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Trending TikTok Songs to Try This Week

No more searching for trending audio! Here is your up-to-date trending TikTok songs to use this week.

Posted 9 months ago
trending tiktok songs

Written by

Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 9 months ago
Ready for your next TikTok to go viral? Well, you might need a trending audio to help you get there. If you’re a social media manager, agency, or content creator looking for that next trending TikTok song to jump on, we’ve got you.

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  1. What are trending audios on TikTok?
    • Week of February 20

Top sounds to use in February 2023

Week of February 20

Trending Sound:This Boy Be in My Dm Say Im Pretty by Tok Boi
How many posts: 40.9K
How to use audio: Show off your favorite outfit, your favorite look, whatever you got! This is the audio to use when you want to show off yourself and be confident!
@sashawilsonx Im an all or nothing type of girly and it saves me from mediocrity every time💅🏼 #fy #fyp #justgirlythings #bigsisteradvice #aesthetic #coquette #lana #luxurygirl #luxury ♬ This Boy Be in My Dm Say Im Pretty – Tok Boi
How many posts: 26.4K
How to use audio: Lipsync this song to show off your office and the people you work with! This could be a great audio for a biz owner to show off their employees.
@thehockeyguys worked all night & worked all day to make this @thesavbananas ♬ original sound – sped up songs

Top sounds to use in January 2023

Week of January 23

How many posts: 16.2K
How to use audio: State something you think is a fact and then dispute it with the real fact.
How many posts: 4326
How to use audio: List out movies or things to do that would shock you that people haven’t seen or done before.

Week of January 16

How many posts: 2239
How to use audio: Describe someone/something who could be considered problematic based on past actions but that you would support no matter what (i.e. your dog that always eats every single pair of shoes you own).
@camillaisalesbian tbh i dont think they broke up but either way idc i still love her #phoebebridgers ♬ original sound – haveyouseenmyolives
How many posts: 42.8K
How to use audio: Describe something that you should probably give up, compared to what happens when you don’t give it up.
How many posts: 30.7K
How to use audio: There’s a variety of ways to use this sound—showcase a pain point your client might have and then how your brand can come in and solve all their problems.

Week of January 9

How many posts: 894
How to use audio: Use this sound to manifest your perfect year and share your journey along the way!
How many posts: 51.6K
How to use audio: Share a fact that you wouldn’t have believed unless you looked it up.
How many posts: 5488
How to use audio: When you admit something that you did that hurt your own feelings or made you have a bad night.
How many posts: 102.1K
How to use audio: When you’re trying to enjoy your night and something irritates you
Stay up-to-date with all things trending sounds by bookmarking this post or checking this blog post on how to find trending sounds for yourself. And once you’ve got your video all created, be sure to schedule your TikTok video at the best time for your account. Flick can help you there. Start a free 7-day trial with Flick and try out our scheduler—find the best hashtags, the perfect time to post your videos, and so much more.


Top sounds to use in February 2023

Top sounds to use in January 2023

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