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Social Media Automation: What It Is and Why You Need It

In today’s post, we will talk you through what social media automation is, why you need it, and our favorite tool to help you get started.

Posted 2 months ago
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Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 2 months ago
Social media automation is an invaluable tool for social media managers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. It helps streamline their workflow and ensures their social media presence is managed efficiently.
Automation tools allow users to schedule posts, automate responses to customer queries, and keep track of metrics and analytics. This helps reduce the amount of time spent on managing social media accounts and allows users to focus their energy on other important tasks (like building your biz!). With social media automation, you can get the most out of your social media presence and ensure that your posts are effective and timely.
In today’s post, we will talk you through what social media automation is, why you need it, and our favorite tool to help you get started.

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  1. What is social media automation?

What is social media automation?

Social media automation is like having your very own social media assistant in your back pocket at all times. It’s a tool that allows you to schedule posts, automate responses, and track metrics with just a few clicks.
ai marketing automation
Basically, social media automation is the secret weapon that social media managers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners use to make their lives a whole lot easier. It saves time, increases efficiency, and helps you stay on top of your social media game without having to be glued to your phone 24/7 (… not like we aren’t already). So instead of wasting your precious time manually posting and responding, let automation do the work for you while you focus on what really matters — like perfecting the TikTok dance you’ve been trying to learn for months.

Why manual social media management sucks

Let’s be honest, manual social media management is exhausting, time-consuming, and ultimately a waste of precious energy. Why spend hours crafting the perfect tweet, only to have it get lost in the sea of endless scrolling?
But that’s not all, with manual social media management, there’s always the risk of human error. Misspelled hashtags, forgotten posts, and accidental double-taps can turn your social media game into a disaster. Plus, who has the time to keep track of analytics and metrics manually? No one, that’s who!
So instead of wasting hours (and possible errors!) manually creating content, posting, and putting together your analytics, let a social media automation tool help you streamline your workflow as much as possible.

How automation tools make life easier for social media managers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners

So you’ve decided to let automation take the wheel and embrace the wonders of social media automation. Smart move! Let me tell you how automation tools make life easier for social media managers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.
  • First off: Time. With automation, you can say goodbye to spending hours manually scheduling posts and responding to comments. Automation tools allow you to schedule posts in advance, freeing up your precious time for more critical tasks, like binge-watching your favorite Netflix series or perfecting your TikTok dance moves.
  • Next: Efficiency. Automation tools streamline your workflow by allowing you to manage multiple social media accounts from one centralized dashboard. No more logging in and out of different platforms! With automation tools, you can handle it all in one place, saving you from multitasking chaos.
  • And finally: Peace of mind. With automation tools, you can set up automated responses to customer queries, ensuring that no message goes unanswered. And you can spend time building your business, planning a more effective social media strategy, and more.

Benefits of using social media automation tools

Not sure of the exact benefits of social media automation tools? No worries. Let’s take you through them:
First and foremost, let’s talk about time. By using automation tools, you can kiss goodbye to those endless hours spent scheduling posts and replying to comments. All you have to do is set up your automatic replies, schedule your content, and more, and then go about the rest of your day. No more worrying about immediately replying to a customer—the automation tool has already done it for you! No more panicking about not posting something on time—the automation tool has scheduled your post already.
Now, let’s talk about efficiency. Automation tools are the superheroes of social media management. They allow you to effortlessly manage multiple accounts from one centralized dashboard, saving you from needing to sign in and sign out of accounts. You’ll be able to see a quick overview of all of your accounts and can even dive deep into each account all from one platform.
Automation tools also offer the incredible benefit of consistency. You can create a steady flow of content that keeps your followers engaged. With automation tools, you can schedule a whole month of content that posts when your audience is most online, to help your account with reach, engagement, and getting more followers through the door.
And let’s not forget the cherry on top – analytics and insights. With automation tools, you can track your social media performance and see what’s working and what’s not. No more guessing games—it’s data-driven decision-making and that’s exactly what you need!
So there you have it, folks. Social media automation tools save you time, increase your efficiency, maintain consistency, and give you valuable insights. Once you start using them effectively, your social media game will thank you.

How Flick can automate and streamline your social media content

Over the past year, we’ve been working hard on making Flick’s AI Social Media Marketing Assistant the only social media automation tool you need. From brainstorming content ideas to writing the best captions for your content to helping you repurpose your top-performing posts, here are the reasons why Flick is the best tool to help you with your social media marketing.
how to schedule on linkedin with flick
Now that you know why you need a social media automation tool, let’s talk about a specific tool that can help you with every area of your social media marketing strategy—Flick’s AI Social Media Marketing Assistant.
We’re going to break down all the ways Flick’s AI Assistant can help you (plus, tips and tricks to make content creation so much simpler!).

Brainstorm perfect post ideas

We’ve all been there. You need to come up with a plan for your social media content for the week or month ahead, but you have no idea where to start. That’s where Flick’s AI Assistant can come in.
brainstorm content ai social media caption generator
  • Head to your Content Lab inside Flick by clicking “Ideas” under Content. From here, you can begin your search for brainstorming content ideas with a single word or topic.
  • Click “Brainstorm Ideas” at the top of the Content Lab
  • Enter a topic or an overall content theme
  • Select a direction for your content
  • Choose which post ideas fit best for your brand or business
The Brainstorming tool will help you quickly get out of those creative ruts we all get. By providing the tool with the theme or word, you’ll get an endless supply of post ideas in seconds.
ai social media assistant tool brainstorming
And the best part is if you don’t like any of the ideas, it’s okay! Ask the tool to refresh the ideas. The options are endless for you.

Create unique and engaging captions in your brand voice

Now that you have access to endless post ideas, it’s time to start creating captions based on those ideas.
The AI Assistant can help you write engaging and on-brand captions—in seconds. By using Flick’s AI Assistant, you can enter your Brand Info inside the tool to make sure each caption is written in your brand’s exact voice. No more struggling with writer’s block. No more generic captions that don’t sound anything like your brand.
Use my Brand Info
  • All you have to do is select a post idea from your Content Lab, or click “Create a Post” to get started
  • Select a caption template for your content (Educational, Promotional, Personal, Business)—this will help the AI to create a caption that sounds unique and personalized
  • Choose the length, what type of content you want included, the tone of voice, and the point of view you want the caption written in
  • Select “Use my Brand Info” so the caption is written in your brand voice and is tailored completely to you
  • Click “Generate Caption”
In seconds, you’ll have an engaging, high-quality caption that was created just for you and your audience.

Suggest high-quality hashtags

After the perfect caption has been created for you, you can also get AI-generated hashtag suggestions based on your caption. The days of searching and searching for the best hashtags for your content are no longer needed.
Flick’s AI Assistant will scan your content and suggest the best hashtags to help boost your reach and engagement on your content.
autogenerated hashtags in flick
  • Once your caption has been created, click “Hashtags” under the caption
  • A pop-up will appear with hashtags curated to your caption
  • Select the hashtags you like the best
  • Click “Insert X Hashtags”
Flick’s tip: While the hashtags that appear work for your caption, be sure they work for your account! Check how many times the hashtag was used, the daily posts per day with the hashtag, and average likes and comments. Choose the hashtags that will give you more visibility for your account size. Need help? Click here for our detailed blog post on hashtag strategy.

Repurpose high-performing content

One of the best things you can do to get better engagement on your social media accounts is to repurpose past content that performed well. Because if it ain’t broke, why fix it?
With Flick’s AI Assistant, you can now quickly repurpose past content into fresh and new engaging posts with a simple click of a button.
  • Head to your Content Lab and click “Repurpose Content”
  • Select which type of content you would like to repurpose (blog post, YouTube, social media posts)
  • Paste the link and click “Repurpose”
  • Select which ideas you’d like to dive deeper into and select “Turn into Social Posts”
  • From there, the AI Assistant will remix your content and write new social media posts that will engage your audience just like before.
remix content lab
Take all of the past content ideas that have worked so well for you and give them a fresh new spin to engage new and old followers alike.

Generate AI and Stock images from the caption

A struggle that a lot of people have when it comes to social media creation is images for their content. You might not have the time or resources to spend on creating images or videos for your social media.
Flick’s AI Assistant now will generate AI images and stock images for you to choose from. Quickly and easily put together your social media calendar for the rest of the month ahead all in one place.
best ai image generator
  • From your Content Lab, click “Scheduling”
  • Click “New Post” to begin scheduling your content
  • Enter your caption or you can click “Caption Assistant,” where the AI Assistant will write an on-brand caption for you inside the Scheduler
  • Once the caption is entered, click “Suggested” above the caption
  • On the right-hand side of the screen, a selection of free stock images will appear that relate to the caption. Don’t like the stock images? No problem! Click “Generate Image” to get AI-generated image ideas that will work perfectly for your caption

Common misconceptions about social media automation

Social media automation has its fair share of misconceptions floating around, but we’re here to bust some of the myths that are currently out there to give you peace of mind.
Misconception #1: Social media automation is impersonal. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Automation tools allow you to customize and personalize your posts and responses. Make all of your responses, captions, and more sound exactly like you so it’s personal and on-brand every single time.
Misconception #2: Automation means you can set it and forget it. Sure, automation does the heavy lifting, but that doesn’t mean you can neglect your social media presence. You still need to engage with your audience, respond to comments, and keep your content fresh. Automation is there to give you a helping hand.
Misconception #3: Automation kills creativity. Absolutely not. Automation actually frees up your time and brainpower, allowing you to focus on creating brilliant and innovative content that will make your audience want to engage and follow you! Think of automation as a supportive sidekick that helps unleash your creativity, not a creativity killer.
Ready to get started and use your own social media automation tool? Start a FREE 7-day trial with Flick to start automating all of your content. You’ll soon realize why it’s so important and wonder why you’ve never used one previously.


What is social media automation?

Why manual social media management sucks

How automation tools make life easier for social media managers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners

Benefits of using social media automation tools

How Flick can automate and streamline your social media content

Common misconceptions about social media automation

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