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The Best Apps for Planning Your Instagram Feed

Trying to craft the perfect feed? Here’s our list of the best apps for planning your Instagram feed, so its always on point.

Posted 10 months ago
best apps for planning your feed

Written by

Julia Cohen
Posted 10 months ago
Your social feed is the first impression people get when they visit your profile, and can often be what makes someone decide whether or not to follow you. However, when you’re trying to manage posting, scheduling, analyzing, and more, sometimes planning out your feed falls by the wayside. In today’s article, we’ll share the best apps for planning out your feed, so you can make sure it always looks on point.

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  1. What to look for in an Instagram planning app
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    • Airtable
    • Canva
    • Preview
    • Answer the public

What to look for in an Instagram planning app

When it comes to an Instagram planning tool, you want something that actually lets you view the feed before you click “publish” on anything. The whole point of planning out your feed in advance is to make sure that it’s cohesive and makes sense when your posts are laid out.
Look for a tool that allows you to be flexible with posting, save items as drafts, and you can easily drag and drop your content around to where you want it. Be sure to make a list of things that you want from your tool and play around with the tool before you purchase anything in advance.

The best apps for planning your Instagram feed


The best all-rounder app for planning your Instagram feed 🎯
If you want to visualize your feed, as well as actually schedule your content, then Flick’s scheduling tool is your port of call. Top on our list of the best apps for planning your Instagram feed, you can upload content to your library (on mobile or desktop!), then drag and drop it into your “feed preview” to test out how it looks overall.
Best Instagram Planning apps
Once you’re happy with your feed, you can actively schedule your posts to automatically go out at the best times to post for your account (all shown in Flick).
Inside the Scheduler, you’ll be able to craft your captions, and import hashtags from the included hashtag search tool, which helps you reach even more people when you post.
Don’t have a caption ready? That’s not a problem at all with Flick’s AI Assistant. After you upload your content, you can click on “Caption Assistant” under a new post and tell the AI Assistant exactly what type of caption you’re looking for. The AI Assistant will create a caption for you, auto-generate hashtags that fit your Instagram content perfectly, and the best part? If you don’t have an image yet, you can get an AI image generated that is tailored perfectly to your caption.
Lastly, you’ll have access to full analytics as part of the overall tool, to review your posts when they’ve gone live. If you’ve already scheduled posts, you can also drag them around to see what looks best in the feed!
Need some help on how to plan and map out your Instagram feed? Just click here!


The best for collaborating with your team 👯‍♀️
A free app for Instagram planning you can also opt for is Airtable. Airtable offers templates to help customize your Instagram plans and feed, allowing you to set status updates when posts go live.
This is more of a planning, rather than a “visualization” option, but it means that your teams can all log in and collaborate together, making status updates and adding in captions or categories. You can group your posts by platform, add notes, ideas, and CTAs – a good option if you’re working with a team, and don’t have a huge budget to spend. If you need more data visualization or analytics functionality for your Instagram planning, you can easily export Airtable to Google Sheets or other tools.
Best Instagram Planning apps


The best for design buffs 🎨
Every Social Media Manager’s favorite easy-to-use design tool, Canva can also help you map out and plan your social media feed aesthetically. You can create templates and designs that match in with your branding, to make sure your overall feed is always cohesive.
Canva also has a collaborative option, which means different team members can all work on the same templates and designs. The platform also offers an additional plugin which means you can publish content direct to Instagram once it’s designed, helping you plan out your schedule.
Best Instagram Planning apps


The best planning app for phone-only 📲
One of the most famous Instagram planning apps is Preview. This is good for mobile as it is only available on your iOS or Android device. Unlike other, similar apps it allows you to plan an unlimited amount of posts for free, and preview your feed before you post.
You can also upload Reels, as well as longer-form video content, and organize your Instagram Stories (however, you will still have to manually post all of these).
The app also gives you options for reposting and caption ideas, in case you get a little stuck.

Answer the public

The best Instagram planning app for content ideas
Another tool you should have in your arsenal when planning out the content you want to post on your feed is Answer The Public. If you’re not sure what type of content would resonate with your audience or can’t think of ideas when you are planning in advance, just pop your niche or subject area into the search bar on the site. You’ll be able to see what people are actively searching for around that subject and can filter results by country and language.
nstagram Planning apps
Start using these apps and you’ll be planning out the perfect Instagram feed in no time. If you want to explore our scheduling tool, with the in-built Instagram planner, just click the banner below!


What to look for in an Instagram planning app

The best apps for planning your Instagram feed

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