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How to Create a Facebook Business Page (Guide + Tips)

Started a business but not sure how to get that business on Facebook? Here’s our step-by-step guide on creating a Facebook Business account.

Posted 12 days ago
facebook business page

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Julia Cohen
Posted 12 days ago
Nowadays, whether you want to be a content creator, or sell products on Instagram, having a Facebook business page is non-negotiable. But a Facebook Business page shouldn’t be looked at as just a requirement you need to have to unlock metrics or sell products—you can actually use them strategically to help amplify and improve your content. We’ll let you in on our top tips and hacks for using Facebook Business pages, as well as how to create them!

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  1. How to create a Facebook Business Page

How to create a Facebook Business Page

First things first, you’re going to need a Business Page if you want to try out our tips and tricks for upgrading your content.
  1. From your existing Facebook account, go to your menu, and select “Pages.”
  2. Select the “Create” button, to set up a new page.
  3. Fill in the page name (if you’re a creator this should be your handle or name, if you’re a business, this should be your company name).
  4. Select up to three categories to define your page. You can search for categories that reflect your type of content or business.
  5. Select “Create” and your page will generate!
Once your business page has been created, you can start to pimp it out and make it look a little more visually appealing. This is optional, but we recommend adding a cover photo and profile picture, with either your face or brand logo, so that when people are searching for your page it is easily recognizable. You should also update your bio, to give people a bit of a flavor for your business or personality, as well as add any updated contact details, websites, or events.
💡 Flick’s Tip: If you don’t have anyone to design your cover photo, you can create one yourself using a design tool like Canva.

How to Add an Admin to a Facebook Business Page:

If you need to add other people to your Facebook business page, it’s very easy to do!
  1. Access Page Settings: Begin by logging into your Facebook account and navigating to the Facebook Business Page you wish to manage. At the top right corner of the page, click on “Settings.”
  2. Navigate to Page Roles: Within the settings menu, locate the “Page Roles” option on the left-hand side. Click on it to reveal the current page roles and permissions.
  3. Add an Admin: In the “Assign a New Page Role” section, you’ll see a text box where you can type the name or email address of the individual you wish to add as an admin. As you type, Facebook will suggest users from your friend list or you can enter their email directly.
  4. Select Admin Role: Once you’ve entered the name or email, click on the dropdown menu next to the text box to select the desired role. Choose “Admin” to grant full control over the page, including the ability to manage page roles and settings.
  5. Confirm and Send Invitation: After selecting the admin role, click on the “Add” button. Facebook will then prompt you to confirm your action. Once confirmed, an invitation will be sent to the selected user.
  6. Accept Invitation: The invited user will receive a notification and an invitation to become an admin of the page. They can accept the invitation by clicking on the notification or visiting the “Page Roles” section under page settings.
  7. Verification (Optional): For added security, Facebook may require the newly added admin to verify their identity by entering their Facebook password.
By following these steps, you can add an admin to your Facebook Business Page, empowering them to contribute to page management and content creation.

How to Delete a Facebook Business Page:

Uh-oh, don’t need your account anymore? That’s okay! Here’s exactly how to delete your Facebook business page:
  1. Access Page Settings: Similarly, begin by logging into your Facebook account and navigating to the Facebook Business Page you wish to delete. Click on “Settings” located at the top right corner of the page.
  2. General Settings: In the settings menu, find the “General” tab on the left-hand side. Click on it to reveal various page management options.
  3. Remove Page: Scroll down the “General” settings until you find the “Remove Page” section. Here, you’ll see the option to “Permanently delete your page.” Click on the “Edit” button next to it.
  4. Initiate Deletion: Facebook will prompt you with a warning about deleting your page. If you’re certain you want to proceed, click on “Delete [Your Page Name].”
  5. Confirm Deletion: Facebook will then ask you to confirm your decision. This step is irreversible, and all content, including posts, photos, videos, and other page information, will be permanently deleted. Review the consequences carefully and proceed by clicking “Delete Page.”
  6. Verification (Optional): As an added layer of security, Facebook may require you to enter your password to confirm the deletion.
  7. Completion: Once confirmed, Facebook will initiate the deletion process. It may take some time for the page to be completely removed from the platform.
It’s important to note that once a Facebook page is deleted, it cannot be recovered. Be sure to download any important data or content from the page before proceeding with deletion.
facebook business page

Top tips for using your Facebook Business Page to improve your social strategy

Using the Facebook Shop

If you are a business and want to have a storefront on either Facebook or Instagram, you’ll need to set up a shop. Facebook’s shop won’t let you purchase and check out in-app, instead redirecting to your website or the designated product page. However, if you do have a storefront on Facebook/Instagram you are able to track whether purchases or traffic are coming as a direct result of these social channels, allowing you to better understand purchase performance.
Our tips for Facebook shop
  • Make sure to tag all of your products. You can do this on both Facebook and Instagram. This allows potential customers to directly tap a photo, see which product is featured, and click directly through to shop for the product, making a seamless purchase journey.
  • Tag historic Facebook posts with products too! When someone clicks on a product, they will be able to see social media posts that have tagged these products as examples of the item. Make sure that when you are tagging your products in photos, these are posts you are happy being featured on the product page.
  • If your product can be ‘tried on’, make use of Instagram and Facebook’s virtual-try-on plug-ins. This means customers can get a better feel for your product which may help their decision in impulse buying on socials.

How to manage customer service on Facebook Business Pages

When you create a Facebook Business page, you will automatically have options to manage customer queries. You need to be careful not to ignore this, as it will impact the ratings that members may give your business or service. Facebook displays the times it takes for business pages to answer and reply to customer queries, so make sure to stay on top of this in order to ensure your business appears as positively as possible.
We recommend setting up auto-responses on your Facebook page so that customers are responded to with a generic message automatically when they send a query. You can customize these to direct people to different pages depending on their questions, which may also save your team’s time if the answer is already somewhere on your website!

Why Facebook’s Creative Center is the best ever

Perhaps one of the best resources you unlock when you have a Facebook Business page is its creative center. When you are creating content for an ad (as a content creator or business), or you are creating organic content for a brand, you’ll know that you have to be careful about what you feature in your videos so that you don’t get a potential copyright strike.
Facebook’s creative center has an entire library of rights-free sound effects and tracks which you can search based on genre, tempo, speed, and more. If you are creating a video that features any kind of sound or music, use the Creative Center as your first port of call in sourcing tracks for your content that are completely safe to use in ads and beyond.

Repurposing content across Instagram and Facebook

Whether you are a small business, social media manager, or creator, it’s likely that you are tight on time and resources when it comes to creating content for multiple channels. The great thing about linking your Facebook Business page to your Instagram account is that you can post across both channels at once. So, if you’ve created an Instagram post, Story, or Reel, you will have the option to also auto-post it to Facebook, saving you time when it comes to manual (and auto) posting. Just make sure that when you are posting cross-channel the content you are using is relevant to both audiences and you consider what you are sharing vs. who is seeing it.
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You should now be able to set up your own Facebook Business page and start exploring all the perks it has to offer. Click below to use your new page with Flick, and start improving your social media strategy.

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How to create a Facebook Business Page

How to Add an Admin to a Facebook Business Page:

How to Delete a Facebook Business Page:

Top tips for using your Facebook Business Page to improve your social strategy

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