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The Best AI Social Media Tools You Need in 2024

Streamlining your social media content strategy has never been easier with AI. Here are the best AI social media tools you should be using in 2024.

Posted 4 months ago
brainstorm content ai social media caption generator

Written by

Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 4 months ago
When it comes to working in social media, you know that social media management tools are essential to do your job effectively (and not waste hours upon hours working on something that could take the tool … seconds to do). Recently, AI has been the go-to tool for a lot of social media companies, and for good reason. AI can quickly streamline your workflow through tools to help you with reporting, analytics, content writing, and so much more. We’re going to highlight some of our favorite AI tools for social media and why we think you need them.

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  1. Why use an AI social media tool?
    • Time-saving and efficiency
    • Content creation
    • Personalized Engagement

Why use an AI social media tool?

The big burning question for everyone: Why on earth should you use an AI social media tool? There are a variety of reasons why:

Time-saving and efficiency

Who doesn’t love it when they save time on the work they need to do? If you raised your hand, then … I don’t even know what to say.
AI tools can help automate tasks that are more time-consuming when you do them yourself and give you time back to work on other things that are more important to building your brand and biz. Things like: scheduling posts, curating content, and analyzing data can ALL be automated. Yes, it’s true. All those days of spending hours going through social media data and analytics and managing your social media account can now be streamlined by an AI social media tool—meaning you have way more time to spend on actually creating content your audience wants from you and building your relationship with your audience.

Content creation

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for your social media content, AI social media tools can help you there. Not only can it analyze data, identify trends, and provide recommendations for your content, but AI-powered tools can also write your captions, figure out the best hashtags for your content, and identify the best time for you to post so your audience actually sees your post.

Personalized Engagement

AI social media tools can also help you understand your audience and engage with them in a more personalized way. If you’re struggling to figure out your audience, AI tools will help you nail down your audience strategy. Say, for example, your audience really likes a certain video or post, an AI tool will help you figure out the exact format and style that your audience tends to prefer more.

Best AI Social Media Tools


brainstorm content ai social media caption generator
When it comes to the best overall social media tool, Flick is the one you need. With its AI Social Media Marketing Assistant, you can write on-brand, well-crafted, and engaging captions in seconds.
All those days of staring at a blank computer screen are over—all you need is a topic or keyword and the AI assistant will do everything you need done.
  • Caption ideas? Check.
  • Content ideas? Check.
  • Long-form content restructured? Check.
  • Content for every single platform? Check.
  • Repurpose long-form content into bite-size social posts? Check.
The AI Social Media Marketing tool will help you brainstorm, write, and plan everything you need for social media. It will also help you generate original and engaging ideas, craft killer captions, and more—all while being in your own unique brand voice.
Other AI tools included inside Flick are:
  • Scheduling: Post at the best time your audience is online every single time with Flick’s Scheduler.
  • Analytics: Get detailed insight into your social media account and make informed decisions on your account. No more guessing—get all the information you need in one spot.
  • Hashtags: Start reaching more people when you post and get hashtags that are perfect for your content.
Pricing: Free for 7 days and then plans start at ÂŁ11/month


lately ai social media
If you’re looking for an easy way to take your long-form content and turn it into social media posts, Lately is a great option for you. It uses AI to go through your blogs and other long-form content to slice and dice into perfect social media snippets for your content.
Just enter a URL into Lately’s platform and it will generate multiple tweets at once for you to then schedule out of their platform as well. Other features Lately has inside its platform are:
  • Dashboard of a variety of AI social media tools to help you streamline your workflow
  • Schedule social media posts
  • Analyze your social media metrics quickly
Pricing: Plans start at $99/month


predia.ai ai social media tools
For those days when you’re struggling to create content for your social media and have a whole empty content calendar staring at you, Predis.ai is a great tool to have in your toolkit.
With Predis, you give it a quick prompt on the images and content you’re wanting, and it will quickly create copy, images and videos for you in seconds.
The AI tool comes with a basic design on each image to create consistency with your branding and basic copy that can be tweaked underneath. Don’t like either? That’s okay, you can ask the AI to switch it up for you so it’s more your style.
Other features of Predis.ai include:
  • AI meme generator
  • Quick and easy post ideas for all of your content needs
  • Create a uniform look by establishing your brand identity with the tool
  • Dive deep into your competitors’ data with its competitor analysis tool
Pricing: Free plan available for 15 AI-generated posts with the Predis watermark. Other plans start at $25/month


wordstream ai social media tool
Looking to improve your ad performance on your social media ads? Wordstream uses AI tech to help you do just that with machine learning.
Wordstream will go through pay-per-click (PPC) ads on social media and then offer you data-driven recommendations based on the information it collects.
With Wordstream’s AI tech, you can:
  • Improve your ad performance quickly and easily using data-driven tech
  • Analyze the success of your PPC campaigns
  • Access PPC ads across a variety of different platforms
Pricing: Pricing starts at $294/month
Ready to get started with creating the best content for your social media accounts, in seconds? Learn even more about creating AI content and why AI is so important when it comes to marketing here.
Want to get started with creating social media captions for free? We’ve got the tool for you! Click the banner below to get FREE social media captions with our AI caption generator. You’ll get access to endless caption ideas in seconds.


Why use an AI social media tool?

Best AI Social Media Tools

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