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10 Social Media Marketing Campaigns to Inspire You Today

By now, surely you know social media marketing is more than just generating content. It’s more than scheduling posts and auditing accounts. It’s connecting with your audience, building your brand, and engaging new and old consumers. It’s making a name for your business, putting it out there, and doing quite a few social media marketing…

Posted 1 year ago

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Alex Rosone
Posted 1 year ago

By now, surely you know social media marketing is more than just generating content. It’s more than scheduling posts and auditing accounts. It’s connecting with your audience, building your brand, and engaging new and old consumers. It’s making a name for your business, putting it out there, and doing quite a few social media marketing campaigns along the way to get that name out there. 😬

And now, it’s running social media marketing campaigns. As a social media manager, it’s up to you to create content that is targeted to your audience, then determine how best to use that content to increase engagement and brand loyalty. And marketing campaigns are a great way to do just that!

We know coming up with a campaign can be difficult, which is why we’ve found the inspiration for you! Check out our list of 10 killer social media marketing campaigns, and see what might inspire you.

Flick’s Top Tip: Need help with launching the perfect social campaign? Read our blog post on how to nail your launch the first time.

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  1. 10 Social Media Marketing Campaigns to Inspire You

10 Social Media Marketing Campaigns to Inspire You

instagram marketing campaign
Image from Apple

#ShotOniPhone by Apple

Apple’s #ShotOniPhone campaign encouraged customers to post impressive photos shot on their iPhones, which the brand shared on their social media feeds and billboards around the world. Now that smartphone cameras rival the real deal, Apple was able to simultaneously engage their audience while promoting their products.

On Top of the World – Emirates

Sometimes, all it takes for an engaging campaign is a little shock factor. When international flights were given the green light following Covid-related closures, Emirates celebrated by sending a stunt-person/skydiving instructor to the top of the Burj Khalifa to film an ad. The short video received a ton of engagement as consumers tried to determine whether it was real, to which the airline responded with a behind-the-scenes video confirming its validity, which only further increased engagement.

instagram marketing campaign zoom

Virtual Background – Zoom

As we all moved inside in the past few years and most of our interactions turned virtual, Zoom was quick to capitalize in more ways than one. Zoom recognized that working from home often means our colleagues get an intimate glimpse into our lives, and we can all agree on the ideal background for a business meeting doesn’t include arguing with children or a dog chewing on a bone, or a pile of laundry waiting to be folded. So, Zoom challenged users to come up with the most creative virtual backgrounds and to compete against each other on the brand’s social media. This way, Zoom was able to engage users in a positive way while promoting a critical feature of their product.

Fly Away – Qantas

Following the roll-out of the Covid vaccine, Qantas launched a campaign that provides extra rewards for vaccinated travelers. The commercials featured loved ones safely reuniting after having been vaccinated, encouraging others not only to get the vaccine but then to fly Qantas to receive those extra rewards. The ad also prioritized inclusive representation, which further engaged their audience and communicated the values of their brand.

#WhatsYourName – Starbucks

This campaign highlighted transgender customers giving their chosen names to Starbucks baristas to be written on the cups. These customers are often deadnamed in other aspects of their lives, so Starbucks produced a video featuring their freedom to use their names at the coffee chain. Additionally, the company partnered with Mermaids, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting gender-diverse individuals and their families, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars and donating it to the cause.

Saturday Night Seder – Buzzfeed Tasty

Buzzfeed took advantage of the increasingly popular live video and launched the Saturday Night Seder campaign to raise money for those affected by the pandemic. They advertised the event across all their social media platforms and streamed it on both Facebook and Youtube, so they maximized opportunities for engagement across the board. The event featured a variety of celebrities from actors to musicians to comedians conducting a Passover Seder and raising money for those in need, which proved hugely successful for both the brand and the cause.

@karna.val Бандиты, го веселиться! Участвуй в челлендже #PlayWithPringles ♬ Play Pringles – Pringles

#PlayWithPringles – Pringles

As soon as Pringles recognized TikTok users were creating funny content surrounding Pringles chips and the cans, they turned it into the #PlayWithPringles campaign. After challenging consumers to create new content and use the hashtag, the brand’s engagement skyrocketed. The content was fun and silly, which promoted the brand in a positive way and attracted new customers.

show us dove instagram marketing campaign
Photo from Dove

#ShowUs – Dove

Dove is known for its inclusivity. The brand highlights unique, diverse women across the globe in marketing and social media content, and this campaign invited them to showcase themselves using this hashtag. They posted these photos on their social media platforms along with brand-generated photos, putting the spotlight on the beauty of these women and the qualities that make them unique. This way, they were able to engage their audience and promote their values, which increased both their sales and their social media following.

social media marketing campaign to inspire you
Photo via Twitter DM from Cara Jo O’Connell and family (Photo from Getty Museum)

#GettyMuseumChallenge – Getty Museum

During the height of the mandated quarantine, Getty engaged their followers and encouraged the consumption of art from home with the #GettyMuseumChallenge. They asked followers to use household items to recreate pieces of art in the museum and share them using the hashtag, many of which made it to the brand’s social media platforms. In doing so, the Getty Museum was able to interact with its audience during a difficult time while simultaneously promoting the museum and the importance of engaging with art.

social media marketing campaign daniel wellington

#WheresWellington – Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington had a history of posting shots of their watches taken by their customers, and they took it a step further with the #WheresWellington campaign. They encouraged customers to post photos of themselves wearing Daniel Wellington watches in interesting places around the world, then they reposted them to the brand’s accounts and asked followers to try to identify these places. This increased engagement on their social media accounts promoted sales and highlighted the diversity of the brand’s consumers.

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10 Social Media Marketing Campaigns to Inspire You

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