

When it comes to marketing, you want the most reliable information and data you can. And time is of the essence in the world of marketing because pulling reports, data for clients (and yourself!), and creating a marketing strategy around that information can be incredibly time-consuming.

That’s where AI tools come in. AI tools can help you analyze the most amount of information possible, quicker than you can manually. And there are a number of different AI marketing tools that will help you with any area of marketing you need extra support:

  • Caption ideas
  • Content ideas
  • Analytic reports
  • Chatbots
  • SEO content writing
  • Automating tasks
  • Digital advertising
  • Email replies

And so much more. To help you get started, here are some of our favorite AI marketing tools that will make your workflow quicker and more efficient.

Flick’s AI Social Media Assistant

Yes, we’re joining the game. Flick’s new AI Social Media Assistant is your new brainstorming, writing, and planning partner for social media.

content planner ai social media assistant

With our new tool, you’ll be able to dive deep into a topic and generate endless ideas and captions for your social media. All those days of banging your head against the wall for one idea are officially over. All you have to do is search for a topic and you’ll get a plethora of original content ideas that you can choose from and dive deeper into.

Once you select your ideas, develop them further by selecting your favorite post ideas that generate from the Planner. You can create your own content from the post ideas, or take it up another level by letting the AI Social Media Assistant create the perfect and on-brand caption for your social media content.

Select your favorite post idea, caption length, what you’d like the caption to include, brand voice, and more and the AI Social Media Assistant will create your caption 10x faster.

Once you have your content created, you can then save, organize, and schedule your ideas in a single click. Keep your ideas and captions saved in your Flick account, and once you’re ready to post, you can schedule all in a single click.

Want to try it out today? Join the waitlist to get started and you’ll be the first one to hear when the AI Social Media Assistant is officially live.


One of the tools that we use often at Flick! Grammarly is a great website or extension that you can use that will analyze your writing content for ways it can be improved.

Grammarly: Grammar Checker and Writing App

The tool can be used anywhere you’re writing online—Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, Word, etc—and it will go through and highlight errors or make suggestions that you can accept or ignore. Not only will it check for grammar and punctuation, but it will also go through and spot redundant words, and writing style that is inconsistent, and even suggests different words to make the sentence flow more naturally.

Grammarly is free to use for basic writing suggestions and tone detection. You can also upgrade to get Grammarly which will provide clarity, vocabulary, and tone improvements.


Curious about how your customers navigate your website? With Fullstory you can have full access to the journey of a website visitor from their first visit to conversion.

Build a More Perfect Digital Experience | FullStory

Fullstory implements an AI to track every movement, click, and page visit across a visitor’s visit to create a “story” around that visitor. Through this AI, it can help people find errors on their websites and ways they can make easy wins on updating different areas of their website much quicker than guessing and hoping for the best.

You can try Fullstory for free for up to 14 days before switching to a paid subscription.


Yes, yes, chatbots can be increasingly annoying but if you have a reliable one, it can be incredibly useful! Chatfuel allows you to create a personality for your chatbot.

How to turn Facebook comments into customers with automation | Chatfuel | Chatfuel Blog

You can place this on your website and it can offer up answers to general FAQs, provide discount codes to drive sales, and more to help save you time by not needing to respond to every single email that you get in that can be answered by a chatbot.

You can get a trial run with 50 free conversations for the first 30 days before upgrading your plan to a monthly subscription.

Reply.io Email Assistant

One of the most time-consuming tasks can be replying to emails, and Reply.io works to automate the full process so you can increase your leads and convert your customers.

AI Sales Email Assistant - Reply.io

All you have to do is create an email drip campaign and Reply will do the rest of you! It uses its AI-powered response scoring to identify which leads have the potential to convert.

The Email Assistant has a 14-day free trial before you can upgrade to a subscription-based plan.

Surfer SEO

If you’re wanting to optimize the content on your website to make it the most SEO-friendly, Surfer SEO’s AI will help you there. While you write your content, Surfer will score your content according to keyword density, length, use of headers, readability, and more which all help push your content up in ranking on search engines.

How to use Surfer SEO: Tips from the people who built it

You can write directly into Surfer SEO or add its integration into your website, Google docs, and more to ensure that everything that you write is SEO-friendly and has the ability to rank.

You can get a free 7-day trial before upgrading to a basic plan starting at $49/month.


Yes, another tool to help you respond and tackle your emails. Smartwriter.ai helps you automate your email outreach by creating personalized emails (with subject lines that target your audiences’ niche).

SmartWriter Reviews - Pros & Cons 2023 | Product Hunt

The integration also includes backlink generation, personalized cold email outreach, and so much more.

Pricing for Smartwriter.ai starts at $49/month for basic.

Ready to embrace AI and start streamlining your workflow in a more effective way? Now that you’ve made your life 10x easier by choosing an AI tool to help you and your social media content, why not take it one more step and schedule out all of your content in one place? Learn more about scheduling and sign up for a free 7-day trial with Flick to start scheduling your content with us today!


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What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

How is AI used in marketing?

Flick’s AI Social Media Assistant




Reply.io Email Assistant

Surfer SEO


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