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How to Use Content Pillars for Social Media

Learn why creating social media content pillars is important to your overall social media marketing strategy and how to implement them yourself!

Posted 1 year ago
how to use content pillars

Written by

Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 1 year ago
Have you ever sat at your computer wondering what you’re going to type for the newest social media post you need to create for work? The blank screen is sitting there mocking you, wondering what you’re going to put down on the screen.
We’ve all been there! Feeling uncreative is the worst feeling, especially when it’s your day job! But creating something called content pillars that you can reference when your brain is on vacation is always a huge help.

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  1. What is a content pillar?

What is a content pillar?

Content pillars are 3-5 topics that your brand will always refer to or discuss when creating content online. Content pillars help you figure out and clarify your brand/business/client’s niche. When it comes to being on the internet, it’s better to be an expert in a few key things and not know a little about a lot.
When it comes to niche content on Instagram, it’s always the best way to grow on the platform.

Why are social media content pillars so important?

Social media content pillars, when done right, help establish every part of your social media marketing plan. When you have your content pillars in place, it makes planning easier and makes your brand authority online actually … authentic.
Which is pretty important if you ask us.
Putting together content pillars can be daunting but as soon as you have them all put together and established, it makes creating content that is actually relevant to your goals so much easier and quicker. Instead of scrambling last minute to figure out what you want to talk about (big yikes!), you already know what overall topics you need and want to discuss and all of your future and past content is consistent across the board.
Plus, it makes planning your social media content calendar so much easier.
If you’re looking to plan out your full content calendar in one go, we recommend using Flick’s scheduler to get all of your posts scheduled and auto-posted so you don’t have to worry about a single thing!

How to come up with social media content pillars for your brand

Creating content pillars is all about establishing your brand’s voice and what you want to discuss, sell, and present online. If you’re struggling to figure out where to be when it comes to creating content pillars for your brand, here are our tips:
flick analytics breakdown

1. Look at your brand’s analytics

Okay, it’s time to take a moment to look at your analytics and demographics for your brand. Who is your audience? What time are they online? What topics do they seem to like that you share?
Knowing exactly WHO you are talking about and WHAT they like to will help you come up with your content pillars. Because you’re not going to be focusing on content that isn’t going to get any engagement or shares, right?
Flick’s Top Tip: Flick’s analytics report will help you track the exact metrics you need to look at when it comes to putting together your content pillars. It’ll help you figure out your comments, likes, engagement rate and reach. So you’ll quickly and easily be able to figure out what content your audience wants to see.
Increase your engagement and reach, develop an incredible hashtag strategy, and drive traffic to your account with Flick’s Instagram Analytics.

Instagram Analytics

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2. Take a look at your competitors

Yes, this is something we talk a lot about around here but it’s important to take a look at who your competitors are and what kind of content they’re doing.
Our advice? List out your top competitors and look at all of their social media accounts.
  • Which posts have done well?
  • What topics are they talking about?
  • Is there a gap in information you notice they’re not sharing?
  • What kind of posting schedule do they have?
  • What are their content pillars that you can identify?
Now that you have an overall idea of what works for others, it’s time to see how you can structure things that work for others that can also work for you and your overall goals. The importance here is to not copy and paste because that’s not what social media is about! But to learn, develop, and create something that is completely your own!
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3. Audit your social media account

Taking a peek at your own social media account to see what’s working for you is important to come up with your content pillars. Doing an Instagram Audit can help you figure out all the details you need to sort through for adjusting your content pillars.
You can learn more about the importance of doing an Instagram Audit here and download your FREE Instagram Audit checklist to make sure your account is set up for perfection.

How to create and plan your social media content calendar with your content pillars

Now that you have an overall idea of what your content pillars are, it’s time to create and plan your social media calendar. Instead of trying to come up with ideas on the fly, you’ll be able to think through every part of your content in advance and ensure that everything is structured to fit your overall content goals.
  1. Go through your calendar and look at any dates that are coming up. Are you launching anything? Are there any sales coming up? Are there any national holidays? Make note of these days so you can create content around these days.
  2. Do you have any blog posts, podcasts, newsletters, or video-related content that will be released that you can repurpose into social media content?
  3. When it comes to creating social media content based on your pillars, you need to make sure that in a roundabout way, all of your content can relate back to one of your pillars. When you make sure this happens, no one in your audience will get confused about what your brand is.
💡 Flick’s Tip: Stuck trying to come up with content ideas for the month ahead? We’ve got you! Test out our AI Social Media Assistant to brainstorm content ideas in seconds along with the best on-brand captions for your social media posts. Click the banner below to get started with a 7-day free trial of Flick!
The best part of planning all of your content in advance? Scheduling it all out to be posted at the time YOUR audience is online.
And Flick has made that so much easier with our Instagram Scheduler. You can plan your full content calendar and then schedule your posts with Flick. Get started with your 7-day FREE trial today.
We call that a win-win.
Need help with getting your Instagram captions started for your content? We’ve got a FREE Instagram caption course to help you take your captions to the next level. Plus, you can get access to our FREE 30-days caption template. You’re welcome.


What is a content pillar?

Why are social media content pillars so important?

How to come up with social media content pillars for your brand

How to create and plan your social media content calendar with your content pillars

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