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How to Find and Use Trending CapCut Templates for TikTok

Unsure how to find, use, and create CapCut templates? Good thing for you, we’ve put together a guide to help you every step of the way.

Posted 5 months ago
capcut how to create

Written by

Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 5 months ago
We know you’ve seen them as you’ve done your daily scroll of TikTok—the CapCut template. Remember all of those videos of Nic Cage and Pedro Pascal in a car? Or Pedro Pascal eating a sandwich (yes, okay, I love Pedro Pascal!)? All of those videos are created from the many CapCut templates out there and today, we’re going to share exactly how to find, create, and use those templates for your next TikTok video.

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  1. What is CapCut?
    • Planning and Preparation
    • Creating the Template in CapCut
    • Sharing your template

What is CapCut?

If you’ve been living under a rock (and quite understandably!), CapCut is a free video editing tool by ByteDance (aka the company that owns TikTok). The editing tool can be used both via its mobile app and through the desktop version.
capcut interface

Why do people use CapCut?

There are a few reasons—but the main thing is that using CapCut can make it super easy to make TikToks quickly. The biggest features on CapCut are:
  • Basic editing tools: You can quickly and easily trim, split, merge, and rearrange clips.
  • Effects and filters: There are a variety of visual effects, transitions, and filters you can add to your video using CapCut.
  • Speed adjustments: Want to change the speed of your video? You can create slow-motion, fast-motion, and time-lapse effects.
  • Text and stickers: You can add text overlays, stickers, and more to your videos to make them more engaging.
  • Music and sound: Add music, sound effects, and voiceover narration to your videos quickly.
“But Mackenzie, can’t you get these features inside TikTok or Instagram already?”
Yes, you can, but CapCut has multiple templates that creators can make and users can use to make video creations in seconds. Many people use the tool as it integrates with TikTok so easily and is perfect for those who might not be the greatest video editor in the world (hi, it’s me).

What are CapCut templates?

CapCut templates are pre-made video templates made by creators to help create engaging and trendy content that much easier.
CapCut templates are a drag-and-drop feature where you can add your own media content inside the pre-made template. The template usually has video transitions, cool effects, clips, animations, and text already in place for you. All you have to do is select what items you want inside the template.

How do CapCut templates work?

It’s super easy! All you have to do is head to CapCut (again, either on the free app or desktop website!).
  • Find a template: You can browse the template library in CapCut either by category, keyword or popular trend.
  • Select and replace: Whenever you find a template you like, scroll through your media library on your phone or computer and choose the photos or videos you want to upload.
  • Customize: Not completely happy with the video? That’s okay—you can adjust it to your liking by choosing different timing, adding your own text, and playing around with the overall effects and music.
  • Export and share: Happy with what you created? Great! Once you’re completely happy, all you have to do is export and share it to whatever platform you want.
💡 FYI:Unless you’re sharing directly to TikTok or you pay for the app, your CapCut template will be saved with a watermark.
capcut how to create

How to upload CapCut templates to TikTok

Okay, so you’re finally ready to show off that magical creation you’ve put together on CapCut over to TikTok? Easy.
  • Click “Export” in the top right corner of your completed video
  • Select “Save and share to TikTok” if you want to share it without the CapCut watermark
  • Click “Add Sound” at the top of the screen once TikTok opens and your video is uploaded to the app
  • From here, you can search for trending audio or another song you want to have included in your video
  • Write out your caption, add your hashtags, location, and any tags you think are relevant
  • Click “Post” and that’s it. You’ve uploaded your CapCut template to TikTok!
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How to make CapCut templates?

Creating your own CapCut templates can be a fun and rewarding way to share your editing skills and style with others. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Planning and Preparation

  • Concept: Choose a theme, trend, or specific purpose for your template. Will it be funny, informative, aesthetic, or something else?
  • Structure: Decide on the overall structure of your template. How many clips will it have? What transitions will you use? Sketch out a storyboard or timeline to visualize the flow.
  • Media: Gather your resources. This could include your own photos and videos, royalty-free stock footage, sound effects, and music. Ensure you have the right to use everything you include.
  • Effects and text: Plan which effects, overlays, and text overlays you want to incorporate. Consider how they contribute to your overall theme and message.

Creating the Template in CapCut

  • Start a new project: Open CapCut and create a new project.
  • Add your media: Import your photos, videos, sound effects, and music to the project library.
  • Build the structure: Arrange your media according to your planned timeline. Add transitions, effects, and text overlays where applicable.
  • Adjust details: Fine-tune the timing, adjust effect parameters, and refine your text placements.
  • Preview and polish: Watch your entire template to ensure it flows smoothly and achieves your desired aesthetic. Make final adjustments as needed.

Sharing your template

  • Export: Choose a suitable resolution and export your template as a video.
  • Template platform: Decide where you want to share your template. Some options include:
    • Upload directly to CapCut: You can submit your template for review and potentially get it featured in the official “Templates” library.
    • Social media: Share your template video on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube, using relevant hashtags like #CapCutTemplate and #FreeCapCutTemplate.
    • Dedicate website/blog: If you create templates regularly, consider creating a dedicated website or blog to showcase them.

What are the downsides of using CapCut templates?

While there aren’t a ton of downsides, there are a few that you should think about before you use a CapCut template!
Some templates might not be royalty-free. Eek! Be sure to check that any template you use doesn’t have any copyright issues before using.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but sometimes hopping on a trend isn’t the thing you should be doing, especially if the trend is oversaturated. Your audience could be bored of it and not want to engage at all.
You’re now ready to create and use CapCut templates all by yourself! Be sure to tag us in any that you create so we can use them too (we’re always looking for new ones!). And, don’t forget to start a 7-day free trial with Flick to schedule your TikTok content today!


What is CapCut?

Why do people use CapCut?

What are CapCut templates?

How do CapCut templates work?

How to upload CapCut templates to TikTok

How to make CapCut templates?

What are the downsides of using CapCut templates?

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