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Travel Company Name Guide: Names, Tips, and Ideas

Congrats on starting your travel company! Now, how do you create a name for it? We breakdown our top tips and ideas on finding the perfect travel company name.

Posted 1 year ago
Travel company name

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Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 1 year ago
There’s nothing like a clever business name to get people to use your services, especially when that business is in travel. With so many different travel companies out there, you want to stand out amongst the crowd online! After all, why would someone use your services if you’re not putting your best foot forward—and that all starts with your name. Yes, (gulp!), the name! Where do you even start when it comes to creating the best travel company name? Thankfully for you, we’ve got quite a few ideas on where to start. If you’re starting your own travel company, here are our top tips on finding the best travel company name for you and your biz.

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  1. How do I choose a travel company name? ✈️

How do I choose a travel company name? ✈️

Let’s start with the basics: How? There are a lot of different approaches to how to name your travel company. One of our favorite ways to approach naming is to write a list for yourself and answer the below questions:
  • What is your travel specialty?
  • What makes your company unique and special?
  • What is the brand personality of your travel company?
Once you start answering those questions, you’ll start building an idea of what your travel company is going to look like. You might realize you’re sassy. You might realize you’re educational. You might realize you’re more adventurous. Whatever personality and style you discover, you’ll start piecing together an idea of descriptor words that will help you with naming your travel company.
travel company name

What makes a good travel company name? 🏝️

With all good names, it comes down to what makes it uniquely you. How can you stand out with your name? What story do you have to tell? A lot of things go into creating a good name for a travel company, but the number one thing that is important is to make it memorable. You don’t want someone searching for your company and it sounding too similar to someone else’s. It’s important to really think about the meaning and story behind the name before you file the paperwork for your biz.

How to find the best travel company name? 🧳

Now that you know how you choose and what makes a good travel company name, it’s time to figure out how to come up with one. Let’s go back to the questions above.

What is your travel specialty?

Write down everything you want your travel company to be known for. What’s going to be the one thing that you specialize the best in out of everyone in your field? Will you be focusing on Disney? Will you be more of a safari travel agent? Will you focus more on honeymoons? Whatever your niche is, describe it in detail and how your business is going to be different from anyone else’s out there in the travel space.

What makes your company unique and special?

Write down all the descriptor words that will make your brand stand out among the crowd. What will your brand’s core values be? If you were going to describe your business to friends and family, how would you describe it? It’s important to really dig into the details here because you’ll start coming up with great adjectives that could be the jumping-off point for the name of your company.

What is the brand personality of your travel company?

Again, this ties in well with the above questions but also makes you come up with an overall branding and marketing guide for your business. Yes, your name will help guide you with all of your branding and marketing decisions—so when we say it’s important, it’s important! Act as if your brand is a person. How would they act? What is their personality? What things do they like? What things do they hate? Once you start coming up with a list of words and descriptors for your brand, start circling the ones that really stand out to you. It might be one word or it might be a series of words but from here, you’ll start building out the name of your travel company.


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Top tips for choosing a travel company name 💡

Still, need help with choosing a name for your travel company? Don’t worry, we’ve got a few more tips for you!

Use a name-generator tool

Company name generators are so helpful in sparking an idea. While the name might not be completely what you’re looking for, it can help you narrow down the style or play on words that you might not have thought of previously.
Some of the top name generators we recommend are:
In each of the generators, you input a keyword and it will give you a series of suggestions that you can use. Plus, it’ll let you know if the domain for that name is available for you to purchase.

Check that no one else has the name

While this seems like a no-brainer, a lot of people do forget to check this and end up getting a cease and desist letter which is … not good. Google the name and search for it on social media to make sure that nothing pops up.

Make sure it’s easy to pronounce and spell

Don’t go for something that is super complicated that no one will remember the name of or when searching for you, can’t find it because they can’t spell the name properly.

25 unique travel company names for inspiration 🥰

  • Here is a list of unique travel company names to help you get started:
  • Where to Go Destinations
  • Travel Right
  • WWT (World Wide Travel)
  • Journey of a Lifetime
  • Oasis of the West
  • All-in-One Trip
  • Lonely Planet Traveler
  • Sea of Joy
  • It’s a Trip
  • In and Out
  • WanderlustWoes
  • Get Away Travel
  • Way Back Travel
  • Travel Time!
  • Road Less Traveled
  • Destination: Travel
  • Pathway to Paradise
  • Go See!
  • Thirst for Travel
  • Tripology
  • The Walking Tours
  • The Lake Adventure
  • Serenity Adventures
  • Where to Travel?
  • Start to Finish
Now that you know how to find your business name, it’s time to start getting your marketing strategy together and we’ve got you. Click here to learn how to perfect your marketing strategy for the future.

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How do I choose a travel company name? ✈️

What makes a good travel company name? 🏝️

How to find the best travel company name? 🧳

Top tips for choosing a travel company name 💡

25 unique travel company names for inspiration 🥰

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