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Free AI Tools To Check Out In 2024

Looking for an AI tool that won’t break the bank? What about a free one? Here’s our top favorite FREE AI tools to try today.

Posted 4 months ago
free ai tools you need

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Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 4 months ago
Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools have been game-changers in different aspects of life, even in business where over 60% of business owners believe that AI will increase their productivity. AI tools have the ability to boost efficiency and facilitate better decisions.
One thing is for certain; AI is here to stay, especially as there is an AI or chatbot to facilitate almost any activity online, many of them being completely free to use. For instance, we here at Flick developed our own proprietary AI to help streamline businesses’ social media activities specifically.
Of course, we provide just one AI solution for a very specific need. But there are plenty of free options for a host of other needs, including copywriting, content writing, and more. And that’s exactly what we’re going to discuss in this article.
So join us as we take you through the very best free AI tools for any online activity. Let’s get started!

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  1. What Is An AI Tool?
    • 1. Flick
    • 2. Quillbot
    • 3. Copy.ai
    • 4. Notion.ai
    • 5. ContentStudio
    • 6. Dall-E2
    • 7. BrowseAI
    • 8. Lumen5

What Is An AI Tool?

AI Tools are software applications that use artificial intelligence algorithms to solve problems and automate specific tasks.
AI tools have a wide range of features that include but are not limited to, AI writing tools, image generators, video generators, and even AI-powered chatbots. These intelligent machines are capable of generating realistic images, synthesizer tracks, speech recognition, and audio recordings, which can greatly improve the quality of your content.

Why Are AI Tools Important?

AI tools provide several benefits to users, such as:
  • Assists and distributes social media content: Whether you struggle to come up with new content ideas or lack the time to consistently share your content on social media, AI tools like Flick’s AI assistant can help you with that. These tools can suggest posting ideas depending on your industry and type of audience and can even create posts on your behalf.
  • Reduced human error: You can use AI tools to automate your tasks and significantly decrease the chances of making errors while saving you time and effort. AI-powered writing tools and chatbots have neural networks that can help you communicate more effectively, which reduces the chances of miscommunication.
  • Enhanced customer intelligence: AI chatbots are designed to have natural language processing capabilities and can interact with customers in real-time. By analyzing their responses, chatbots can give you a better understanding of what customers are looking for, their pain points, and how they interact with your products or services.

Criteria To Consider When Choosing AI Tools

With the wide range of options available in the marketplace, choosing the best AI tool can be overwhelming. To ensure you choose the right option, here are some criteria that you should consider:
  • Scalability: The AI tool’s scalability should be your top priority, as it’s important to choose a tool that can accommodate your company’s growth without significant changes. When it comes to evaluating a tool’s scalability, you should look for key factors such as flexibility, integration, support, customization, and cost.
  • Integration with other systems: Consider how the AI tool integrates with other systems that you are planning to use for a smooth integration process with your existing software systems.
  • Features: Many free AI tools can be quite limited in what they offer to users. You’ll want to find a tool that provides you with everything you need without the cost. Some tools may paywall important features, so there may be some cases where paying for a tool is best. In this case, you’ll need to make sure that any prices fit within your budget.

Best Free AI Tools

Whether you’re a content creator, financial expert, or marketer, AI tools can help make your job easier and faster. Here are some of the best free ai-tools that you should check out:
  • Flick
  • Quillbot
  • Copy.ai
  • Notion.ai
  • ContentStudio
  • Dall-E2
  • BrowseAI
  • Lumen5

1. Flick

flick ai features
Flick is your AI partner when it comes to social media marketing. From scheduling posts and copywriting to analytics, this AI tool is perfect for busy business owners, creators, and marketers. Flick offers valuable insights, AI marketing automation, and optimization to help business owners achieve maximum efficiency in their social media campaigns.
Key Features:
content writing ai flick
  • AI Social Assistant: Flick has released a Beta version of its AI social assistant that helps users create social content fast, generate creative and engaging ideas, and delegate time-consuming tasks.
  • Hashtag Tools: With Flick’s hashtag tool, you’ll be able to reach more people when you post and personalize your hashtags to boost and improve your post’s performance.
  • AI Image Generation & Stock Image Media Library: Get access to endless options for images based on your caption thanks to the AI Assistant. You can also get access to over 100,000 high-quality, FREE images from our stock library as well.
  • Post Scheduler: Plan, create, and publish your content without any worries or stress with Flick’s post scheduler. As one of the best social media scheduling tools, you can say hello to a smooth and efficient scheduling process with Flick.
  • Analytics & Reporting: With Flick, you won’t lose track of what’s working on your social media platforms. Get the clarity you need to make data-driven decisions with the tool’s analytics & reporting feature.
flick pricing
You can try Flick’s AI Caption Generator for FREE always. You can also try Flick for free, but if you want to enjoy its advanced features you need to purchase a subscription. With Flick’s free 7-day plan, you can schedule posts on 4 social media platforms at most 30 posts per month. You can also enjoy features such as hashtag search, advanced search filters, smart auditing, and Instagram analytics. check out its pricing below:
Pros & Cons:
  • Advanced hashtag strategy tool
  • Easy-to-use features
  • Simple and straightforward setup
  • Ability to download and export
  • One user reported that the app is buggy and won’t acknowledge his IG Business Account

2. Quillbot

Whether you need help for education purposes, work requirements, or personal writing tasks, Quillbot can take your writing experience to the next level. This AI paraphrasing tool uses artificial intelligence to reword your writing in a number of different styles and formats.
Key Features:
  • Paraphrase – Rewrite sentences in a variety of styles
  • Grammar Checker
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Co-writer – Use AI throughout the entire writing process, like research, paraphrasing, and writing enhancement.
  • Summarizer – Condense writing down its key points
  • Citation Generator
quillbot ai free tools
Quillbot offers a free plan with limited features, but if you want to enjoy the full benefits of the tool, here’s the pricing for their premium versions.
Pros & Cons:
  • Helps generate citations
  • Allows you to use the power of AI in writing, paraphrasing, and improving sentence structure
  • Users commend Quillbot for its easy-to-use interface
  • Has the option for a free trial before upgrading to the premium version
  • The free version only allows you to paraphrase up to 125 words
  • Some users say that the tool is expensive

3. Copy.ai

Copy.ai is an exceptional AI tool that revolutionizes the way you create content. With its advanced algorithms and natural language processing capabilities, Copy.ai helps writers, marketers, and businesses to provide high-quality, engaging, and persuasive copy with remarkable ease.
Key Features:
  • Language and tone customization
  • AI-generated content
  • Enhance existing content with AI
  • Suggests creative ideas
  • User-friendly interface
copy ai free tools
Copy.ai offers a free and premium version. Check out the pricing below:
Pros & Cons:
  • Simple interface
  • Decent text editor
  • Create multiple content types with templates
  • Style content with specific tones
  • Supports AIDA and PAS framework
  • Easy content sharing
  • Some users reported lag issues while generating content
  • Requires lots of fact-checking
  • Creating long-form copy with AI can be frustrating

4. Notion.ai

Notion.ai is an AI tool that helps users enhance their productivity and streamline their workflow through the power of artificial intelligence. Thanks to the innovative features and intelligent algorithms of Notion compared to its competitors, this tool helps bring efficiency and organization to your work, enabling you to accomplish more in less time.
Key Features:
  • Ultra-capable AI partner
  • Helps generate ideas
  • Summarize text easily
  • Generates blog posts and essays with the assistance of AI
  • Translate documents into 14 different languages, including Korean, Spanish, Chinese, and more
notion ai free tools
Check out Notion.ai’s four pricing plans below:
Pros & Cons:
  • Notion AI can summarize long text passages
  • It has a translation feature that supports up to 13 languages
  • Provides PR expertise for effective press releases
  • The Continue Writing feature might not always be relevant to the previous idea
  • Translations sound clunky at certain times
  • Can’t integrate Notion AI utilities in your workflow on other platforms other than Notion

5. ContentStudio

ContentStudio helps you stay organized and get more done in less time by creating content 10x faster with AI. With ContentStudio, you can manage all social campaigns on one platform which allows you to plan, create, and publish posts on the right channels at the right time.
Key Features:
  • Uses the power of AI to generate content for your posts
  • Allows you to schedule posts at any date
  • Helps keep you stay informed with the latest trends
  • Tracks and analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) on social media
  • Good social media customer support
creative studio free ai tool
creativestudio ai
ContentStudio offers monthly and yearly plans. See the pricing below:
Pros & Cons:
  • Regular updates to ensure you stay on trend
  • Increase efficiency by streamlining repetitive tasks
  • Publish and share directly on Instagram
  • Integrates Replug to optimize link sharing and track engagement
  • Allows you to reach and connect with popular influencers
  • No direct publication on TikTok or Snapchat

6. Dall-E2

DALL-E2 is an AI system that generates realistic images and art from a user’s description using human language. This AI tool can understand text descriptions, understand commands on a photo’s style, subject, angle, background, location, and concept, which you can use as a unique Instagram highlight cover.
Key Features:
  • Produces images through text instructions
  • Turns related visual material into images
  • AI Image Editor
  • Available as GUI and API
  • Allows you to retain full ownership rights to images
dall-e pricing
You can get free access to Dall-E, but you’ll need to subscribe to a premium plan if you want to generate more AI images in a month. Check out the pricing below:
Pros & Cons:
  • Digital art generation
  • Editing and manipulation
  • User own the copyright of images
  • Available as an API
  • The software only understands the English language
  • Possible Legal issues as Dall-E source images from a public database which may contain similar images
  • Still struggles to produce photorealistic images

7. BrowseAI

Extract and monitor data such as keywords, topics, sentiment analysis, and many more from any website easily with BrowseAI! This no-code platform allows users to extract their data from LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, ProductHunt, and other websites or systems.
Key Features:
  • Turn any website into an API
  • Extract any type of data from any website
  • Monitor changes in your website such as product details, job postings, company information, etc.
  • Integrate BrowserAI with your custom software to transfer extracted data
  • Resolves most text-based captchas when required
browseai pricing
Check out Browse.ai’s monthly and yearly pricing plans below:
Pros & Cons:
  • Quickly understands almost any kind of pagination such as numbered pages, load more & infinite scrolling
  • Easy to set up and train the AI
  • Integrations available
  • Can sometimes be buggy when using recording mode
  • Might not work with some websites that require advanced Captcha

8. Lumen5

Lumen5 is an online video creator that makes it easy for anyone on your team to create engaging video content to grow your brand. The tool provides hundreds of customizable templates designed to help you stay on brand, on budget, and on time.
Key Features:
  • Turn blogs into videos
  • Allows you to create talking head videos for engaging content
  • Easy to use with the drag-and-drop editor
lumen ai
lumen ai pricing
Check out Lumen5’s monthly and yearly pricing plan below:
Pros & Cons:
  • Many design options
  • No video-making knowledge needed
  • Easy to use
  • A user reported Lumen5 has no vertical videos for Instagram stories or Snapchat
  • Delayed video playback/preview

Download The Best & Free AI Tool Today!

As businesses aim for efficiency in every task, the role of artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more important. From AI-powered writing tools to image and video generators, AI tools are changing how we work. If you’re looking for the best tool to boost your social media engagement, especially Instagram, look no further than Flick to handle your social media marketing. Create a free account today!


What Is An AI Tool?

Why Are AI Tools Important?

Criteria To Consider When Choosing AI Tools

Best Free AI Tools

Download The Best & Free AI Tool Today!

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