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Social Media Monitoring Tools You Need in 2024

Stay on top of your social media presence with these relevant social media monitoring tools to help make your marketing strategy so much easier.

Posted 8 months ago
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Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 8 months ago
Are you listening to your audience? According to Social Media Today, 63% of social media marketers are seeing that social listening will become a necessity for creators and brands over the upcoming year.
This is because consumers are having more conversations online about what they desire from a brand. This is the perfect reason to start listening in with social media monitoring tools. With them, you’ll be able to get crucial insights about your brand from the very people who are using them.
At Flick, we’re dedicated to helping you build a solid hashtag strategy to boost your Instagram content. So we know a thing or two about choosing the right social media monitoring tools to make your marketing strategy much easier. In this guide, we’ll provide our top picks of relevant tools to help you stay on top of your social media presence.

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  1. What is Social Media Monitoring?
    • Monitor relevant industry trends
    • Speed up response times
    • Generate new leads from social media

What is Social Media Monitoring?

Social media monitoring is best described as using tools or software to filter and track social media mentions and conversations related to your brand. This type of monitoring can help businesses connect with customers, measure social media reach, understand social media trends, and provide adequate customer support.
With social media monitoring, businesses don’t only need to focus on themselves. You can identify topics you simply want deeper insights on, including competitor mentions, to help you figure out what your target audience is most interested in.

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Why are Social Media Monitoring Tools Important?

In addition to checking out what makes your competitors so successful, you can also learn about any current trends in your industry from social media. You’ll be able to stay up-to-date and not get left behind.

Speed up response times

One of the best things about media monitoring tools is that they give you the opportunity to assess your mentions in real-time. By having this capability you can speed up your response times to any urgent issues that your brand or your customers are facing.

Generate new leads from social media

Nowadays, people are searching on social media the same way they would on a regular search engine. So, by monitoring your brand keywords, industry buzzwords, and relevant hashtags you can identify and reach out to your potential audience or customers.

Criteria to Consider when Choosing Social Media Monitoring Tools

Easy-to-use interface

There’s no use investing in a social media monitoring tool that is not easy to use. Staying on top of your mentions is difficult enough and you need a tool that makes this experience seamless. Prioritize tools that offer your insights on one dashboard for easy reference.


The tool you choose should be able to fit seamlessly with the platforms you prioritize. It makes the ease of use much more efficient and saves you time transferring data from different software.


There’s nothing wrong with staying in your lane. Don’t go for super expensive tools because you think they’ll give you better features. The best thing to do is find a tool that helps you achieve your goals while staying within your budget. That means you should look for the tools that cover the exact features you need, without padding their platform with a bunch of additions you’ll never use.

Top Social Media Monitoring Tools You Need Today

Key Takeaways

  • Flick: Best for monitoring your Instagram reach through hashtags
  • Brandwatch: Best for in-depth data visuals on your mentions across the web
  • Sprout Social: Best for help with social media monitoring and engagement
  • Brand24: Best to stay on top of your online reputation
  • Zoho Social: Best for a user-friendly social media monitoring experience

#1: Flick

Best for monitoring your post performance to your target audience
flick social media monitoring tool
Flick is an all-in-one Instagram management tool and multi-scheduler platform trusted by over 25,000 creators, brands, and marketers to grow their accounts. The platform relies on giving you insights into relevant hashtags in your industry and tracking your reach.
  • Flick’s Instagram Hashtag tool helps you find relevant hashtags tailored to your account, allowing you to improve your reach organically. There’s also a Banned Hashtag Checker to help keep you updated on flagged hashtags based on recent content activity that’s relevant to your niche.
  • You can benefit from a multi-platform scheduling tool to schedule your Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok content at the best times. This saves you time and you can prioritize more engaging captions.
  • Flick offers a robust Instagram analytics tool that provides insights you can’t access directly through Instagram, such as which of your content results in the most conversions. They take it a step further by offering an Open Benchmarks feature to help you see how your analytics compare to similar accounts.
Flick’s pricing is divided into four tiers: Solo, Growth, Pro, and Agency. The plan you choose depends on how many accounts you want to monitor. It’s a great option if you want to start monitoring your social media engagement because the prices are pretty competitive, starting from £7/ month (yearly contract) and going up to £40/month.
flick pricing plan
  • You can identify which content is resonating best with your audience as Flick’s analytics can compare your account with other similar accounts
  • Visually review your posts according to the hashtags they’ve each ranked on
  • Schedule your Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok posts from one platform
  • Your data is stored indefinitely so you can compare monthly and yearly reports to inform your future marketing strategies
  • All plans have a 7-day free trial
  • Slightly limiting if you want to monitor other social media channels, like Facebook

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#2: Brandwatch

Best for in-depth data visuals on your mentions across the web.
brandwatch social monitoring tools
Brandwatch is a cloud-based social media monitoring tool tailored to small, medium, and large businesses. The platform helps you keep up with the shifting needs of your audience on social media and across the web.
  • Brandwatch’s Analytics tool scans the web for any mentions, reviews, and articles about your chosen topics. It’ll separate your insights into specific categories (such as complaints, positive feedback, personal opinions, etc.) and offer an analysis you can also choose to receive via email.
  • Brandwatch’s Vizia tool offers in-depth data visualization to display your social insights. Here, you can customize your visuals from different data sources and share live reports with your team.
  • The platform’s audience module allows you to find and create an outline for your target audience based on their location, interests, professions, basic demographics, and social interactions.
To get Brandwatch’s full product suite, you’ll need to book a consultation. They have one pricing plan for small businesses (1-2 users) that’s billed at $108/month. This plan includes a 14-day free trial.
pricing for brandwatch
  • The software effectively gathers the sentiment, context, and quantity of incoming mentions
  • Fully customizable, with over 50 live visualizations to help you analyze your data
  • Offers integrations with Twitter, Facebook, Hootsuite, Percolate, Spredfast, Conversocial, and Converseon
  • Track and export your data into different formats
  • User-friendly
  • Limited number of mentions available for the cheaper subscriptions

#3: Sprout Social

Best for help with social media monitoring and engagement
sprout social social monitoring tools
Sprout Social is an all-in-one social media management platform that helps creators, brands, and businesses leverage the full potential of social media.
  • The platform helps you analyze audience responses to your content or campaigns and provides actionable strategies accordingly. Its Smart Inbox gives you all your social media mentions and messages in one location.
  • The Discovery feature helps you search for specific keywords on Instagram or Twitter. This is helpful when someone mentions your brand on social media without tagging your profile.
  • You can speed up your strategic decision-making through Sprout Social’s live social media analytics. Agents are even available on the platform if you need more in-depth advice.
Sprout Social’s pricing is divided into four tiers; Standard ($249/month), Professional ($399/month), Advanced ($499), and Enterprise (price upon request). There are additional premium features that can be added to any plan, and all plans have a 30-day free trial.
sprout social pricing
  • Supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+
  • You get assistance with social media monitoring and social engagement
  • Agents available to give you more in-depth, actionable strategies
  • The reporting feature is a major time-saver for users
  • Notable customer service
  • The mobile app can be difficult to use

#4: Brand24

Best to stay on top of your online reputation
brand 24 social monitoring tools
Brand24 is an online reputation management system that helps brands of all sizes monitor manage and protect their reputation online.
  • You get an advanced sentiment detection kit to categorize online reviews as positive, negative, or unbiased.
  • The program provides you with instant alerts for any negative comments, including the source, so that you can connect with and reply to that person immediately if you need to.
  • Besides tracking your mentions, the program analyzes your social media reach, sentiment, and interactions. This helps you get an in-depth analysis on your online performance.
Brand24’s pricing is divided into 4 tiers; Individual ($49/month), Team ($129/month), Pro ($178/month), and Enterprise ($348/month). You’ll also get a 14-day free trial.
brand24 pricing
  • You can track your online reviews on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, news sites, online message boards, blogs, and reviewing apps
  • Instant alerts so you can amend any negative reviews
  • The program offers a demo version so you can test if the features are right for your needs
  • Very user-friendly
  • Good customer support
  • Expensive option for small businesses

#5: Zoho Social

Best for a user-friendly social media monitoring experience
zoho social monitoring tools
Zoho Social is a cloud-based social media management software that helps users monitor multiple social media channels simultaneously.
  • The program helps you collect social media performance analytics and gives you actionable insights to make informed decisions on your marketing strategy.
  • Zoho Social is best known for its user-friendly interface. You’ll be able to set up your monitoring streams easily in the Monitor section. As the streams are fully customizable, you can add different columns for specific categories, such as Twitter interactions or mentions from influencers.
  • Zoho Social integrates seamlessly with its Customer Relationship Management system. So, it’s even more beneficial if you’re already using Zoho’s CRM. You can simply “Add to CRM” any useful insights from your monitoring dashboard to help you streamline your processes.
Zoho Social’s pricing is divided into three tiers for businesses; Standard ($10/month), Professional ($25/month), and Premium ($37.50). It also has two tiers for agencies; Agency ($200/month) and Agency Plus ($300/month). You’ll also get a 15-day free trial.
zoho pricing
  • The program is also available in a SaaS version and works on all devices
  • Monitors all social media platforms
  • Has a high level of reporting value for a tool that’s so affordable
  • Pricing is favorable to small businesses
  • Not that many extensive features for large businesses

Level Up Your Social Media Monitoring in 2023

All in all, online communication is increasing, and to stay ahead of the curve and elevate your brand reputation, you’re going to have to listen! Fortunately, social media monitoring tools are not scarce, and we hope our guide can help you make the right choice for your business.
The social media monitoring tool you choose will be personal to your brand and your goals. And if you’re focusing on increasing your social media presence on Instagram, then you can choose no better tool than Flick! Feel free to learn more about how our Hashtag Tool can help you. Plus, if you’re still not convinced, why not try us out for free and see how we can help manage your social media strategies on Instagram.

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What is Social Media Monitoring?

Why are Social Media Monitoring Tools Important?

Criteria to Consider when Choosing Social Media Monitoring Tools

Top Social Media Monitoring Tools You Need Today

Level Up Your Social Media Monitoring in 2023

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