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5 Best AI Tools for Marketers to Use in 2024

If you’re looking for the best AI tools for marketers, you’ve come to the right place. Here are our top tools to start using today.

Posted 7 months ago

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Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 7 months ago
AI is here and, we believe, here to stay. If you’re not on the AI bandwagon, you could be missing out on some seriously effective ways to market your brand or business in a more streamlined way. Being a marketer means wearing (sometimes) one too many hats and being able to offload some of the work that can be automated by AI can save you lots of time best spent on other items. If you’re looking for the best AI tools for marketers, you’ve come to the right place. Here are our top tools to start using today.

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  1. Why is AI important for marketers?

Why is AI important for marketers?

Marketers rely a lot on data to help shape their social media strategy and AI tech and tools, it makes that data so much easier to sift through, plus you can get even more detailed data by using these tools.
By using AI tools, marketers can get more valuable insight into their customer’s behavior, create better and more engaging content faster, dig more into the details of what makes their customers click, do more informed, personalized approaches to their marketing strategy, and so much more.
Having AI tools in your back pocket as a marketer will help you grow your brand or business online in a more strategic and streamlined way.

How can I use AI marketing tools for my business?

There are a variety of different AI tools you can use to better help your business. Using automated email campaigns, AI content and caption generators, predictive analytics tools, and social media scheduling and monitoring, will help you nail down your social media strategy so much easier.
These tools will help you track your clients so you can make more informed decisions on what kind of marketing you want to do for them. AI tools can help you do tasks that you previously have done manually and will automate everything for you in a more effective way.

5 AI Tools for Marketers

Ready to streamline your workflow and get back hours of your time? Of course, you are! Here are our top AI tools for marketers to help you get started.

Flick’s AI Social Media Marketing Assistant

With Flick’s AI Social Media Marketing Assistant, it’s like having a professional marketer in your back pocket at all times. No more trying to figure out what you want to say online. No more banging your head against the wall as you struggle with writer’s block. With only a keyword and a topic, get endless content and caption ideas in seconds. And the best part? They’ll be on brand each and every time.
Not only that but if you don’t have images for your content, you can have the AI Assistant generate images for you or select a photo from our Stock Image Media Library that goes perfectly with your caption.
The AI Assistant will make content creation, brainstorming, and copywriting that much simpler. All you have to do is connect your social media account to the tool and enter your website or Instagram handle, and Flick’s AI Assistant will start creating content and copy completely and totally based on your brand and audience. How cool is that?

Why should you choose Flick?

  • Various post ideas with a single-word
  • Auto-generated hashtags based on your caption that are the best fit for your content
  • Repurposes long-form content into short bite-sized social media posts
  • Schedule out content from Flick all with a single click
  • AI image generation and 100,000+ free stock images
  • Analyzes all of your social media content and lets you know how you’re doing based on your competition
  • Writes completely in your brand voice
  • And so much more
Pricing: Free trial for 7 days. Plans start at £11/month.


Marketed as “digital marketing made easy,” Semrush is a suite that helps you with all of your content marketing like SEO, analytics, social media marketing, and more. The best tool you’ll want to use from Semrush is its AI marketing tool that helps you with your content marketing.
semrush ai
The tool helps you perform topic searches which will give you details into what exactly is trending online, so you know what blogs you should write, what social media content you should start creating, and more.

Why should you choose Semrush?

  • Helps with on-page SEO
  • Keyword research for your content
  • Competitor analysis against your ranking content
  • Link building and rank tracking
  • And so much more
Pricing: Starting at $129/month


personalize ai
Looking to personalize your offerings to your audience in better ways? Personalize AI does this for you. It uses an AI algorithm to figure out the top three products your unique audience is interested in and updates in real time based on website activity.

Why should you choose Personalize?

  • Helps increase email click rates overall
  • Personalized campaigns based on your exact audience
  • Uses an AI algorithm to figure out the interest of each user on your website
  • Tracks overall metrics from users like how much time is spent on a page, frequency, and more
  • Easy to use
  • And so much more
Pricing: Starting at $69/month

Evolv AI

A/B testing is SO important when you’re a marketer and Evolv AI helps you test out all of your best ideas at once. Using its advanced algorithm, it helps identify the top-performing ideas, combines them with other ideas you have, and keeps repeating the process until you have the most optimized and best website experience for your users!
evolv ai

Why should you choose Evolv AI?

  • You can test multiple ideas in one experiment instead of running multiple tests over an extended amount of time
  • Helps you with full-funnel optimization by testing all of your ideas across multiple pages
  • Figures out what is working best for your content
  • And so much more
Pricing: Varies depending on how many users test each month


Trying to rank higher with your content? Using MarketMuse could be just the thing you need. The tool uses an AI assistant to show you what keywords you should target if you want to rank in certain topics.
marketmuse ai
It also will provide you with different keywords you should start using and ranking on if you want to be the voice of a particular topic or niche. And one of our favorite features? It will highlight any holes or gaps in the market, will find you opportunities for new content, and help you prioritize them based on probable ranking.
The tool will go through and compare your content to other articles that are similar to your topic and help you identify what is missing from your own website.

Why should you choose MarketMuse?

  • Uncovers any gaps in the market that you should be targeting
  • Compares your content to your competition so you can rank higher
  • Finds opportunities for new content creation ideas to help you rank higher on your content
  • A built-in editor helps uncover how in-depth your topic or niche is and how you can improve the content
  • And so much more
Pricing: Free plan that jumps to $149/month
Not ready to take the full leap into a paid plan? We totally get it! Why not try a free AI tool to help you step your toe into the water for a bit? Flick’s AI caption generator is free and will help you with endless content and caption ideas! Try it out today.


Why is AI important for marketers?

How can I use AI marketing tools for my business?

5 AI Tools for Marketers

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