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8 Social Media Goals and How to Make Them Work for You

Need help establishing social media goals for your brand or business? Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

Posted 2 years ago
social media goals

Written by

Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 2 years ago
You’ve done all the work to finally convince your business, client, or new brand you’re working with about the absolute importance of having social media. And you’re even doing an amazing job at racking up followers and getting those views on your Reels and TikToks. But … how is this actually helping your business? What is the overall value for the company? If you’re scratching your head and thinking, “I actually have no idea,” it might be time to start listing out some social media goals. Yes, goals for your social media! It’ll help give you a clear focus on why you’re doing the social you’re doing and an overall goal to accomplish with each and every one of your social media posts moving forward.
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  1. What are social media goals?

What are social media goals?

So first things first, what the heck is a social media goal? Good question! It’s the overall thing you want to achieve with your social media marketing. Do you want to increase clicks to your website? Do you want more followers? Are you looking to increase the number of leads to your newsletter?
Whatever you’re looking for, this is your social media goal. And once you have your defined goal, it will help you structure the rest of your marketing, strategy, and future campaigns for your biz.

Why do you need social media goals?

“But, Mackenzie, why do you even need social media goals? I already know what I want from my business!”
Well, of course, you do. But actually defining your goals and writing them down will help you build out a better strategy for those specific goals. A well-curated and crafted marketing goals list will help you with:

Examples of social media marketing goals

Now that you know what social media goals are and why you need them, let’s dive into some examples of social media goals.
social media analytics

Increase brand awareness 📈

If you want people to know about you, social media is the most effective way to do just that. With social media, you can reach new people you would never have connected with previously. This is one of the best goals to hit when you have a new product launching or you’re trying to build your audience in a specific niche.
How do you measure brand awareness? A few different ways:
  • Post reach: How many people saw your post?
  • New followers: Have you increased followers since you’ve been posting?
  • Potential Reach: How many people have your posts potentially reached across the platform?
You can analyze all of this and more over on Flick’s Analytics. We break down each of these metrics to help you figure out if your brand awareness is increasing. Get started for FREE for 7 days:

Instagram Analytics

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Social listening 👂

If you don’t know what social listening is, essentially it’s tracking social media platforms for mentions of your brand and analyzing the results.
Why should this be part of your social media goals? Because it helps establish and identify how people feel about your brand and gives you better insights into what people want from you.
The biggest metrics to track for social listening are:
  • Hashtags: Do you have branded hashtags? How many people are actually talking about your brand?
  • Brand mentions: How many people are talking about your brand specifically?
  • Competitor mentions: It’s good to track your competitor’s mentions and see what people are saying about them!
  • Industry trends: Is there something new being introduced in your market? Should you start talking about it or introducing it to your brand?

Increase community engagement💍

If this isn’t on your social media goals list, you might be doing it wrong. Engagement is the easiest way to see what your audience likes and wants from you as a brand. Through liking, commenting, sharing, and saving your post, you can visibly see what content your audience likes.
Need help with figuring out your engagement rate? Flick’s analytics breaks it easily down for you! Click here to get your FREE 7-day trial started.

Boost sales 💸

If you’re looking to boost your sales, it’s important to track how many people convert from your social media posts to clicking the “buy now” button, signing up for your newsletter, downloading a product, or whatever it is you’re looking for to increase conversions on.
Again, similar to increasing traffic to your website, checking your analytics is the best way to see the conversions from your social media posts. See how many people clicked over to your profile from your post and story. How many clicked on the link in your bio? All of these are important metrics to look at when it comes to this particular social media goal.

New leads 💥

Leads, leads, leads. You don’t always need an immediate sale when it comes to your social media goals. Sometimes it can just be about generating more leads!
Why should you look at increasing your leads? Well, because it can help fine-tune future campaigns that you run on your socials! You can find out way more about your customer and really delve deep into the specifics when it comes to who your customer is and what they want from you.
Start a Q+A with your followers on your Instagram Stories and ask them specific questions about who they are. You can create a giveaway and ask people to fill out a form to be put into the giveaway. There are a variety of different options when it comes to generating new leads and honing in on this particular social media goal.
instagram introduces new dm features

Better customer service 👩‍💻

Another social media goal you should consider is delivering better customer service to your audience. While, yes, you want to get new followers, you also want to keep the followers you already have. Duh! And the best way to do that? By having great customer service!
By reducing wait times, increasing customer satisfaction, creating customer support teams on social media, and more, you can actually increase your customer service and do a better job at retaining current customers.

Increase traffic to your website 💻

While you might be wondering what increased web traffic has to do with your social media, not all your social media goals need to be tied directly to social media.
One of the best and easiest social media goals to track is increased traffic to your website! If your biz is selling things online or you want people to know more about you, your website is hugely important to your overall social media marketing strategy. Getting more people to click the link in your bio and direct them to signs ups, sales, or downloading products, checking the traffic to your website will be an important thing to keep track of.
You can easily check how many people click the website link in your bio by checking your analytics. Start your 7-day free trial with Flick by clicking the banner below:

Instagram Analytics

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Brand reputation💕

Like T-Swift, you’ve got a big reputation. Well, you want to at least! And a good one at that. Social media marketing is one of the best and most effective ways to build trust and rapport with your audience.
And why do you need to build trust with your audience? Because they will then want to follow and buy from you! Plus, they are more likely to tell their own audience about you. Win-win-win.

How to set realistic social media goals

Now that you have an idea of social media goals, how do you actually start setting them for your brand? 🤔
Think of the acronym SMART when starting to lay out your goal ideas:
  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-Bound


For your goals to actually, you know, work, it needs to be specific! You need to be able to answer:
  1. What needs to be accomplished?
  2. Who is responsible for it?
  3. What steps need to be taken to achieve these goals?


How would you quantify your goals? Once you figure out the answer to that question, you’ll be able to track your progress and know when you’ve successfully accomplished the goal.


Okay, but for real, is the goal actually achievable? You might need to give yourself a serious reality check if it isn’t. Is your objective something your team can reasonably accomplish or are you living in fantasyland?


Why are you setting this goal? What’s the purpose behind this specific goal when it comes to your brand or business?


Build a timeline for yourself and your team to successfully put together all the pieces to start and accomplish your set goals.
Ready to get started on creating your own social media goals? Be sure that you get started with your free Flick trial so you can measure all the analytics effectively and make sure you’re accomplishing your goals.

Instagram Analytics

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What are social media goals?

Why do you need social media goals?

Examples of social media marketing goals

How to set realistic social media goals

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