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Instagram Tests New Be-Real-Type Feature: Candid Challenges

Instagram is officially testing a new BeReal-style feature: Instagram Candid Challenges. Learn how it’ll work and when it’s likely to launch.

Posted 1 year ago
Instagram Tests New BeReal

Written by

Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 1 year ago

We all knew it was going to happen sooner rather than later. With Instagram (and Snap!) taking BeReal’s feature and creating its own, it was only a matter of time before they would take the “authentic” moment feature along with it with something called Instagram Candid Challenges.

The reason for BeReal’s popularity is that it sends you a notification and you have two minutes to take a photo and “be real.” Whether you’re at home watching TV (a majority of my photos—ahem), out with friends, or in some … compromising situations, BeReal has taken off because it feels authentic and at the moment.

Well, now Instagram is trying to capitalize on those authentic moments too with Candid Challenges.

What are Instagram Candid Challenges?

As shared on Twitter, it looks like Instagram is testing out a BeReal-style feature where you can add your friends Candid to your story, and every day, at a different time, you’ll get a notification to capture a moment in two minutes.

Hmm, that sounds awfully familiar.

And the Candid Challenge will take a picture using the Dual Camera feature … much like BeReal.

Once you’ve completed the Challenge, your photo will post to your Instagram Story. It seems like this is a way to boost engagement and reach on Stories once again.

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Is Candid Challenge on Instagram now?

Not yet! This is still being tested by Instagram and if they move forward with it, it’ll start appearing in our Stories very soon.

A big question a lot of people might have about this feature is WHY? Why is Instagram stealing other ideas and putting them on its own platform?

Easy. They want to keep its users active and engaged on its platform and after seeing the success of things like TikTok and BeReal, it wants to add those same ideas to its own space.

With Gen Z wanting more authentic moments over curated feeds, this is yet another step for Instagram to keep the younger generation on its app. Will it work? Time will only tell.

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What are Instagram Candid Challenges?

Is Candid Challenge on Instagram now?

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