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Inform your Instagram content strategy with actionable analytics and insights.

See what’s working, improve your content strategy, and track 20+ key metrics across all areas of your Instagram account with real-time reporting tools.

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Trusted by 20,000+ Creators, Brands & Marketers.

Grow your reach with metrics you won't find on Instagram.

Ever wondered how well your profile converts visitors into followers, or what percentage of your audience you’re reaching?

Follower and Conversion Rates
Time spent ranking on Instagram hashtags
Content Engagement and Reach Rates

Identify what’s resonating best with your audience.

Increase your engagement and conversion rates across your feed, story & IGTV posts with actionable IG Analytics and insights.

Visually review and compare your posts
See the hashtags each post has ranked on
Feed, Story & IGTV Analytics

Understand when to post, and who you’re reaching.

Post at the best time, every time. Use your audience activity data to maximize each and every posting opportunity you get. Automatically syncs with your Content Calendar within Flick's Scheduling tool for ease.

Calculate top posting times every day
Syncs with your posting Calendar
See when your audience is most active

Improve your hashtag performance on autopilot.

Analytics and insights that make using hashtags easier, and more effective. Let Flick highlight which of your Instagram hashtags are working best, so you can continue reaching more people every time you post.

Track IG hashtag performance over time
See the hashtags each post has ranked on
Improve your Instagram hashtag research

Benchmark your Instagram analytics against accounts like yours.

Benchmarking is a powerful tool for improving your content strategy and account performance. Flick makes benchmarking easy with the open benchmarks tool. See how you stack up to similar accounts thanks to real-time benchmarking for 20+ key metrics based on over 55,000 accounts!

Track progress over time
Make better content strategy decisions
Benchmarks based on 55k+ IG accounts

Never lose your data after 30 days again.

Flick's Instagram Analytics tools allow you to store key metrics like Potential Reach, Competition Score, and Engagement Rate for future reference. No more auto-deletion after 30 days—Flick stores your historical data indefinitely. View weekly, monthly, and yearly reports to make sound, long-term decisions.

See your IG Analytics across any time period
Keep historical data safe indefinitely
Inform your content strategy

The best Analytics for Instagram.
Reports, tracking, insights, learnings and more.

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With Flick, you get access to powerful insights and analytics that help you understand your account's performance, then fine-tune your content strategy. Keep tabs on Potential Reach, Competition Scores, Engagement Rate, and much more in real time with Flick's Instagram Analytics tools.

You can also use hashtag metrics to see how your posts are performing and make data-backed decisions about what content to post next. Use engagement rates to create more compelling content. The secret to reliable growth on IG is being in the know!

Planning your content ahead of time just got easier.

How Flick's Instagram Scheduler Works

Use metrics to maximize reach

With Flick's Instagram Analytics tool, you can base account, hashtag, and content decisions on data. Double-down on what's working, and identify areas for improvement.

Keep tabs on your progress

Keep tabs on all the most important Instagram metrics in one place. See how your account is performing and make data-driven decisions about your content strategy.

Post, track, tweak, repeat!

Use Flick's real-time reporting tools to see which posts are performing well and adjust your strategy accordingly. With Flick, you can grow your reach and engagement rates organically.

Instagram Analytics Tutorial

Learn how to schedule your Instagram posts using Flick's Instagram Scheduler alongside some tips on how you can save time and improve results.

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Frequently Asked Questsions

Whether you’re a creator, marketer, or brand, Flick can help you keep tabs on the data that matters!

What is Instagram Analytics?

Instagram Analytics are the components needed in the process of tracking, measuring, and analysing your Instagram account's performance with the goal of improving. With Flick's Instagram Analytics tool, you can easily track your progress, find new opportunities for growth, and make data-backed decisions about your content strategy.

How does Flick's Instagram Analytics tool work?

Flick's Instagram Analytics tool uses a variety of metrics and statistics to give you insights into your account's performance. You can use these insights to fine-tune your content strategy, grow your reach, and increase your engagement rates.

What are some benefits of using Flick's Instagram Analytics tool?

Some benefits of using Flick's Instagram Analytics tool include the ability to track your progress, benchmark your account against similar accounts, and make data-driven decisions about your content strategy.

What can I track with Flick's Instagram Analytics?

Flick's Instagram Analytics tool allows you to track a variety of statistics and metrics ranging from basic (e.g., impressions) to advanced (e.g., rank ratios for hashtags). In total, Flick's Instagram Analytics toolset tracks over 20 key metrics! That's too many to list here, but if you're curious, you can view the full list on our Open Benchmarks page.

Alternatively, you can learn more about different instagram metrics and insights on our blog.

How often is my Instagram Analytics data updated?

Flick's Instagram Analytics tool updates your data in real-time, so you can always be sure that you're looking at the most up-to-date information.

How long does Flick keep my data?

Flick's Instagram Analytics tool stores your data indefinitely, so you can always access your historical data. This is helpful for tracking your progress over time or making decisions about long-term content strategy.

Is there a limit to how much data I can track?

No! Flick's Instagram Analytics tool allows you to track an unlimited amount of data.

How much does Flick's Instagram Analytics cost?

Flick's Instagram Analytics is free to use for 7 days! After that, we have a range of plans for solo creators ($7/mo.) all the way up to agencies with 10+ client accounts ($40/mo.). Check out our pricing page to learn more.

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