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6 Ways to Create Engaging Instagram Carousel Posts

Create engaging Instagram carousel posts that makes your audience WANT to swipe. We go through our tips, tricks and perfect formula!

Posted 7 months ago
engaging instagram carousel posts

Written by

Julia Cohen
Posted 7 months ago

Diversifying your content on Instagram is a great way to gain new followers, and keep your existing audience excited, so creating engaging Instagram carousel posts can be a big win for your feed. But, coming up with one idea for a single frame can be hard, let alone multiple. Today, we’re going to break down our top tips for not only creating engaging carousel posts but also our formula for easily coming up with ideas, so you’re not intimidated when it comes to tackling this format.

First, let’s go through the basics of creating Instagram Carousel Posts

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  1. What are carousel posts on Instagram? 🤔

How do you post multiple pictures on Instagram? ⬆️

To actually create a carousel post, click the ‘plus sign’ in the upper right-hand corner of your profile. Select ‘post’ and your gallery will pop up. Click the icon on the right-hand side, which shows two squares. This will allow you to select multiple pieces of content. Once your photos/videos are selected, you’ll be able to edit them one by one and post them as normal. Make sure to check the sizing of your photos, as they will all auto-fit to the cropping settings of the first photo you select.

instagram carousel posts


How do you post multiple pictures on Instagram? ⬆️

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