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How to Write a Social Media Manager Resume

If you’re wanting to become a social media marketing manager, making sure you have a great resume is essential to getting your foot in the door. Here’s our guide to creating a perfect social media marketing manager resume.

Posted 7 months ago
How to Write a Social Media Manager Resume

Written by

Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 7 months ago
If you’re just starting out in the world of social media and social media marketing, you might have your LinkedIn profile up and scouring all of the social media marketing job postings that you can find. And when it comes to social media, you need to stand out amongst the crowd because it can be super competitive. So what do you put on a resume? How do you show your future employer that you’re the right person for the job on a single piece of paper? We’ve got you. Here are the dos and don’ts of creating a social media manager resume.

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  1. What does a social media manager do?
    • Internships
    • Online courses
    • Certifications

What does a social media manager do?

But, like, what does a social media manager actually do? It varies and depends on how big or small the overall company is they’re doing social media for.
If you are working in a smaller company, a social media manager could be one of many hats. You could be making the graphics, copywriting, taking photos and videos, editing, and uploading.
If you’re working for a larger company, you could be solely focused on one of those tasks, like writing the copy for specific social media posts.
An overall look at the day-to-day responsibilities of a social media manager can include:
  • Building content calendars
  • Scheduling and publishing content (that’s where Flick can come in and help you!)
  • Writing copy for social media posts
  • Writing copy for newsletters
  • Putting together an influencer marketing campaign
  • Community management, like responding to comments and messages, and bringing up issues with the team
  • Creating weekly or monthly reports
  • Creating content, like taking photos, making graphics, sourcing UGC (user-generated content)
  • Overseeing all social media platforms for the brand or business

How do you become a social media manager?

Now that you know what a social media manager does, how can you become one? There are a variety of ways to get started on gaining the skills you need and becoming the best social media manager EVER.


While this isn’t practical for a lot of people (especially if it isn’t paid), getting an internship as a social media manager can be the best way to learn the skills needed for the position. You’ll learn from people who have been working in the marketing field for a while, plus can network to find a full-time position.

Online courses

Online courses (check out our Academy!) can help you learn the basic skills of social media management at your own speed. Do some research and find the best online courses that you think will help you with growing accounts and managing multiple social media channels.


When going through your training as a social media manager, there are tons of certificate-based courses you can take to help you gain new skills as a social media manager. When writing out your resume, highlighting these certifications will put you in a top position.

Skills you need as a social media manager

Being a social media manager isn’t for everyone and that’s A-OKAY (no job is for everyone!). And while a lot of people think that social media management is just posting the occasional video or photo, there are a LOT of skills that go into being a social media manager.


Psst: If you want to be a good social media manager, you need to produce creative content to separate your brand from others. They will be able to develop inventive campaigns, generate engaging content, and turn something average into something remarkable.


A successful social media manager is a go-getter. They do not sit around and wait for success to come to them, but they go out and create it themselves. They stay on top of social media and marketing trends, keeping your brand one step ahead of the competition. The industry may be ever-changing, but a good social media manager is capable of changing with it.


While social media managing may not appear to be a writing job, the copy is at its core. Social media managers should be able to write effective, engaging copy that communicates brand values and matches brand aesthetics. They should be able to use words to captivate an audience while simultaneously delivering an important message.
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Social media managers should have strong communication skills both on and off the screen. In order to connect with your audience and best promote your brand, your social media manager needs to be as good of a listener as they are a writer or a speaker. They need to interact appropriately with followers, master your brand’s voice, and apply it to your social media presence.


In a role with so many different responsibilities, social media managers must be unafraid to take the lead. They should be able to manage team members, communicate ideas, spearhead projects and initiatives, and make positive contributions to the brand and its culture.


Between managing calendars, developing strategies, coordinating collaborations, scheduling posts, launching campaigns, and working with other team members, social media managers must be organized and focused. This is a job with a lot of moving pieces, so the right person for the role needs to manage that effectively and efficiently.


Social media management is almost equal parts writing and design, so a social media manager needs to have a keen eye. They should be able to produce graphics and visual content that align with the brand’s aesthetic and attract customers while also serving marketing initiatives.


While the job seems mostly creative, there is an intense analytic piece that requires social media managers to cross the line from the creative brain to the logical one. They’ll need to audit accounts, analyze data, optimize time and money, and use these conclusions to inform future strategies.

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Social media is an industry that is changing every day, and a good social media manager needs to be comfortable keeping up. They should be able to adapt their strategies to fit a flexible market without losing sight of the brand goals. They should also be able to respond quickly and efficiently to any issues that arise, offering creative solutions to new problems.

Customer Service

Your social media manager will be regularly interacting with customers, so it is critical they are able to do so effectively. This requires a friendly, engaging demeanor that will serve your customers and promote loyalty to your brand. These conversational skills will work wonders for maintaining your audience.

Dos and don’ts of writing a social media manager resume

You’re officially ready to start writing your social media manager resume so what are our tips?

1. Include metrics to prove your skills

Using metrics in your resume will help spice up your resume and give you a better chance at getting your resume looked at. Show yourself off! Give those numbers and data!
Here are some metrics you can use:
  • Brand awareness growth: How much have you increased monthly impressions? Facebook reach? Instagram engagement?
  • Follower growth: Show off how much you’ve improved followers on social media!
  • Successful campaigns: Did you run your own campaign for a past client that did really well? Give those stats and figures.

2. Utilize the words from the job spec

Making sure your resume is customized to the job description can help you tremendously when it comes to applying for jobs. A lot of companies use AI tech to look out for specific keywords in a resume, so making sure you put those keywords in your resume is a great tip.

3. Add your certifications

You worked hard and (a lot of the time) after hours for those certifications, so show them off! It helps to show that you’re constantly working to learn something new. Especially in the nonstop, ever-changing world of social media.

4. Experience, experience, experience

Experience goes a long way in the world of social media management. It’s definitely a job that is learned on the fly and without jumping in head first and trying it out yourself, it’s hard to learn what is going to work for clients and what really … isn’t.
While education is great, don’t rely solely on your degree to help you get your foot in the door. Show off how you’ve grown your own personal channels. Highlight how you’ve helped others in the past.

5. Don’t overdo visuals

While being a social media manager is ALL about the visuals on social media pages, it doesn’t need to be on your own resume. Add some nice splashes of color here and there, but don’t go overboard because it can be distracting, and quite frankly, simple is always better.

6. Don’t forget to check your spelling and grammar

The number of resumes we’ve seen that people didn’t spellcheck is one too many. If you’re going to be writing for social media, your copywriting skills need to be up to skill and attention to detail can definitely cost you the job.
We hope this guide on how to create the best social media marketing resume helped you! If you’re looking for new ways to be better at your social media marketing skills, check out this post on the best certifications and courses you can get as a social media manager. If you’re currently hiring and need to post an eye-catching job posting, click here for our favorite examples of ‘We’re Hiring’ posts.
Want help figuring out how to get social media clients? Click here for our top tips. And if you’d like to connect with other social media managers and agencies to learn all the latest and greatest about marketing, join our Facebook group by clicking the banner below!

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What does a social media manager do?

How do you become a social media manager?

Skills you need as a social media manager

Dos and don’ts of writing a social media manager resume

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