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Best Social Media Management Tools for Agencies in 2024

Explore the top 10 social media management tools for agencies in 2024. Discover how tools like Flick, Sprout Social, and others can streamline client management and enhance social media strategies.

Posted 5 months ago
Best Social Media Management Tools for Agencies

Written by

Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 5 months ago
With social media changing on the daily, social media management tools have become essential for agencies. Tasks like client account management, reporting, and multi-platform analytics are crucial to staying ahead. As an agency, you need to get all of your mundane and everyday tasks streamlined to deliver the best results to your clients. This is when social media management tools come into play, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and engagement.
Flick stands out in this space by offering a suite of tools tailored for agencies aiming for the best. With AI insights, content suggestions, and our Hashtag Tool, Flick is not just a tool, it’s your agency’s ultimate partner. Discover more on our product page.

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  1. How to Choose the Best Social Media Management Tools for You

How to Choose the Best Social Media Management Tools for You

Selecting the right social media management tool for your agency involves several key factors. Consider features that cater specifically to agency needs, budget-friendliness, seamless integration with existing systems, compatibility with various social platforms, and an intuitive user experience.
  • Client Account Management Look for tools that offer efficient client account management. This includes easy access to multiple accounts, streamlined reporting, and customizable dashboards for each client.
  • Comprehensive Reporting Your tool should provide in-depth reporting features. This includes analytics on engagement, audience demographics, and campaign performance, enabling you to deliver detailed insights to clients.
  • Multi-Platform Analytics Choose a tool that offers analytics across various social media platforms. This holistic view is essential for developing comprehensive strategies and understanding overall performance.
  • User-Friendly Interface An intuitive interface is crucial. It should simplify complex tasks and make managing multiple clients’ social media accounts more efficient and less time-consuming.

Instagram Analytics

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10 Best Tools for Social Media Management Tools for Agencies in 2024

As most agencies know, having the right social media management tools for your list of clients is crucial. These tools not only streamline client account management, reporting, and multi-platform analytics but also empower agencies to deliver top-notch services.
Let’s dive into the best tools that are making waves in 2024.
flick social bee alternative


Struggling to juggle multiple client accounts and keep up with the ever-changing social media landscape? Flick is here to save the day. As a leading tool in the social media management tools for agencies category, Flick understands the challenges agencies face. It offers a suite of AI-powered features that simplify content creation, scheduling, and analytics, making it easier for agencies to manage their clients’ social media presence effectively.

Instagram Analytics

Grow your account with best-in-class Instagram Analytics.

Flick stands out as an all-in-one solution for agencies aiming for the best. With its AI insights, content suggestions, and the renowned Hashtag Tool, Flick simplifies social media management for agencies. Its ability to handle client account management, detailed reporting, and multi-platform analytics positions it as a top choice for agencies looking for comprehensive and efficient social media management tools.
“Since we started using Flick, our agency has seen a significant improvement in efficiency and client satisfaction. The AI insights and content suggestions have been game-changers for us.” – Jane Doe, Digital Marketing Manager
Key Features
  • AI tools that write in your brand voice
  • AI tools to help generate post ideas
  • Great hashtag research tools
  • Top-notch Instagram integration
  • Visual inspiration boards
  • “Best time to publish” feature
  • Media gallery
  • Simple cross-channel posting
  • Access to a free AI caption generator
  • Internal benchmarks for competition analysis
  • Set up is simple and straightforward
  • Lots of tutorials and helpful information
  • Free 7-day trial
  • Ability to download information and export
  • Multi-account management
  • Multi-user collaboration
  • Easy to use post-scheduling
  • Auto-publishing across multiple platforms
  • May have a learning curve for new users
  • Advanced features require premium plans
Price Range: $14/month – $67/month. Flick offers a range of packages tailored to agency needs, ensuring value for money with its comprehensive features.
Best for
Ideal for agencies that need a robust, all-in-one social media management tool to handle multiple client accounts efficiently.
sprout social content marketing

2.Sprout Social

For agencies that need a robust and intuitive social media management tool, Sprout Social is a top contender. Known for its comprehensive analytics and seamless client communication features, Sprout Social helps agencies stay ahead in the fast-paced world of social media. Its user-friendly interface and powerful reporting tools make it a favorite among professionals who need to deliver results efficiently and effectively.
Sprout Social is renowned for its detailed analytics and user-friendly interface. It excels in providing agencies with deep insights into social media trends and client engagement. The tool’s ability to facilitate seamless communication between teams and clients sets it apart, making it an indispensable asset for agencies focused on delivering data-driven results.
“Sprout Social has transformed the way we manage our clients’ social media profiles. The insights and reporting tools have enabled us to make data-driven decisions that have significantly improved engagement rates.” – John Smith, Social Media Strategist
Key Features
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • User-friendly interface
  • Efficient client communication tools
  • In-depth analytics for better decision-making
  • Streamlined client reporting
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Higher price point compared to some competitors
  • May include features not needed by smaller agencies
  • Price Range: $249/month – Custom Pricing
Best for
  • Ideal for medium to large agencies that require detailed analytics and efficient client communication.
agorapulse roi measurement tool


Agorapulse is a comprehensive social media management tool known for its robust engagement features and detailed analytics. It’s a great choice for agencies that need a tool to manage client interactions effectively and gain insights from social media activities.
Agorapulse stands out with its strong focus on engagement and analytics. Its ability to track, respond to, and analyze social interactions makes it a powerful tool for agencies that prioritize client engagement and data-driven strategies.
“Agorapulse has been instrumental in enhancing our client engagement strategies. Its detailed analytics and engagement tools have provided us with invaluable insights.” – Mark Thompson, Engagement Specialist
Highlighted Features:
  • Advanced engagement tracking and management
  • Detailed social media analytics
  • User-friendly interface
  • Excellent for managing client interactions
  • In-depth analytics for strategic planning
  • Intuitive and efficient user experience
  • Pricing may be higher than some alternatives
  • Some features may be more than what smaller agencies require
Price Range: $49/month – Custom Pricing
Best for:
Ideal for medium to large agencies that prioritize engagement and data-driven social media management.
sendible social media roi


Sendible is a social media management tool designed for agencies that need a comprehensive solution for managing client accounts. Its focus on client management and reporting makes it a valuable tool for agencies looking to streamline their social media services.
Sendible excels in client account management and reporting. Its ability to provide detailed insights and streamline the management of multiple client accounts sets it apart, making it a top choice for agencies that require a robust tool for client management.
“Sendible has simplified our client account management and reporting processes. Its comprehensive features have made it an essential part of our social media toolkit.” – Alex Johnson, Account Manager
Key Features
  • Efficient client account management
  • Comprehensive reporting tools
  • Multi-platform compatibility
  • Streamlines client account management
  • Detailed reporting for informed decision-making
  • Compatible with various social media platforms
  • Interface can be complex for beginners
  • Some advanced features may require higher-tier plans
  • Price Range: 29$/month – 750$/month
Best for
  • Ideal for agencies that manage multiple client accounts and require a tool for efficient management and reporting.
later insta marketing tools


Later is a visually oriented social media management tool, perfect for agencies that focus on image-heavy platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Its emphasis on visual planning and scheduling makes it a unique and valuable tool for agencies specializing in visual content.
Later’s strength lies in its visual content calendar and scheduling features, which allow agencies to plan and visualize posts in a highly intuitive manner. This focus on visual planning sets it apart from other tools, making it a favorite for agencies that manage visually-centric social media accounts.
“Later has revolutionized the way we plan our visual content. Its visual calendar is a game-changer for managing our Instagram and Pinterest strategies.” – Rachel Liu, Creative Director
Highlighted Features:
  • Visual content calendar
  • Intuitive post scheduling for visual platforms
  • Analytics for visual content performance
  • Ideal for visual content planning
  • User-friendly and visually intuitive
  • Effective for Instagram and Pinterest management
  • May not be as comprehensive for non-visual platforms
  • Limited advanced analytics features
Price Range: 25$/month – 80$/month
Best for:
Best suited for agencies that specialize in managing visual social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.
coschedule instagram growths


CoSchedule is a versatile tool that excels in content organization and team collaboration. It’s particularly beneficial for agencies that manage a large volume of content and require a tool to keep everything organized and on track.
CoSchedule’s strength lies in its content calendar and team collaboration features. It allows agencies to plan, schedule, and collaborate on content seamlessly, making it a valuable tool for those who manage extensive content schedules and teams.
“CoSchedule has transformed our content planning and team collaboration. Its calendar feature has made it easier for us to stay organized and meet deadlines.” – Laura Peterson, Content Manager
Highlighted Features:
  • Comprehensive content calendar
  • Team collaboration tools
  • Content scheduling and organization
  • Streamlines content planning and organization
  • Facilitates team collaboration and communication
  • Efficient scheduling capabilities
  • May be more than needed for smaller teams
  • Some features require a learning curve
CoSchedule offers pricing from $29/month to custom pricing, catering to businesses and teams of all sizes.
Best for:
Best suited for agencies with large content volumes and teams that require a tool for organization and collaboration.
hootsuite instagram growth


Hootsuite is a veteran in the realm of social media management tools, offering a wide array of features that cater to the diverse needs of agencies. Its ability to manage multiple social media platforms from a single dashboard makes it a go-to tool for agencies looking for efficiency and simplicity.
Hootsuite’s all-in-one dashboard allows agencies to monitor, post, and analyze social media content across various platforms efficiently.
“Hootsuite has been a cornerstone in our social media strategy. Its multi-platform management capabilities have saved us countless hours.” – Emily Roberts, Digital Media Coordinator
Key Features
  • Multi-platform management from a single dashboard
  • Robust scheduling features
  • Comprehensive analytic
  • Time-saving multi-platform management
  • Advanced scheduling capabilities
  • Detailed analytics for informed strategies
  • Interface can be overwhelming for new users
  • Some advanced features require higher-tier plans
Price Range: $99/month – $249/month
Best for
Suitable for agencies that manage multiple social media accounts and require a centralized platform for efficient management.
socialbee social media dashboard tools


SocialBee is known for its content categorization and recycling features, making it a unique tool in the realm of social media management. It’s particularly useful for agencies that need to manage a large volume of content and ensure consistent posting across platforms.
SocialBee stands out with its focus on content categorization and recycling. This feature allows agencies to organize content effectively and ensure a consistent posting schedule, making it a valuable tool for content-heavy social media strategies.
“SocialBee has revolutionized the way we handle content. Its categorization and recycling features have made content management much more efficient.” – Kevin Brooks, Social Media Lead
Key Features
  • Content categorization and recycling
  • Consistent posting schedule management
  • User-friendly interface
  • Efficient content categorization and recycling
  • Helps maintain a consistent posting schedule
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • May not offer as many advanced analytics features
  • Best suited for content-heavy strategies
  • $29/month – $274/month
Best for
  • Small businesses and entrepreneurs looking for growth online.
zoho eclincher alt

9. Zoho Social

Zoho Social is part of the extensive Zoho suite, known for its integration with other Zoho products and its effectiveness in managing social media for businesses and agencies. It’s particularly suitable for agencies already using other Zoho applications.
Zoho Social’s integration with the Zoho ecosystem makes it a seamless choice for agencies using other Zoho products. Its focus on business and agency social media management, combined with its integration capabilities, offers a cohesive experience.
“Integrating Zoho Social into our existing Zoho suite has streamlined our social media management processes. Its seamless integration is a major plus for us.” – Rachel Lee, Marketing Manager
Key Features
  • Seamless integration with Zoho suite
  • Effective social media management tools
  • Business and agency-focused features
  • Strong integration with Zoho products
  • Tailored for business and agency use
  • Comprehensive social media management capabilities
  • Best suited for users already in the Zoho ecosystem
  • May not offer as many advanced features as some standalone tools
  • Businesses Price Range: 15$/month – 65$/month, Agencies Price: 320$-460$
Best for
  • Ideal for agencies that are part of the Zoho ecosystem and require a social media management tool that integrates seamlessly with their existing tools.
buffer social media linkedin scheduling


Buffer is celebrated for its simplicity and effectiveness in social media management. It’s particularly favored by agencies that prioritize user experience and straightforward functionality. Buffer’s clean interface and focused feature set make it a great choice for agencies that value efficiency and ease of use.
Buffer stands out for its user-friendly interface and streamlined social media scheduling tools. It’s designed for agencies that need a no-fuss, efficient way to manage their social media calendars and engage with audiences across different platforms.
“Buffer has simplified our social media processes immensely. Its intuitive design and efficient scheduling tools have made it an essential part of our toolkit.” – Carlos Gonzalez, Social Media Manager
Highlighted Features:
  • User-friendly interface
  • Efficient social media scheduling tools
  • Engagement analytics
  • Simplifies social media scheduling
  • Intuitive and easy to navigate
  • Effective engagement tracking
  • Limited advanced features compared to competitors
  • Analytics might not be as in-depth as needed for larger agencies
Price Range: Free – $120/month
Best for:
Ideal for small to medium-sized agencies that need a simple, effective tool for social media management. Ideal for small to medium-sized agencies that need a simple, effective tool for social media management.

Instagram scheduler

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Get the Best Out of Social Media Management Tools for Agencies

Embarking on the journey with the right social media management tool for your agency is just the start. To truly tap into its potential, it’s crucial to understand and explore its full capabilities. This is where you turn a tool into an asset, ensuring that every feature is used to its maximum, much like a craftsman skillfully utilizes every instrument in their toolkit.
Flick is here to guide you through this exploration. More than just a tool, Flick is your partner in strategy, offering insights and innovative approaches to elevate your agency’s social media management.
How to make the most of your social media management tools:
  1. Maximize Features: Utilize all the features your tool offers. From scheduling posts to analyzing data, make sure you’re getting the most out of the software.
  2. Regular Training: Keep your team updated with regular training sessions on the tool’s latest features and best practices.
  3. Integrate with Other Tools: Ensure your social media management tool integrates well with other software used by your agency for a seamless workflow.
  4. Feedback and Adaptation: Regularly gather feedback from your team on the tool’s usability and adapt your strategies accordingly.

Hashtags & Analytics

Find, manage, and analyze hashtags for Instagram.



What is a social media management tool?

A social media management tool is a software designed to assist in managing and optimizing a brand’s presence across various social media platforms. It streamlines tasks like posting, monitoring, and analyzing social media content.

Why would I need a social media management tool?

A social media management tool is essential for efficiently managing multiple accounts, tracking engagement, and analyzing performance data. It’s a vital asset for agencies to deliver consistent, high-quality content and insights to clients.

When should I use a social media management tool?

A social media management tool is most useful in scenarios where managing multiple social media accounts, needing to schedule posts in advance, tracking engagement metrics, and analyzing the performance of social media campaigns.

What are the key benefits of using a social media management tool?

The key benefits include streamlined workflow, time efficiency, consistent content scheduling, detailed analytics for informed decision-making, and the ability to manage multiple accounts and campaigns from a single platform.

How does a social media management tool improve client relationships?

By using a social media management tool, agencies can provide clients with timely updates, detailed performance reports, and effective campaign management, leading to increased transparency, trust, and satisfaction in client relationships.


How to Choose the Best Social Media Management Tools for You

10 Best Tools for Social Media Management Tools for Agencies in 2024

Get the Best Out of Social Media Management Tools for Agencies


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