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Two new features, and a whole new section – all created to speed up your workflow. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest updates to Flick. 

Posted 3 years ago
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Sam King
Posted 3 years ago
Two new features, and a whole new section – all created to speed up your workflow. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest updates to Flick.

Brand new Features ✨

Homepage 🏡

A centralized location to help you access what you need, faster, and keep you up to date with important information on your hashtags, account and content.

Smart Collections 🧠🗂

Two automatically populating Collections full of hashtags that are working best for you. Here, you can access your ‘top performing’ and ‘recently ranked’ hashtags.

Suggested Searches ✨🔍

Helping you discover as many new hashtags as possible. Flick will provide you with some new starting points for your hashtag research, based on your search and export activity.
Here’s what these new features look like, and why we decided to make the changes we have 👇

‘Home’ Improvements

To improve navigation throughout Flick, our team completely re-designed our homepage. The old homepage was initially released over 18 months ago when Flick was merely a search engine for hashtags. Since then, Flick has changed and so too should its homepage.
home improvement

Flick’s old homepage

Users were voicing their frustration at having to navigate to different parts of Flick to collect the hashtags and data they needed. Our new home page allows users to access all of the key parts of Flick within just one click!
We also want to provide you with as much information as possible around what’s happening with your Instagram account, content and hashtags. Notifications are coming soon, and you can vote for which notifications you want to see most.
hashtag performance

Flick’s new Dashboard

Updates to Collections

Since their release, Collections have been a key feature for many of Flick’s users. However, one piece of feedback continuously surfaced in the conversations we’ve had with our users: Being able to quickly store and access hashtags that rank or perform well for a user’s account.

Introducing … ‘Smart’ Collections!

For the first time ever, Flick will be building and managing Collections for you! Last March, we released hashtag tracking, a feature that allowed users to finally discover which individual hashtags were performing on their accounts. Today, we introduce the missing link between hashtag performance tracking and hashtag Collections.
Now, when your hashtags rank, Flick will automatically add them to your “Recently Ranked” collection. For hashtags that perform well over multiple posts, Flick will add them to your “Top Performing” collection.
Both of these new ‘Smart Collections’ will also be available directly from our new Homepage.
smart collections flick

Flick’s Recently Ranked Smart Collection

You will now be able to seamlessly pick hashtags from your manually created Collections and combine them with hashtags you know work well from the same page!
Note: Smart Collections are only available to users who have hashtag performance tracking in their plans. You can upgrade your subscription here.

Suggested Searches

Continuing in the theme of improving Flick’s user experience, the team decided to revamp one of Flick’s most used components – the search bar. We identified that users often started their Flick sessions with the same set of search terms. Users would then wonder why they continuously found the same hashtags on Flick and were struggling to find any new ones.
Flick’s new search bar solves this problem. Flick will now monitor which terms you are searching in order to recommend similar, highly relevant search terms. This means that you won’t even need to think about new search terms to use, as Flick will do that for you!
Note: For this feature to work, you will need to link your Instagram account to Flick as well as make a couple of searches after the launch of this feature.
new hashtag search
We hope you enjoy these features as much as we enjoyed building them! If you have any queries or experience any bugs please reach out to our support team via the in-app chat or support@flick.tech.
Wishing you a lovely day,
Loic & the Flick Team


Brand new Features ✨

‘Home’ Improvements

Updates to Collections

Suggested Searches

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