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How to Manage Your Instagram Account (and Maximize Organic Growth!)

We walk you through how to effectively manage your Instagram account in order to save time posting, and spend more time growing.

Posted last year
how to manage multiple instagram accounts

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Julia Cohen
Posted last year
Staying on top of your Instagram account – especially when you are trying to grow your platform – can be understandably tough. It’s likely that you have to balance putting the effort, consideration, and time into your Instagram in order to help it grow, with other responsibilities, whether it be your job or personal life. Striking this balance is tricky, because whilst it might look easy sometimes – producing, editing, conceptualizing, and strategizing your content all takes time, and it’s important you manage your Instagram account in the most successful way for you, in order to see sustained success.
In today’s article, we’re going to walk you through how to manage your Instagram account effectively, which will in turn help you maximize your organic growth.

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  1. Schedule your posts 📲
    • How to schedule from Meta Business Suite
    • How to schedule from Flick

Schedule your posts 📲

One of the myths we frequently see floating around in the Instagram community is that schedulers can impact your organic growth because they are treated by Instagram in the same way that bots are. But let’s debunk this here and now. If you use a scheduling tool that has access to Instagram’s API (and API monitoring to ensure proper functionality), you won’t run into any problems, because yes, you can schedule (from a tool like Flick!).
There are a few ways you can schedule out your content, one is from Meta’s own Business Suite, which actually allows you to schedule to both Instagram and Facebook in one place.

How to schedule from Meta Business Suite

If you’re wanting to schedule a post from Meta, you’ll need to have a Business or Creator account, and a Facebook page that is linked to the account.
  1. Click on the page, then select “Content” from the lefthand column.
  2. From here, you will be able to see all the content you’ve already scheduled or posted, and be able to create more content.
  3. Click the “Create” button at the top right corner and select what type of post you want to create from the drop-down.
  4. You can upload a photo or video, add your caption & location, tags and schedule for your selected date and time.
FYI: Facebook’s native scheduler doesn’t offer the best times to post, or suggested hashtags, so you’d still need to do this manually.

How to schedule from Flick

Firstly, make sure your Instagram account is connected to Flick. Once that is done, all you have to do is:
  • Go to your Flick account and click “scheduling” on the side
  • Upload your content to Flick’s Media Library
  • Write out your caption, add hashtags, location, and more
  • Edit the content if you need to (like cropping!)
  • Select the date and time to schedule your Reel

Instagram scheduler

Start scheduling with Flick!

Managing your content from one place is helpful because as you create, you can directly upload it to your Scheduler. That way, you have content to pick from as you schedule posts for the week, and you won’t have to worry about forgetting or sharing things last minute.
In part, successful Instagram content is highly driven by spontaneity, so don’t let your schedule restrict you. If you have a good idea for a Reel, create it and post it – just use your schedule as a guideline so that you don’t run out of things to post.

Set aside time to strategize 📊

There are a lot of moving cogs when it comes to what determines the success of an Instagram account. Having a solid strategy based on the time or frequency you post, the type of content you post, and the hashtags you use are all proven ways of helping accelerate your organic growth. However, if you do everything at the last minute, you might be missing out on the benefits of a thought-through, analytics-based strategy.
But the thing is, building an effective strategy can take a lot of time and energy when you could be spending it working on other things for your business. Using a tool like Flick’s AI Social Media Marketing Assistant can save you so much time.
Instead of taking hours coming up with new post ideas or trying to craft the perfect captions, Flick’s AI Assistant will generate fresh ideas in seconds with a few simple keywords and topic ideas from you.
Plus, once the captions are created and written in your brand voice, you can generate the perfect hashtags for your content and caption with a simple click of a button.
Want to give the caption generator a try for FREE? We’ve got you. Click here to start generating on-brand and engaging captions for your content in seconds.

Cultivate your community 👋

If COVID has taught us anything, it’s that the brands and influencers that win out in times of crisis are those that have a genuine, dedicated community. The secret to a successful Instagram account (in terms of both followers and engagement) is a well-developed community. But, how do you develop a community on Instagram? You can’t just create an account and expect a community to appear – you have to directly speak to your followers, listen to them, and cultivate the right atmosphere.
One of the easiest ways to foster your community on Instagram is by replying to every comment, DM, and interaction. Not only does it help up your engagement, but it also shows your followers that you are listening and that you care about their opinions and what they have to say.
Another way that you can build your community on Instagram, is by asking questions and encouraging interactions. You can do this by posing relevant questions to your niche on your stories, or reaching out to your followers directly in a caption. Start a conversation, and it’s likely that your interested followers will jump in. Each and every member of your community follow you for a reason, so ask yourself what that reason is, and frame your conversation-starters around that!
Download an app like Combox.app to help you manage, reply to, and save responses for your comments across all of your Instagram accounts!
comment manager instagram

Understand what works 🕵️‍♂️

Don’t just post content blindly. Some people get caught up in posting as much content as possible, but it is both important and extremely useful to reflect on what you have already posted. As we mentioned before, an all-encompassing strategy is at the core of successful organic growth, and this goes for the posts you might have even published weeks or months ago. Take some time to monitor exactly which posts are resonating with your followers the most. Unpick any trends you see and build a better picture of the type of content you should continue to create, and the type of content that might not work as well. Compare your hashtag performance, the time you posted, and the way you publicized your posts to see if a spike or dip in engagement is due to external factors, or if it is just because people liked or disliked your content.
This is one of the ways you can optimize and manage your Instagram account in order to ensure you give your profile every chance of achieving organic growth.
We hope you enjoyed this article on our tips and tricks on how to manage your Instagram account effectively. If you’d like to get started with creating the best content for your posts, click the banner below!


Schedule your posts 📲

Set aside time to strategize 📊

Cultivate your community 👋

Understand what works 🕵️‍♂️

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