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What Is Social Selling And How To Do It Right (+Examples)

We are here to help simplify social selling for you, show you how to do it right, and give examples you can take inspiration from.

Posted 1 month ago
what is social selling

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Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 1 month ago
If you are wondering what social selling is, you’re not alone. A surprising 78% of salespeople who use this approach do better than their peers—so you might want to figure out what the heck it is if you want to sell online! They combine social media with regular sales tactics, a method also known as social eCommerce.
Today, we’re going to simplify social selling for you, show you how to do it right, and give examples you can take inspiration from.
Let’s get right to it.

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  1. What Is Social Selling? 🤔

What Is Social Selling? 🤔

Social selling is a strategic approach that leverages social media platforms to engage with potential customers directly. It focuses on building relationships that allow you to have one-on-one conversations with users, respond to their inquiries, and share content that grabs their attention.
This helps build trust and makes people more likely to buy from you (and that’s what you want, right?). Social selling also showcases how social media is reshaping digital culture by encouraging more interactive and personal communication.
But how is this different from traditional sales tactics? Traditional sales often involve direct methods like cold calling and mass emailing (and we millennials and Gen Z just don’t do that!), which can feel impersonal and disruptive.
On the other hand, social selling allows you to engage with customers on platforms where they are already active and willing to interact. Here’s what social selling is not:
  • It doesn’t promise quick fixes.
  • It isn’t random social media posts.
  • It’s not directly selling products alone.
  • It’s not about the size of your following.
  • It doesn’t work in isolation from other marketing strategies.
What social selling actually is: It’s about using the friendly, informal nature of social media to help and inform potential buyers. Quick, personalized responses can turn social selling into a profitable business strategy that feels more personal and effective.
To succeed at social selling, be regularly active on social media. Show that you are a helpful resource in your field. Here are some best practices you can apply when it comes to social selling:

10 Simple Ways To Boost Your Sales With Social Selling 💰

It’s important for social sellers to approach social selling with a clear strategy in mind. Before we start, consider which platforms your target audience uses most frequently and what content types resonate with them.

1. Find & Work With Micro-Influencers In Your Field 🤠

Working with micro-influencers (has 1K-100K followers) in your field will dramatically extend your brand’s name reach and authenticity. These influencers have smaller, (usually) more engaged audiences that trust their recommendations, making them invaluable partners in social selling.
Here’s how you can do this:
  • Start by searching for influencers who share content relevant to your industry and whose followers match your target demographic. Use Instagram’s search feature, influencer platforms, or even hashtags related to your industry to find the right matches.
  • Look beyond the number of followers. Check their posts for engagement rates – likes, comments, and shares. This will tell you how interactive their audience is.
  • Send a personal message explaining why you think a partnership would be beneficial for both sides. Be clear about what you admire in their work to show that your interest is genuine.
  • Be specific about what you envision for the collaboration. This could be anything from sponsored posts, product reviews, or shared content. Make sure it’s mutually beneficial so that both parties are motivated.
  • If they are interested, draft a clear agreement outlining each party’s responsibilities, deliverables, and compensation. This will help avoid misunderstandings later on (which hopefully there won’t be any!).


what is social selling - work with micro-influencers
When you choose a micro-influencer, look for someone who authentically resonates with your brand and can showcase your product in a way that naturally fits in with their lifestyle.
For instance, look at how this Chicago-based spa highlights its convenient at-home botox services by partnering with a local influencer (@chicagofoodgirl).
You want to make sure that the influencer’s followers are likely to be interested in your services. The influencer, in this case, does just this and also gives their followers a promo code to help the company measure this collab’s impact.

2. Use Flick For Easy Social Selling Post Scheduling 😎

Use Flick to schedule your social selling posts and make managing and creating your content a breeze. It helps keep your posts consistent and perfectly timed to catch your audience when they’re most active. Plus, Flick’s tools do more than just schedule your posts—they also help optimize your content strategy.
Here’s how to make the most out of this tool:
  • Start by planning out your content calendar. Use Flick to organize and schedule posts for different social media platforms from one central dashboard. This helps maintain a consistent presence without the daily hassle.
  • Flick has analytics features that let you track your post’s performance. Analyze what content performs best and use these valuable insights to optimize your posting schedule for maximum engagement.
  • Flick’s “Best Time to Post” feature analyzes your historical engagement data to recommend the most effective times to schedule your posts. Using this feature can significantly increase the visibility and engagement of your content.
  • Ensure you never miss posting at an optimal time by setting up reminders. Flick can notify you when it’s best to post based on your custom schedule and audience activity patterns.
  • Batch-creating content and scheduling it in advance can save time and reduce stress. Flick’s automation tools allow you to set up weeks or even months of content at once, giving you more time to focus on other aspects of social selling.
💡 Flick’s tip: Want to make content creation for yourself even easier? Use Flick’s AI Assistant to help you curate content in seconds. Simply input details about your product or service inside Flick and our AI Assistant will provide you with endless content and caption ideas based completely on your brand voice.

3. Use Social Listening To Find Leads 🎧

Using social listening effectively can transform how you find and engage with potential leads as part of your social selling program. By monitoring relevant content on social media for mentions of your brand, competitors, and industry keywords, you can identify prospects who are already interested in what you offer.
Here’s how you can do this:
  • Select social listening tools that suit your needs, like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, or Mention. These tools can help you track conversations across various platforms without manually searching each one.
  • Configure alerts for keywords related to your products, brand, and industry, as well as your competitors. This will help you stay on top of relevant discussions and quickly identify potential leads.
  • Look at the context around your alerts. Are people asking for recommendations? Complaining about a product? Praising a service? Understanding the sentiment and context can guide your approach to engagement.
  • Once you identify potential leads, engage with them directly but respectfully. Answer questions, provide additional information, and offer solutions to their problems. This will position your brand as helpful and attentive.
  • Keep track of which types of interactions lead to the best engagement and refine your alerts and responses based on what works. Continually optimize your approach to improve the quality of leads you generate.

4. Connect with Customers Using AI Chatbots 🤖

Chatbots can provide immediate answers to common queries, guide users through your products, and gather important customer insights.
Here’s how to do this:
  • Select a chatbot platform that integrates smoothly with your social media channels. ManyChat, Chatfuel, or MobileMonkey offer powerful features tailored for social media interactions.
  • Clearly define what you want your chatbot to achieve. Whether it’s answering FAQs, providing product recommendations, or gathering leads, your chatbot should have a clear function that enhances the customer experience.
  • Design chatbot dialogues to be friendly and helpful. Use natural language that mirrors human conversation. This can make interactions feel more personal and less automated.
  • Equip your chatbot with answers to frequently asked questions about your products or services. This enables it to handle common customer inquiries effectively and efficiently.
  • Make sure there are protocols for escalating issues to human agents when the chatbot encounters questions or problems beyond its capabilities. This helps maintain a high level of customer service.


what is social selling - use AI chat bots
When you use a chatbot, be quick to say ‘hello’ to customers back like this platform for buying and selling business, for example. They have a chatbot that instantly answers questions on their Facebook page. If you ask about their services, the chatbot lets you know your message has been seen and someone will get back to you.
A human then takes over, which is crucial, especially for complex support needs. And no, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Using a service like Genius to hire affordable customer support reps can cut hiring costs by up to 80% without sacrificing quality.

5. Send Personal Videos To Build Stronger Bonds

Sending personal videos offers a more intimate and engaging way to connect with your audience. Personal videos can make your interactions feel more genuine and help build stronger, more personal connections with potential customers.
Here’s how you can do this:
  • Look for moments where a personal touch would be most impactful, such as after a purchase, in response to a specific inquiry, or to thank a customer for their loyalty.
  • Use tools like Loom or BombBomb to create and send videos easily. These platforms let you record yourself or your screen and send the videos directly via email or social media.
  • Aim for videos that are 1-2 minutes long. Keep your message clear and concise to keep the viewer’s attention throughout the video.
  • Mention your customer’s name and reference specific details about them. This personalization shows that you are paying attention to their needs and value their business.
  • End your video with a clear and straightforward call to action. Whether it’s inviting them to reply, scheduling a meeting, or visiting a website, make sure they know what you would like them to do next.


what is social selling - use personal videos
Sending personal videos can transform your social selling strategy, adding a human element that text alone can’t match. It’s about making your audience feel valued and seen.
For example, take a look at this video editing service, Vidpros. They shared a personal video featuring one of their clients, Philip Wallace.
In the video, they highlight Philip’s experience and accomplishments and give a shoutout to his YouTube channel and website, adding layers of personalization and appreciation for his work.
This approach does more than just show off their editing skills—it celebrates their client, which in turn demonstrates the value they place on their customer relationships.

6. Host Live Demos To Showcase Products

Hosting live demos can provide a transparent, engaging way to demonstrate your products’ value while answering questions in real time to build trust and increase interest.
  • Before going live, plan what you want to showcase about your product. Prepare a list of features you want to highlight and anticipate questions that viewers might ask. This preparation helps you stay focused and engaging during the live session.
  • Pick a social media platform that best aligns with your audience. For example, Instagram and Facebook Live are popular choices for their ease of use and built-in audience.
  • Announce your live demo in advance on your social media channels and other marketing platforms. Use engaging posts, countdowns, and reminders to build anticipation and ensure a good turnout.
  • During the live demo, encourage viewer interaction. Ask for questions and respond to them in real time. Interaction makes viewers feel valued and helps maintain their interest throughout the demo.
  • After the live demo, follow up with participants. Send thank you messages, offer additional information, or provide exclusive discounts to attendees. Following up can convert interest into sales and build lasting customer relationships.

7. Encourage & Showcase User Testimonials

User testimonials are an important part of your social selling index that boosts your credibility. Encourage happy customers to share their stories and show off these testimonials to improve your social selling. This simple approach can help build trust and draw in more buyers.
  • Make it easy for customers to leave feedback across various platforms. Include links to review sites in follow-up emails, or directly invite reviews at the end of transactions.
  • Consider offering a small incentive for customers who leave a review. This could be a discount, entry into a contest, or access to exclusive content. Make sure that incentives comply with any platform rules.
  • Feature positive testimonials prominently on your social media channels, website, and marketing materials. Use visually appealing formats like graphics or video testimonials to draw attention.
  • Engage with people who leave reviews, thanking them for positive feedback and addressing any concerns raised in less favorable reviews. This shows that you value customer input and are committed to improving their experience.
  • Use features like Instagram Stories or Facebook Highlights to create a dedicated space for user testimonials. This makes them easily accessible to new followers and helps build trust.


what is social selling - encourage user testimonials_
To show off happy customer stories, make a special place for them on your social media. Take this playhouse shop as an example. They have a “Clients” section on Instagram where they post pictures and videos of kids enjoying their playhouses.
Sharing these moments shows how much customers love their products. It also gives the shop a friendly face and lets others imagine the fun their kids could have. They keep adding new, real customer stories to their “Clients” section, keeping the story of their happy customers going.
Staying updated with the latest trends keeps your sales team’s social selling tactics relevant and effective. As digital platforms evolve, so do the opportunities for engaging potential customers and enhancing sales strategies.
  • Sign up for newsletters from leading digital marketing and social media news sources. This will help you stay informed about the latest developments in social commerce.
  • Participate in industry webinars and conferences. These events are valuable for learning from experts and can provide insights into successful strategies and emerging tools.
  • Keep an eye on influential figures in social commerce. Following these leaders on social media can provide you with regular updates and thought leadership on where the industry is headed.
  • Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok frequently update with new features. Test these features as they roll out to see if they can enhance your social selling efforts.
  • Watch what your competitors are doing in social commerce. Analyzing their tactics offers clues about what works and what doesn’t, helping you refine your strategy.
  • Use analytics tools to monitor how effective your social selling strategies are. Insights gained will help you understand consumer behavior changes and adjust your tactics accordingly.

9. Showcase Exclusive Deals Through Engaging Content

Highlighting exclusive deals and offers through engaging social media content is a powerful way to attract and retain customers. This strategy not only provides immediate value but also encourages sharing and interaction, which are the cornerstones of social selling.
  • Use high-quality images, videos, and graphics to grab attention. Platforms like Instagram are visual-first, so your content needs to stand out.
  • Whether it’s a discount, bundle, or access to limited-time services, make sure your deals feel exclusive to your social media followers to encourage a sense of community and loyalty.
  • When you post these deals, be prepared to engage. Answer questions, thank commenters, and keep the conversation going to build relationships.
  • Make your deals easy and enticing to share. You might even create a campaign asking followers to tag friends who would love the deal to broaden your reach.
  • Keep track of which deals get the most attention and why. This will help you tailor future offers and content to your audience’s preferences.


showcase exclusive deals
When you post on social media, share deals that are too good to ignore. Take this golf resource page as an example. They post short, exciting videos about great golf deals, like playing at Bandon Dunes. Their posts are more than just ads; they tell a story that gets golf fans excited. This makes followers see them as the best spot for hot golf tips and deals.

10. Highlight Achievements & Share Knowledge Through Social Content

Celebrating your business’s accomplishments and sharing valuable content on social media will build trust and establish your brand as an industry leader. This social selling approach uses your company’s milestones and educational content to attract and engage your audience.
Here’s how you can do this:
  • Share content that gives followers a glimpse into what goes into winning awards or creating podcast episodes. This openness can help you form a stronger bond with your audience.
  • Create posts that educate your audience about your field. Share tips, industry news, and insights to encourage followers to see your social channels as a learning hub.
  • Involve your team in your social media strategy. Having team members contribute to the podcast or celebrate awards on social media humanizes your brand and adds authenticity.


highlight achievements
When you’re selling on social media, show off your wins and what you know. Look at Flying V Group, their Instagram Highlights showcase their awards and their podcasts.
Similarly, when trying to draw in followers, mix helpful content with a personal touch. For example, this tutoring page does this well. They share a study guide link with a cozy photo, making study tips feel more friendly and less intimidating. This way, they reach out to students who might need help in a way that’s warm and welcoming.


Social selling is about real connections that help your business grow. Remember, for sales reps, it’s all about talking with people, not just selling to them. This approach is essential for building and maintaining a strong professional brand.
Looking to sharpen your approach? Flick is here to help. It makes planning your posts simple, finds hashtags that get noticed, and shows you what’s working.
Step up your social selling with Flick. See the difference it makes in your sales success. Ready to start? Check out Flick and join the community of sales professionals who are already seeing the benefits.
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Author Bio:
Burkhard Berger is the founder of Novum™. He helps innovative B2B companies implement modern SEO strategies to scale their organic traffic to 1,000,000+ visitors per month. Curious about what your true traffic potential is?


What Is Social Selling? 🤔

10 Simple Ways To Boost Your Sales With Social Selling 💰


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