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Travel Agency Marketing Ideas (and 3 Tools to Help You Get Started!)

Learn why it’s important to market your travel company on social media, different techniques to market effectively, and our favorite tools to market on social media.

Posted 1 year ago
travel agency marketing

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Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 1 year ago
If you’re a travel agent, you know how important it is to market your business. Yes, while word of mouth can be one of the biggest ways you’ll get people through your door, in the world of constantly being online, you need to market your biz on social media too. The more effective your travel agency marketing, the more people you are going to get through your door, and the more bookings you’ll get. And that’s what we all want, right? Right.
If you’re struggling with trying to figure out how to market your travel agency, we’re here to help. Learn why it’s important to market your travel company on social media, different techniques to market effectively, and our favorite tools to market on social media.

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  1. Why is it important to market your travel company?

Why is it important to market your travel company?

Marketing for any business is key to getting new leads and customers through the door. By marketing your business effectively, you can reach a new audience, grow your business, and be booking trips left, right, and center for clients! Still not convinced that marketing your travel company on social media is the best move for you? Here are some reasons why you should change your mind about that:

Wider reach and targeted audience

Social media platforms have millions and millions of users, so why not tap into those users to promote your business? When you start strategically putting together a social media plan, you can start reaching a much wider audience than the “word of mouth” audience you currently have. Once you start promoting your business on social media, you’ll be able to directly advertise to your target audience and pique the interest of potential travelers who are likely to want to work with you in the future.

Increased brand awareness

No one is going to book with you if they don’t know who the heck you are! Being on social media and being consistent with your social media means that you will get more people recognizing your brand, thus increasing your brand awareness overall.
Start sharing more posts about traveling, giving travel tips, destination inspiration, and more so users on social media become more familiar with your brand and business name. The more and more your brand is recognized, the more likely travelers will have you front of mind the next time they decide to book their next trip.

Building trust

As we mentioned above, the more familiar people are with your brand, the more they inherently start feeling the brand is trustworthy. Once you start regularly posting content that is engaging and informative (like travel tips or destination guides), your audience will start realizing how much of an authority you are in the travel industry.


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Testimonials from clients

Everyone loves sharing a trip they have been on—especially on social media to make their friends a teeny bit jealous. And having your travel company on social media is the perfect way for you to share the photos or testimonials your clients have shared. Potential customers are more likely to trust the opinions and recommendations of others, so ask your clients if you can share their testimonials and photos on your social pages to increase your credibility.

Enhanced customer engagement and communication

One of the best ways for you to communicate with new leads (or old leads!) is through social media. By commenting, DMing or even doing some live video chats with potential customers, you can engage with your audience, answer any questions they might have, address any of their concerns, and more in real-time. Plus, this makes them trust you more as a brand as you’re there directly communicating with them.

Cost-effective promotion

Advertising your business on social media can be one of the best and most effective ways for you to promote your travel business. Obviously, creating social media accounts and posting is free. Start monitoring your analytics and figure out what type of content people want from you and create more content that is similar. Giving people what they want from you and setting up the expectation that you’re going to provide that to them is a guaranteed way to get new followers to your social accounts.
If you have some money for advertising, you can even put some money behind various social media posts or create an ad on your social media pages. This can help you amplify your reach and get more of the targeted audience you want through your door.

What are some ways a travel agent can market their business?

Now to the good stuff. As a travel agent, how should you go about marketing your business on social? There are so many different ways to creatively highlight your business and here are some of our favorite ideas:

News and events

When it comes to traveling, people want to know more details about a destination they are traveling to. Going to London next month? You’re going to read every online post about the 10 best places to eat. Sailing around the Mediterranean? You’re going to look up the top beaches along your route.
Start sharing information about destinations your travel company is expert in. Talk about the destination and why people should go. Share why you want to go back and what makes the place so unique. Sharing timely events that are happening in the destination is a great way to get people enticed into the city and think about going themselves.

Email marketing

We will scream this until we’re blue in the face: You need an email list! 👏 Social media is absolutely amazing at helping you connect with new followers and leads, but something even better is getting the verified emails of those new leads. When you can directly email your customers about new promotions, trips launched, and more, you have a higher chance of converting those leads into sales.
But how can you get emails from your social media followers? Entice them to subscribe! Perhaps you’ll give them a freebie if they sign up for your newsletter. Perhaps you’ll give them top travel tips each month if they subscribe. Offer them something that will make them want to give you their email.


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UGC content

UGC content (AKA user-generated content) is when your followers or customers take photos or videos that you can then share and distribute on your own channels.
People love to talk about where they have traveled and show off on their platforms, so a great way for you to generate UGC content is by running a contest and encouraging your audience to share their favorite places to travel. Create your own hashtag and have people use it when sharing content.
This will help you figure out who is sharing content and what images and videos you can use, while also helping you reach new followers with the hashtag that might not have known about you before.

Travel tips

Pick a day of the week when you share your favorite or top travel tips. You can make this into a series that your audience can follow—and also give people a reason to follow you as they want to know what you have to say.

Top tools for travel agent marketing

To help you get started on marketing your travel agency online, here are some of our favorite tools to make content creation easier, streamline your workflow, and make sure that you have the best foot forward when it comes to promoting your brand.
ai marketing automation tool

Flick’s AI Social Media Marketing Assistant

It’s time to stop overthinking every single thing you write online and get frustrated at yourself when you can’t think of anything creative to write. Flick’s AI Social Media Marketing Assistant will help you come up with content ideas for social media, plus write all the captions for you (in seconds!) completely in your brand voice, targeting your exact audience.
With the AI Assistant, you’ll be able to:
  • Create content fast and never run out of ideas
  • Brainstorm various post ideas from a single-word
  • Get auto-generated hashtags based on your captions that are the best fit for your content
  • Get captions completely written in your brand voice
  • Repurpose long-form content instantly into bite-size posts
  • Analyze all of your social media content and see how you compare to your competition
  • Schedule all of your content out from Flick with a single click of a button
Start a free 7-day trial to get started now.


Create sales sheets, social media posts, itineraries, and more all within Canva—and the best part? You don’t need to be a graphic designer. With its easy-to-use templates, it’s no wonder that Canva is used by millions of marketers, small business owners, and more to quickly create content for whatever they need.
canva travel agency marketing
Sign up for a free account where you can get access to a limited amount of images, templates, and more. Or get a premium account, where you have access to all templates and images and start creating easily!


For those who want to do email marketing, Mailchimp is a super easy-to-use email system. Simply import your users’ emails into Mailchimp and quickly create an email based on one of the templates on the website.
mailchimp travel agency marketing
Mailchimp even has AI tools to help you create content, customize the designs so it’s completely tailored to you, give you information on the best times to send your emails, help you with the perfect subject lines, and help you analyze the performance of your emails.

CRM system

As a travel agent, you need a great CRM system (or customer relationship management system) where you can keep track of your customers all in one place. A good CRM will have a place for you to leave notes about your customers, help you with following up with the client, gives you detailed reports and analytics, and helps automate all of your marketing efforts to clients in one go.
We love WeTravel and Zoho for travel agents to keep track of their customers.
Ready to take on the world of marketing your travel agency? We know you’ve got this! And if you’re just getting started and need help figuring out what to post on social media in general, try out our free caption generator tool. All you have to do is enter a keyword or a topic, and our caption generator will do the rest.


Why is it important to market your travel company?

What are some ways a travel agent can market their business?

Top tools for travel agent marketing

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