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Instagram Collabs: Everything You Need to Know

Everything you need to know about Instagram’s newest feature, Instagram Collabs, and how to utilize for your Instagram marketing strategy.

Posted 2 years ago

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Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 2 years ago
If you’ve been on Instagram recently (and if not, how do you fill you day?), you will probably have noticed that there are posts where two accounts are listed on a post instead of one account. This new exciting feature is called Instagram Collabs. Instagram Collabs allows users to co-author their Instagram posts and Reels which will help businesses, brands, and creators to reach new audiences. Curious how it works? Of course, you are! Here’s everything we know about Instagram Collabs and how to make it work for your account.

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What are Instagram Collabs?

Instagram Collabs lets you invite someone (or someone to invite you!) to collaborate on a post or Reel so they can share the content with their followers. What does this mean?
Basically, you can collaborate with a fellow Instagram user and the post will show up on both of your profiles! Mind = blown. 🤯
With this new feature, it will allow you to share views, likes, and comments which means getting engagement and reach from both your followers and their followers!
Since the launch, more and more influencers and brands have collaborated with one another to help reach new and engaged online communities.
Note: Paid partnerships still need to be disclosed and you can’t use Collabs as a way of saying you’re partnering with a brand.
how to use instagram collabs

How to Use Instagram’s Collabs feature

At the moment, Instagram is still rolling out the Collabs feature so don’t be upset just yet if you don’t have access to the feature! Once you have access, however, you’ll be able to send and receive requests to collaborate on posts!

How to send a Collabs request

Upload your post or Reel and before you click upload, tap “Tag People.” You’ll notice that there is an option to “Invite Collaborator,” where you can search and choose the Instagram user you want to collaborate with.
Once you’ve selected the user you want to collaborate with, share the post and a request will be sent to the user. The post will not appear until they’ve accepted your request.

How to accept a Collabs request

If someone has requested to collaborate on a post with you, check your DMs! In there, you should have a request to collaborate and all you have to do is hit “Accept.”
Yes, it’s truly that easy.
Now that you know how to collaborate with other Instagram users, it’s time to learn how to make sure you’re producing the very best content when collaborating. Scroll through our blog posts and learn how to do incredible DIY Instagram photoshoots and learn how to work with brands for future collaborations on IG.

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What are Instagram Collabs?

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