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Candle Company Name Guide: Inspiration, Ideas & Tips

Started a candle company but not sure what to call it? Here’s our tips on how to come up with the perfect candle company name.

Posted 2 months ago
Candle Company Name

Written by

Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 2 months ago

Candles have had a major resurgence since the pandemic and the love of candles keeps climbing daily. Candles can make people feel more relaxed in their space. Candles make a great present to give to friends. When it comes to naming your candle company, coming up with a name that reflects the kind of mood or feeling you want to give people with your candles is important. Here are our top tips on how to find the best candle company name for your small biz.

How do I choose a candle company name? 🕯️

When it comes to choosing a name for your candle company, it’s essential to think of the overall theme of your candles. The candle industry is a competitive market and being able to stand out amongst the crowd is important for you to get anywhere.

How do you choose the perfect name? Well, take some time to think of who your brand is. Are your candles moody? Are they fun and sassy? Are they more modern and hipster? Once you get the overall vibe of the types of candles you want to make, it will be easier to think of names associated with your candles.

Think of names that are:

  • Universal: Want your business to go international? You’ll want to make sure the name makes sense across the board in different languages.
  • Easy to pronounce: This is something we always highlight when it comes to our business naming series. Your business should be easy for people to pronounce because you don’t want them struggling when recommending you to a friend or follower!


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Tips for creating an excellent candle company name ✍️

Now that you know how you choose a name, it’s time for us to break down for you our top tips on coming up with a unique name for your candle company.

1. Figure out your product

Okay, yes, you’re selling candles but what types of candles? Are you going to be selling only candles, or will there be other products you’ll be offering? Before you can come up with a brand name, knowing exactly where you see your brand going will be a huge part of naming your biz.

2. Write a list of keywords

Keywords are not only good for hashtags, but they are great for naming your business! Brainstorming a list of keywords you want your brand to represent or a feeling you want your brand to evoke is a great way to get started on coming up with names.

For example: If your candle company is selling essential oil candles that advertise health benefits, your keywords could be:

  • Calm
  • Serenity
  • Peace
  • Sanctuary

It describes the feelings you want your candles to provoke and can help you narrow down to a name you might want to call your brand.


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3. Describe your candles

If you’re coming up short trying to figure out keywords for your company, why not try to describe your candles? What scents are your top performers? What kind of feeling do you want your candles to provoke?

If your candles are scented, describe what your candles smell like. Are they more vanilla? Lavender? If there’s a certain scent you use more often, it could be a great thing to tie into your name.

4. How do you want your customers to feel?

It’s so important to always think of your customer because, after all, they are the ones buying your product!

Who is your overall ideal customer? Are they more hipster? Are they louder and more vibrant? What type of customer do you want to appeal to?

For example: Evil Queen candles sell sassy and fun candles with some slight profanity that is fun for customers who are a bit edgy. Hence the name.

Your name will help attract customers to your candles so make sure to know who you want to sell to in the end.

5. Name generator tool

If you’re really drawing a blank on naming your brand, we recommend turning to a name-generator tool. This can help spark some new ideas that you might not have thought of previously before. There are loads of great tools out there, and we recommend these three the most:

Each tool will have you enter in a keyword and a category for your brand. From there, it will generate a list of brand names that you can narrow down for yourself.

6. Ask friends and family for feedback

If your friends and family are anything like ours, they will give it to you straight. Once you have a list of names you really like, run them by your close-knit group and see if they like any or have feedback that can help you pick the name.

7. Google the name

This is an essential step when trying to find a name for your business—you have to make sure no one else has taken it first! Google the name and make sure that it’s free for you to use.


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25 candle company names for inspiration



Luxe Candle

My Heart Co






Cinder Candlelight

In the Flame

Yule Fire

Lucid Candles

Light Nife


Candle Maze

Hush Candle

Fire and Water

Aroma Bright

Flame Bliss

My Kindling

Now that you’ve got the perfect start to your candle company name, it’s time to start putting together your social media strategy! Click here to get our free 30-day caption template and click here to learn how to get your social media strategy on point.


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How do I choose a candle company name? 🕯️

Tips for creating an excellent candle company name ✍️

25 candle company names for inspiration

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