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Flick’s hashtag tracker makes it easy for Instagram creators, brands, or marketers to monitor the performance of their current Instagram hashtag strategy. Start by posting on Instagram and gradually build a macro-view of all your hashtag’s performances. Make data-backed decisions and boost organic reach by doubling down on what’s working.

Fine-tuning your hashtag strategy means you could be reaching 30%+ more people every time you post. So stop looking through hashtags on Instagram mindlessly, hoping to spot your post in the haystack. It’s not gonna happen. Just continue posting on Instagram and let Flick gradually track and generate hashtag insights on autopilot.     

Hashtag tracking has never been easier.

How Flick's Hashtag Tracker Works

Use your current hashtags

Let Flick collect hashtag metrics over time by posting regularly on Instagram using your current hashtags.

Track hashtag metrics

Switch through tabs of metrics & read key stats on your hashtag usage to learn more about your macro-performance.

Grow with hashtag tracking

Weed out poor performers and double down on valuable Instagram hashtags to grow your organic reach across multiple posts.

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Flick will track every hashtag in your Instagram posts and provide critical insights to aid your hashtag strategy.

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Join Flick’s community of more than 20,000 content creators, brands and marketers across the globe and level up your Instagram hashtag game.

Spend less time on hashtag tracking. Gain clear insights.

See exactly which Instagram hashtags your posts rank for and their position in the ‘top posts’ feed—all in a matter of seconds. Flick tracks your active hashtags for you and generates important insights over time stored under organized tabs. Easily switch between content, hashtag, and account-related metrics for a quick comprehensive overview of your Instagram’s performance.

Save time by tracking hashtags on autopilot
All hashtag metrics in one accessible hub
Available whilst you're on the move

Use hashtag metrics to tweak your Instagram strategy.

Track every ranking hashtag in the Instagram ‘top posts’ feed against your total hashtags used. Measure the direct success of your campaign hashtags with metrics like average rank distribution, rank ratio, and engagement over a select period

Study organized and real-time hashtag data
Track which hashtags are working the best
Make winning tweaks based on hashtag & audience reports

Identify content that’s getting your target audience excited.

Keep up with hashtag tracking and engagement metrics to find the hashtags and posts getting your organic audiences most excited by likes, comments, and saves. Learn how each of your hashtags performs on your account overall with our average best rank score. Lower values indicate top-performing hashtags for your account. Keep using the relevant hashtags under your most-loved content to boost your Instagram page’s visibility and interact with your growing community. 

Visually review and compare your posts
Find your most effective hashtags overall
Post more of what your audience wants to see

Frequently Asked Questsions

Flick’s hashtag tracker is helping thousands of Instagram creators, brands, or marketers refine their social media marketing strategy through effective hashtag analytics Instagram doesn’t provide. Here are some common questions being asked

What is Flick?

Flick is an Instagram Hashtag Manager and Analytics Tool that can track hashtag performance and provide insights to help you grow your account, business, or influencer profile.

Will Flick’s Hashtag Tracker work on my device?

Yes, Flick has a desktop, iOS, and Android App—so no matter where you go, you can access our hashtag tracking tools, view your hashtag analytics, and employ new strategies on the go. Just ensure that you will have access to Wi-Fi or a cellular network.

Can you track hashtag analytics on Instagram?

Yes, you can. Hashtag tracking tools enable social media users to track hashtags and their performance.   For example, Flick’s Instagram hashtag analytics tools present users an extensive suite of metrics like the number of total hashtags used for their posts, rank ratio and average position, time spent ranking, and time parameters to track hashtags over certain periods.

What is Hashtag tracking?

Hashtag tracking is when you monitor the performance of your active Instagram hashtags, like ranking position. With the power of data, you can refine your social media marketing strategy by removing poor performers and doubling down on the best-performing hashtags

How is Flick better than the Instagram app for hashtag tracking?

Flick’s hashtag tracker saves you hours of DIY on Instagram and gives more clarity on your hashtag usage. With Instagram, you only have access to the total impressions generated by your hashtags. But with Flick, see exactly which hashtags are pulling in the most impressions, track ranking distributions, learn which trending hashtags have long-term potential, and get smart recommendations to improve your hashtag strategy from existing and past performance metrics. None of these features are possible on Instagram. And most hashtag tools provided by social media schedulers like Later and Buffer don’t offer the advanced hashtag analytics that we have.

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