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NEW! Create More On-Brand Captions in Seconds With Flick’s AI Assistant

Our AI Social Media Marketing Assistant just got upgraded! Create even more on-brand captions in seconds when you fill out Brand Info on your account.

Posted 5 months ago
Brand Info captions

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Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 5 months ago
After the initial release of our first AI Social Media Marketing Assistant, we’ve been working on making it even better for you!
  • No more generic AI captions that don’t sound like you or your brand.
  • No more captions that don’t make sense for your brand to post.
  • No more of the robotic captions that most AI creators generate.
With our new Brand Info release, you’ll get even faster captions that are perfect for your brand every single time.
All you have to do is provide Flick’s AI Assistant your website or Instagram account to give it a better idea of who and what your brand is all about. Once you provide Flick with a link, we gather information about:
  • Your company
  • Your tone of voice
  • Your vocabulary level
  • Your language
  • Your target audience
  • Your products and services
From there, the AI Assistant will come up with information about your brand and your audience using the link. We’ll write a short brand bio, put together messaging guidelines, and make an educated guess about your target audience.
If you feel like anything is incorrect, you can easily edit the information so it’s completely accurate to your brand!
With these new improvements, every time you go to create a caption with our AI Assistant, you’ll get:
  • No more robotic, generic captions. Let your brand’s tone of voice shine through.
  • Your vocabulary. Your language. Your target audience.
  • Lightning-quick improvements with 1.5x faster caption streaming.

How to create on-brand captions using Flick’s AI Social Media Marketing Assistant

Ready to get started on making sure your captions are perfectly tailored to you, your brand, and your audience? Here’s how to update your Brand Info in Flick’s AI tool.
Content Lab Manage Brand Info
  1. Login to your Flick account
  2. Click “Content (AI)” on the left-hand side of the screen
  3. In the Content Lab, click “Manage Brand Info” in the top right-hand corner
  4. In the pop-up, fill out your brand name, type of business, and provide a link to your website or use your Instagram account
  5. Click “Generate Brand Info”
  6. Flick’s AI Assistant will generate a short brand bio, messaging guidelines, and three suggested target audiences
Brand Info
If there is anything that looks inaccurate, update it directly in the pop-up and our AI Assistant will be sure to create captions that are based on the information provided.
Save Brand Info
Now that you have given the AI Assistant context of who you are and what you do, it’s time to start generating on-brand captions!
Click “Generate Content” at the top of the Content Lab to get started.
  1. Fill out what type of post you’d like to create
  2. Select all the details on how you’d like to post to be: length, writing style, POV
  3. Check “Use my Brand Info”
  4. Click “Generate Caption”
And voila! You now have a caption that is crafted specifically for your audience, written in your preferred language, now 1.5x faster!
Brand Info generated caption
Oh. Did you think that was it? Nope! There’s more!
Your captions will be made even better with our Caption Templates! It’s time to say goodbye to boring and irrelevant captions. 👋
With Caption Templates, you’ll be able to choose from different caption formats that are more in line with the style of caption you want.
You’ll get access to templates like:
  • Educational
  • Promotional
  • Personal Story
  • Listicle
And more that will create captions that are more engaging, written like an actual human (!!), and have a variety of writing frameworks that make the captions sound like you.
caption templates flick ai
And even better? You can now add your product and services inside Flick.
It’s time to make social media content creation so much easier on yourself.
By adding your product and services to your Flick account, our AI Assistant can create content and caption ideas based completely on what you sell.
No more vague sales posts. No more captions that don’t sound anything like you or your brand. Get caption and content tailored completely for you and your brand. Every. Single. Time.

How to add products and services to Flick

  1. Log in to your Flick account and click “Ideas” on the left-hand side of the screen.
  2. At the top, click “Manage Brand Info”
  3. Your Brand Info will appear in a pop-up. If you haven’t filled this out already, be sure to do so! It helps our AI Assistant create content and caption ideas tailored completely to your brand.
  4. Click the “Products & Services” tab at the top.
  5. Select “Add Product”
  6. From here, you can start uploading all the links to the products or services you sell. The Brand Info tool will pull all the details around the item like price, description, additional information, images, and more.
  7. Head to the Scheduler and click “New Post”
  8. When the pop-up appears, click “Caption Assistant.”
  9. You’ll see “Promote Product” above the Generate button. From the drop-down, select which product or service you want to promote in the post.
  10. Give an idea of what you want the post to be about, POV, length, and type of post you want, and click “Generate”
  11. The AI Assistant will start writing a caption based completely on your Brand Info.
We are currently working on even more AI features (that will soon be released!) to make content creation for your social media accounts that much easier. It’s time to start streamlining your social media workflow and let Flick’s AI Social Media Marketing Assistant do the heavy lifting for you.
Try it now with a FREE 7-day trial of Flick—and you’ll soon realize why our AI tool is the perfect marketing assistant to have in your back pocket.


How to create on-brand captions using Flick’s AI Social Media Marketing Assistant

How to add products and services to Flick

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