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What’s New at Flick: Multi-Scheduling, TikTok and More!

From our new teams feature to multi-scheduling in our mobile app, here’s everything that’s new at Flick!

Posted 1 year ago
multi-scheduler on mobile

Written by

Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 1 year ago
Over the past year, we have been working hard at Flick to bring you everything you’d ever want and need to put together your social media strategy easily and effectively—all while saving you time! From transitioning to a hashtag-only platform to a multi-scheduler, analytics, and hashtag platform, here’s everything new from Flick from the past year and what we’ve got coming!


If you haven’t noticed all the new look around here, let us re-introduce you to ourselves: We’re officially flick.social.
Hi, hello.
While we still love hashtags and think they are important for your social media strategy, we have worked hard on incorporating more things into our platform to make social media creation easier, quicker, and more efficient for you.
Take a peek around and you can thank us later.
multi-scheduler on mobile


One of the major changes we have released this past year is our multi-scheduler. Our scheduler helps you with your workflow by keeping all of the social media tools you need in one platform. No more spending money on various tools to get your job done, all of your favorite tools (hashtags, analytics, reports, image and video editing, and more) are now all in Flick!
On the Flick Scheduler, you have the ability to:
  • Create drafts with or without a time assigned to them
  • Integrate your hashtag collections which will give you a seamless workflow instead of going back and forth trying to copy over your hashtags.
  • Store media within our platform
  • Each brand has its own separate media library, which avoids issues like tagging content for a particular account when managing multiple accounts.
  • Tag different images with custom labels for further workflow optimizations
  • Preview your feed and seamlessly drag and drop
  • Reels integration in the feed preview (coming soon!)
  • Drag and drop monthly and weekly calendar
  • See your best times to post for each and every day
  • Schedule from your mobile app (!!)


With our Flick scheduler, you can schedule out all of your Instagram content to save you time, write better and more engaging captions, discover the best hashtags, and so much more.
With our Instagram scheduler, you can schedule (automatically or manually):
  • Static Posts
  • Carousel Posts
  • Reels
You can also:
  • Preview all of your content and how it will look in your feed with our Feed Preview
  • Scroll through your stored hashtags to find the best ones for your content
  • Schedule out a first comment
  • Crop your images
  • Tag your location and users
  • Add personalized covers for your Reels


You can now link your Facebook page to Flick and start scheduling your content in our multi-scheduler. Similar to Instagram, you can:
  • Schedule out your Facebook content
  • Scroll through your stored hashtags to find the best for your content
  • Tag your location
  • Draft your content and save it for later
tiktok scheduling


Yes, you can finally schedule your TikTok videos from your Flick account! Save time and remain consistent so you can focus on growing your TikTok account by scheduling your content in advance.
With the TikTok scheduler, you can:
  • Edit and crop your videos
  • Schedule out a first comment
  • Add personalized thumbnails to your videos
  • Scroll through your stored hashtags to find the best for your content
multiple social channels

Social Groups

With our multi-scheduler platform, you can now link your various social media platforms into their own separate social groups.
Each of your Flick Social Groups will house your brand’s social media platforms in one place. So if you’re a social media agency with a handful of clients, each client can get their very own group that you can quickly flip between. No more wondering if you accidentally scheduled your content to the wrong account—whoops, we’ve done that a few times!—as each group is separate from one another.
Once you log in to your Flick account, all of your social groups will be on the left-hand side of the screen. You can toggle between each of the groups depending on which accounts you want to work on. In each group, you can check your analytics, research hashtags, and schedule your content in advance.
flick teams feature

Teams Feature

With Teams, you’ll be able to invite different members to your workspaces and control what they can and cannot access.
As an owner of your workspace, you can now invite ‘members’ into your Flick account without the need to share passwords; limit what members can access, including billing and access to different social accounts, and you’ll also be able to remove invited users as required.
Currently, we offer two roles within the team:
Owner: It’s a workspace owner, the person who has created the workspace and is responsible for the subscription plan.
Member: A member is a person who has been invited to the workspace to collaborate.
Members of the team can enjoy all the Flick products in the same way as the Owner of the workspace, however, there are permissions limitations attached to the member role. Find below the actions that members are not allowed:
  • Access and manage subscriptions and invoices
  • Invite other members to the workspace
  • Remove members from the workspace
  • Edit workspace name
  • Inviting users into your Workspace
  • Easily invite team members to your workspace to start collaborating and managing your connected accounts. You can send invitations to new users and those who already have a Flick account.
You can invite team members from the teams and users area of your settings.
Anything you’d love to see in Flick that hasn’t been released yet? Let us know what features you would like added to the platform! We’re always looking for the best ways to improve and make your experience with Flick the best one ever.




Social Groups

Teams Feature

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