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5 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools 2022

Our breakdown of the 5 best social media scheduling tools in 2022, to help your account grow, and you stay organized.

Posted 5 months ago
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Julia Cohen
Posted 5 months ago

If you want to grow on socials, consistency is key, and staying on top of what content you’ve created, what you’ve yet to create, and what you’ve already posted can be stressful – leading you to panic, and burnout and potentially jeopardizing your growth. A solution to this common organization conundrum is using scheduling tools. These are particularly useful if you post every week, and want to make sure your content is going out at the optimal time for your performance, without you having to stay on top of it even on your off days. Today, we’ll look at the 5 best social media scheduling tools of the year, to help set you up for successful growth.

5 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools 2022

🌍 The best all-in-one social media scheduling tool: Flick

Flick’s scheduler makes the top of our list as the best all-in-one scheduling tool, which allows you not only to schedule, but also check your performance (analytics), search for the best-performing hashtags and keywords for your account size and niche, and access all of these features under one plan/account. This is a super cost-effective option that allows you to run your social media strategy from a central location, without the faff of having to open other apps and tools whilst you work. The setup also makes it easier for you to compare and access results in real-time, and import saved hashtags onto posts after you’ve done your hashtag research.

What’s so great about Flick’s Scheduler?

Now that you know just how many features there are in one tool, let’s hone in on scheduling. What makes Flick’s scheduler gain a top spot on our list, is that it allows you to post across Instagram (all formats), Facebook (all formats), and TikTok (all formats) from one account. You can set up your teams into social groups, so that they can approve and manage posts that you’ve already scheduled, which means you won’t have to create a social media plan in multiple different locations (e.g. PowerPoint), exponentially speeding up your operational processes.

social media scheduling tools

When you upload your media to the scheduling library, you can view your best times to post based on historical account performance and your Instagram analytics (Flick will automatically show you these slots), and drag your posts, videos, or carousels into the slot for the time and date you’d like it to go live. You are able to auto-post, or set a reminder, so that when your post is due to go live, Flick will send you a notification with your caption and post attached, allowing you to directly open Instagram and push it live. This can be done across multiple social platforms at once if you’re posting the same post on both Facebook and Instagram, and you can edit and alter your imported hashtags and captions for both accounts.


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Finally, you are able to see a visualization of what your plan looks like on your feed, dragging around scheduled posts to make sure they flow correctly and match your aesthetic. This is great if you have other stakeholders signing off on your plans, as it provides them with a quick picture of what the feed will look like once everything goes live. There’s a lot more to explore in the app, but these are just our highlights that make Flick one of the best social media scheduling tools that will help with efficiency and social media management if you’re struggling to stay on top of your posts.

social media scheduling tools

✍️ The best social media scheduling tool for writers: Sendible

Sendible is a good option if you are not only posting on social media but also across blogging platforms like WordPress or Medium. This is often flagged as a good tool for agencies who are carrying out a number of different activities, and have a boosted budget to spend, as it comes in at about £199/month (if you want all features included).

What makes Sendible unique is that you can publish not just shorter-form content, but also long-form editorial content, using the same principles as you would on socials, allowing websites to go live at the times that work the best for their audiences. This social media scheduling tool also includes features that allow users to manage their CRM activity, and the platform includes a social listening tool, in case you want to implement any sentiment analysis of your website or brand. A big plus is that Sendible has a Canva integration (and we know how much social media managers love Canva 😜).

💸 The best free tool: Facebook’s own scheduler

Looking for something free of charge? You can actually schedule posts via Facebook’s own Creator Studio, across social media platforms that are owned by Meta. Whilst the platform is free, some of the features are a little limited, in that you can’t post Reels and Stories as easily, and you aren’t able to get a visual representation of your feed.

What we do love about using Facebook’s own scheduler is that you have easy access to their copyright-free library, which includes sounds you can use on your Reels and videos that you post. This is useful to make sure you aren’t violating any music rights when publishing content, which is particularly important if you are a brand, or selling any kind of service or product.


Instagram scheduler

Start scheduling with Flick!

You can easily link your Facebook account and the pages you manage, upload media into your library and push posts live automatically. The downside is that you won’t get hashtag suggestions or detailed analytics integrations that give you a more holistic view of your performance and strategy. The scheduling tool is fairly simple but it gets the job done.

✅ The best for task management: Notion

While Notion isn’t specifically a social media scheduler, it can be a strong contender to use if you are managing an account and relying on other freelancers or stakeholders. This is because it allows you to create boards where you can house calendars, as well as pages with tasks you need to tick off, in order to stay on top of all things social media. You can set reminders to create content, check your calendar, and tag other team members if you need them to provide you with assets or complete a task on time.

Notion is also a great database for housing posting rules, and guidelines for creating content and ensuring other stakeholders stick to their deadlines, providing you with what you need, on time. Whilst it doesn’t work the same way as a scheduler (you wouldn’t be able to auto-post using Notion), you can create calendars and schedules with added information about when you can expect to get content through, etc, and use this as your posting plan.

🏃‍♀️ The best on-the-go tool: Planoly

If you tend to do everything from your phone and want a simple fix, Planoly is a good option for you, as it is a simple, easy-to-use app. The platform lets you access analytics for Instagram and Pinterest, and you can currently schedule across both (just make sure you have a Business account). Because the platform was founded by business owners, it has carefully considered shoppable posts and has an integration that makes this easier to do ahead of time. You can also make use of their add-on for templates and design if you need to spruce up your Stories or content before you go ahead and schedule it.

Planoly has a visual planner, which is useful if you want to make sure the posts you’ve scheduled match up aesthetically and are corely focused on Pinterest and Instagram. It can be a little tricky to manage amongst teams as its main focus is the app, and calendars will be separated by the social network, rather than being in one place.

Thanks for reading our roundup of the best social media scheduling tools in 2022. We hope you have found your perfect match, and are reading to get going, organize your posts, and be on your path to social media success. If you want to stay up to date on all things social media and join a community of like-minded individuals, just sign up for our newsletter below!



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5 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools 2022

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