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TikTok Launches TikTok Now: A BeReal-Inspired App

TikTok has released its own version of BeReal: TikTok Now. Learn everything you need to know about this latest feature and app!

Posted 6 months ago
tiktok launches tiktok now

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Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 6 months ago

Well, it seems like all of our favorite social media apps are stealing ideas from each other and the number one app people are stealing from? BeReal. The Gen Z-loving app has been gaining traction quickly over the past year and it looks like all social media apps are running to capture the magic of BeReal.

TikTok has announced TikTok Now, which will have users share a selfie or video using the front and back camera at a random time each day.

Yeah, sounds familiar, right? 😬

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  1. What is TikTok Now?

What is TikTok Now?

The new feature will be given its own separate tab in the app, and in some regions outside the US, a whole new app.

tiktok now


As the description says on Apple store:

“TikTok Now is the new social platform from TikTok. Share your most authentic moments with the people who matter the most. TikTok Now lets you post a daily video or photo at the exact same time as your friends. You’ll receive a random daily notification at the same time as your friends, giving you a 3-minute window to take a 10-second video or real-time photo using both the front and back cameras.”

It seems having a separate app for this feature is an odd approach but could be a way for TikTok to completely stop BeReal in its tracks.

As most of the users of BeReal are in the USA, creating its own separate app could be a way for TikTok to get ahead of BeReal in other markets.

Other social media apps have done something similar, however, without launching new apps. Recently, Instagram announced Instagram Candid Challenges.

What is Instagram Candid Challenges vs TikTok Now?

As shared on Twitter, it looks like Instagram is testing out a BeReal-style feature where you can add your friends Candid to your story, and every day, at a different time, you’ll get a notification to capture a moment in two minutes.

And the Candid Challenge will take a picture using the Dual Camera feature … much like BeReal.

Once you’ve completed the Challenge, your photo will post to your Instagram Story. It seems like this is a way to boost engagement and reach on Stories once again.

It’ll be very interesting to see what happens with this new feature and/or new app. Will BeReal finally have to start doing something different or will people still want to separate their TikTok lives and their Be(ing)Real lives? Only time will tell.

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What is TikTok Now?

What is Instagram Candid Challenges vs TikTok Now?

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