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12 ‘We’re Hiring’ Social Media Post Examples

Hiring for a role and want to reach the perfect applicants? Take a look at some of the best ‘We’re Hiring’ social media post examples here.

Posted last year
12 ‘We’re Hiring’ Social Media Post Examples

Written by

Julia Cohen
Posted last year
One of the best places to find new employees is on social media. If someone sees a role you post, and is already a follower, you’ve got an applicant who is a guaranteed fan of your business or brand. On the other hand, if someone comes across your post who isn’t actively looking for jobs, it could be a chance to win over great talent in your industry by giving them an enticing picture of what working for your brand looks like. Today, we’ll take you through some of the best ‘We’re hiring’ social media post examples, to give you some inspiration when recruiting online.

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  1. 12 ‘We’re Hiring’ Social Media Post Examples

12 ‘We’re Hiring’ Social Media Post Examples

1. Create a carousel post to share all the information you need, without crowding your content

Oma Kitchen did a great job of recreating a job posting by splitting it up in sections via an Instagram carousel post, using clear headings such as ‘about us’, ‘about you’ and ‘about the role’.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Oma Kitchen (@the.oma.kitchen)

2. Create an eyecatching job post by having a little fun with it

Kool Kanya took a spin on a classic ‘Wanted’ poster by adapting it to the format of a job posting. Not only is it clear and concise, but it is also fun and playful!


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A post shared by Kool Kanya (@kool_kanya)

3. Show your company flair or niche through the design you pick

If you’re in a specific industry, you can use this to your advantage by incorporating it into your job posting’s design. Something Cool Tattoo created a unique visual design by fitting it within their niche and making the post look like a real ‘tattoo’.

4. Communicate your company culture and benefits

One thing that can have a strong pull in convincing someone to apply for a position is the benefits or company culture that a brand has. By using a video format you can get all of this across visually, without having to include too much text in your posting. Below is a great example from SHFT.

We’re looking for an Talent Assistant to join our team! For the full job description please check out the link in our bio. Send your CV and cover letter to jobs@weshft.co. Applications close 2nd August 2022… Good luck! 🤞 #londonjobs #londonjobsearch #hiring #influencermanagement #talentmanagement #infuencermarketing

♬ Stylish Jazz HipHop – Future Oriented Triad

5. Partner with an influencer in your niche

If you want to reach your perfect audience and don’t have a huge following on social media, you can partner with an influencer within your niche to help you advertise. For example, Monica Rivera frequently shares casting opportunities globally for aspiring actors as they pop up.

6. Show an example of what you need, with your posting

It’s always great to lead by example, and you can do this with a job posting. Walls & Trends created a piece of content to advertise a Creative Design job, by making the posting something they’d want the candidate to be able to create:


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A post shared by Walls & Trends (@wallsandtrends)

7. Introduce yourself as a manager, and create a human connection

A lot of the time, candidates will decide whether they take a job, based off of the people that they meet at the company, or the person who is interviewing them. Show some personality by featuring the manager of the report you are hiring for, so they can get a feel for your team members and who they might be working with.
If you want your job posting to reach more people, it’s a good idea to use a trending sound, as this will help propel your content as it gets suggested to a wider audience.

9. Show your place of work or workday experience

Give people a sneak peek into what a day at work might look like, by featuring your office or fun benefits your office might have. You can also use the popular TikTok format ‘day in the life’ content, to help prospective candidates get excited and picture themselves in the role.


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A post shared by Nailuxury™️London (@nailuxuryuk)

10. Introduce the team

Show off some friendly faces by creating a video similar to Framen’s below. You can add a call out to the roles you are hiring in the caption, to prompt people to join the team.


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A post shared by FRAMEN SUPER CREW (@lifeatframen)

11. Partner with a job board

There’s some great accounts on Instagram that share out job postings on their pages. By partnering with one of these pages, it means you can reach people who are actively looking for work. If you have a website or blogging platform, this is a great way to expand on your job search and what you’re looking for in a candidate. You can also include your biggest criteria, your company’s core values, and any other content that can provide more insight into your brand. You can write the blogs yourself or use an AI blogging tool to create the article. Then, share the blog link across your posts, include them in on your job boards, and spread the word over social media.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by JOB TODAY (@jobtoday_uk)

12. Show all open positions to reach a wider network

Instead of just advertising for one position, show all open positions within your brand. This means that you won’t just be targeting one type of person, but a wider group of people who might see your post.

if you or someone you know is interested send me a dm and i will send more deets! 🪄 #hiring #hiringnow #tiktokcareers

♬ HAPPY – 𝘢𝘦𝘴𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘵𝘪𝘤🧚🏻‍♀️

Job post examples for different social media platforms

Before you post your job on different social media platforms, make sure that you tailor each of the posts to the specific platform. Yes, they should be tweaked to fit each! Here are different ways you can post on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
hiring social media post

‘We’re hiring’ LinkedIn post example

LinkedIn is the place for networking and job hunting so this is the obvious choice on where to publish your ‘we’re hiring’ post. Our top tips on creating a job listing are to make sure your post includes:
  • General information on the company
  • Testimonial from a current team member
  • A professional and playful tone
  • A link to apply (duh!)

‘We’re hiring’ Facebook social media post example

Facebook has billions of active users and one of those billions could be your future hire! With people actively searching and sharing job offerings, it’s important that yours stands out among the crowd. Here are our top tips for Facebook job postings:
  • Have an approachable, playful tone in your post
  • Give a general overview on what the role would entail
  • Include a link to apply
  • Use local job hashtags to make your job more discoverable

‘We’re hiring’ Twitter post example

Twitter is a great way for you to quickly announce that you are hiring and for people to click through to learn more. Use your network of followers to help share your job posting by:
  • Teasing how great the company is
  • Highlighting the job role and needs
  • Adding an enticing CTA to apply for the role

‘We’re hiring’ Instagram post example

While it’s not a typical place to have hiring posts, Instagram is an effective place to spread the word about the fact your company is hiring! When it comes to posting hiring posts on Instagram, be sure to include:
  • On-brand and interesting imagery
  • Playful voice in the caption of the post
  • A link to apply in your bio or on Instagram Stories
  • Highlight the overall details of the job and why someone should apply
We hope these examples of ‘We’re Hiring’ social media posts have given you some inspiration when advertising positions at your brand or business across social media. If you want more tips and tricks on how to up your social game, or get creative post inspiration, sign up for our newsletter below! And, if you want to work for us, visit our job page here. 😉


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12 ‘We’re Hiring’ Social Media Post Examples

Job post examples for different social media platforms

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