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30 Best Brands on TikTok to Follow for Inspiration

Looking for creative inspiration on TikTok for your brand? Here are 30 of the best brands on TikTok that are absolutely killing it.

Posted last year
best tiktok brands to follow

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Alex Rosone
Posted last year
Brands across the board are turning to TikTok to reach new audiences, expand their following, engage with consumers, and grow their social media platforms. From corporate businesses to independent shops to creative industries to athletics, more and more brands are making a name for themselves on this popular app, and it is paying off in a big way.
With one billion active (and we mean active) monthly users, using TikTok is a great way to grow your brand. This platform allows you to engage with your followers in unique, creative ways, which will promote loyalty and drive digital traffic to your brand.
TikTok also boasts an impressive collection of filters and effects, so you can be sure you’ll be able to create content that matches your brand’s aesthetic and remains consistent across all social media platforms.
Whether you plan to use TikTok for marketing, posting fun trends, engaging with your followers, running social media campaigns, or highlighting your brand’s products, the app is bound to grow your brand and increase online engagement.
If you’re looking for a little inspiration before you get started on your TikTok journey, take a look at these 30 brands who are killing it on TikTok right now and see what strategies might work for you.

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  1. 30 brands to follow on TikTok

30 brands to follow on TikTok

Duolingo (@duolingo)

Duolingo is a popular language-learning app, providing users with exercises in written translation and both reading and speaking comprehension in a wide variety of languages.
Duolingo’s TikTok is a masterclass in joining fun trends and publishing creative content. And not only do they post their own funny, trendy content, but they frequently engage with other brands by commenting on their videos, which works to promote Duolingo and drive traffic to its profile.

Vessi (@vessi)

Vessi is a Canadian-based footwear brand, offering a variety of waterproof sneakers perfect for anyone who spends time outdoors.
They are quickly gaining traction on TikTok by using the duet feature to engage with followers and conduct product giveaways. If their followers duet the brand with videos of themselves using Vessi shoes, they have a chance to win a free pair. This attracts a new audience and keeps the existing audience loyal, both of which greatly benefit the brand.
@ryanair Queen, if hot girl summer can’t heal you, what will?!! 😩 #ryanair #airline #fyp ♬ original sound – Aaron 😩

Ryanair (@ryanair)

Ryanair is a popular budget airline, headquartered in Dublin and offering inexpensive flights all over Europe.
This brand relies heavily on humor in its TikTok presence, and it pays off. They often use a filter to superimpose human facial features onto their planes, and from there they create meme-style content that engages followers and adds levity to their brand. They also make expert use of trending audio, popularizing their videos while also promoting themselves as a budget-friendly European airline.
@spikeballone day i hope to have enough friends to play 3v3 spike♬ original sound – darcy 🦦

Spikeball (@spikeball)

Spikeball is a popular beach/backyard game, described as the baby of foursquare and volleyball. There’s little else to say about the game other than that it’s an absolute blast, and if you haven’t gotten on board yet you should definitely try it out.
Their TikTok has become a huge success, due in large part to their trending content and thorough knowledge of their audience. They are quick to capitalize on trends, and they are known for creating platform-specific content that simultaneously engages a specific audience and attracts new followers.
@marvel One year of Marvel Studios’ #Loki = Glorious. Fulfill your glorious purpose and watch Loki’s best #MCU moments, now streaming on @Disney+. #Marvel ♬ original sound – Marvel Entertainment

Marvel (@marvel)

Marvel is an American media franchise centered around superheroes and characters initially published in the Marvel Comics. The cinematic universe has taken the world by storm, and their TikTok was quick to follow.
Marvel’s TikTok shares a variety of videos, ranging from behind-the-scenes footage to sneak peeks to trailers to interviews. This content spans the MCU, engaging all kinds of fans and followers. Their videos often focus on highlighting talent involved with the franchise, which increases engagement of all types on the platform.

San Diego Zoo (@sandiegozoo)

The San Diego Zoo is one of the most popular in the country, attracting millions of visitors each year. They are focused on conservation and wildlife health, providing guests with an enriching, educational experience during their visit.
On TikTok, the zoo uses a simple approach of highlighting the unique lives of their various animals. They share behind-the-scenes footage with followers, introducing them to staff and offering a glimpse into the secrets of the animals and the operations of the zoo itself.

Zara (@zara)

Zara is a fast-fashion apparel retailer, offering a variety of stylish clothing, accessories, shoes, and beauty supplies. The brand has stores in 88 countries, making it a popular brand all over the world.
Zara’s TikTok seems to get more creative every day, engaging followers with reality-bending videos that are as much of an unusual visual experience as they are a marketing tool. They use fantasy elements to catch the eyes of their audience, pulling inspiration from high-end brands and promoting themselves on a similar plane.
@fowlervillelibrary EPISODE 31! Comment your guesses & we’ll post the reveal tomorrow & pin it in the comments! #librarytiktok #library #booktok #onestarreviewguesswho ♬ Classical Music – Classical Music

Fowlerville Library (@fowlervillelibrary)

The Fowlerville Library is a public library in Fowlerville, Michigan. While a library might not seem like a brand that would be killing it on TikTok, this one defies the odds.
They gained quite a following and a significant amount of regular engagement on their TikTok profile by running a segment called “One-Star Review,” in which followers try to guess the book for which they’re reading said one-star reviews. It might seem like a simple tactic to increase engagement, but when you really know your audience, sometimes simple is best.
@gymshark PPPPRRUUUUVE her wrong #gym #gymtok #Gymshark @Joseph N. Smith ♬ original sound – Joseph N. Smith

Gymshark (@gymshark)

Gymshark is an England-based fitness apparel and accessories brand that has become increasingly popular over the years among serious athletes and athleisure-lovers alike.
Their TikTok success comes from their dedication to their mission and their motivational content. Their videos encourage followers to stay active and lead healthy lifestyles. The videos often consist of fitness videos, yoga tutorials, influencer-based content, and workout challenges and encourage followers to post similar videos of their own. They often use humor to promote their brand as well, which appeals to anyone who has embarked on any kind of fitness journey and laughed their way through it.

Scrub Daddy (@scrubdaddy)

Scrub Daddy, home of “America’s Favorite Sponge,” is a brand of non-toxic, scratch-free, odor-resistant cleaning products. What more could you ask for?
Scrub Daddy’s TikTok is full of funny videos, and it’s their shock value that engages consumers and attracts a new audience. Their videos feature a larger version of their signature yellow smiley-face sponge going on adventures as well as content that mocks others for using cleaning products of a different brand. Their cheesy infomercial-style vids are also a hit, and they are quickly becoming known for their humor on the app.

E.L.F. Cosmetics (@elfcosmetics)

E.L.F Cosmetics is a California-based cosmetics brand that provides affordable mineral-based makeup, skincare products, bath products, and professional-style beauty tools to customers all over the country.
E.L.F.’s TikTok made history when they commissioned a song specifically for their TikTok videos, which they rolled out with the help of influencers across the board. Followers have since been using the #eyeslipsface hashtag to engage with the brand and promote their products, which has been a win-win.

Nando’s (@nandosuk)

Nando’s is a South African fast-casual chain restaurant specializing in peri-peri chicken products. With locations in over 30 countries, Nando’s has become a popular option for those in search of a quick, delicious bite.
Like many other brands on TikTok, Nando’s is using humor to reach its audience. They also use the duet feature to encourage followers to engage with their content, which often features food hacks, teasing posts about sneaky customers, and other funny content regarding the brand’s venues and products.

Prada (@prada)

The luxury Italian fashion house Prada boasts a variety of handbags, leather products, travel accessories, shoes, fragrances, clothing, jewelry, and other fashion accessories.
Prada captures its audience on TikTok with a combination of colors, textures, and audio to create unique, artistic content. Their videos highlight one or two pieces at a time, showcasing texture, detail, and any other dynamic qualities that make their products so high-end. By playing with angles and videography, they are able to catch the eyes of both new and old customers on the app.
@britishredcross The #covid19 pandemic has left many of us struggling to manage our emotions. Remember, your feelings are valid. #mentalhealthawareness ♬ original sound – British Red Cross

British Red Cross (@britishredcross)

The British Red Cross is a worldwide humanitarian network based in the United Kingdom. With more than 17,200 volunteers, this charity organization is making a significant international impact.
The British Red Cross has gained popularity on TikTok by posting short informational videos that provide viewers with educational resources, fundraising ideas, and advice on humanitarian crises. The short length of the videos makes them more appealing and more accessible to a wider audience, rendering their TikTok a popular platform for guidance on mental and physical health.
@levisPeople in 40 yrs watching vintage TikTok ads: 👁👄👁♬ original sound – Levi’s

Levi’s (@levis)

Levi’s is an American clothing brand that specializes in all things denim. For more than 150 years this brand has been producing durable, sustainable jeans, as well as a variety of other clothing items and accessories.
Levi has taken to TikTok to promote said durability and sustainability, having recently launched a “Buy Better, Wear Longer” campaign. Their videos share helpful hints and tutorials on how to care for their products, remove specific stains, and upcycle old denim. These videos not only engage their followers and attract new ones, but also strengthen the credibility and ethos of the brand.
@bmwusa The #BMWiX becomes @Doja Cat‘s spaceship to Coachella ⚡️ Get into it, Yuh 🧚#RoadToCoachella #dojacat #BMW #fyp #carsoftiktok ♬ original sound – BMW USA

BMW (@bmwusa)

BMW is a Munich-based manufacturer of luxury cars and motorcycles. While luxury vehicles might not be popular with a young audience, BMW has taken to TikTok to change that.
Since having joined the app, BMW has been engaging a younger audience by posting behind-the-scenes videos of demonstrations and the creation of marketing materials. They even include popular influencers to target a new audience, which helps them grow their brand. Their behind-the-scenes marketing videos might also inspire others to get creative and improve their own campaigns.

Glossier (@glossier)

Glossier is a popular brand of skincare, makeup, fragrance, and body care products. The brand aims to provide quality, affordable products that are carefully curated in both appearance and function.
Glossier is another brand that has chosen to feature behind-the-scenes content in its TikTok videos. In addition to highlighting products and providing tutorials, their videos also offer tours of headquarters, glimpses into new retail locations, and sneak peeks of new product design. This insider insight works to engage loyal customers and pique the interest of new ones all over the app.
@ototo_design When you ask mom for a vacation but mom says we already have vacation at home 😒😡 #ototo #cooktok #MINDORDERING #familyguy #founditonamazon ♬ original sound – Ben Sornyota

OTOTO Design (@ototo_design)

OTOTO Design is a Tel Aviv-based brand of household items designed with equal parts whimsy and functionality. Their designs are meant to make customers’ lives easier inside the house, while also adding a bit of levity to chores and other household tasks.
OTOTO Design has taken full advantage of TikTok sounds, aligning demonstrations of their products with trending TikTok audio samples. By including these sounds, they have attracted a wider audience and increased digital engagement overall. This has only worked to boost their sales, so there is definitely something to be said for TikTok’s audio features.
@chipotleAre we all living the same lives?♬ BARELY BREATHING – Grant Averill

Chipotle (@chipotle)

Chipotle is an American fast-casual food chain specializing in tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and other Mexican-style food items. All meals are fully customizable and made to order in front of the customer.
Chipotle owes a great deal of its TikTok success to partnerships with other popular creators. By including influencers and TikTok celebs in their videos, they expand their reach by a mile. These kinds of partnerships may require a larger budget, but they are extremely beneficial in terms of broadening customer outreach and generating digital traffic.
@teenvogue Interesting reaction @missionaryjack 💀 Read #JackHarlow’s June cover story with Teen Vogue at the #linkinbio ✈️💫 #celebrityparents ♬ original sound – TeenVogue

Teen Vogue (@teenvogue)

Teen Vogue is an American publication (formerly in print but now fully online) targeted toward teenagers interested in all things fashion, beauty, and pop culture. It is the younger sister of Vogue, serving the same sort of content to a younger audience.
Teen Vogue’s TikTok serves as an extension of their other digital content, which contributes to the consistency and reliability of the brand. This also drives traffic to their page, as viewers who are interested in their other social media platforms turn to their TikTok for teasers, behind-the-scenes videos, styling tips, and more.
@crocs Get in bestie, we’re going Crocin! #Croctok #crocs #dance @Sheela Awe ♬ original sound – Crocs

Crocs (@crocs)

Crocs is a Colorado-based company made famous for its rubber clogs. They’ve since produced other styles of shoes, all of which are marketed toward anyone looking for comfortable, sensible footwear.
Crocs have fully embraced Gen-Z on TikTok, recognizing that while their brand had once been considered “uncool,” it has now come back in style full swing. The brand is unafraid to make fun of itself in its videos, using this content to make viewers laugh and highlight the functionality of its products. By showing their willingness to participate in the joke, Crocs has broadened its following and improved sales.
@nba Can you do that?? 👀 #NBAFinals presented by YouTube TV #nba #basketball ♬ original sound – NBA

NBA (@nba)

National. Basketball. Association.
The NBA has figured out exactly what to use each social media platform for, and TikTok is a massive success as a result. While some of their other platforms show news or highlights, TikTok focuses on comedy, memes, motivational videos, and other more casual content. And these videos engage a wider variety of fans and viewers and make the brand more accessible.

Starbucks (@starbucks)

Starbucks is the world’s largest coffeehouse chain. Founded in Seattle, the chain has now reached 80 countries, serving coffee, teas, and various food items all over the world.
Starbucks is another brand that has found success on TikTok by embracing TikTok culture. They post videos following relevant trends, behind-the-scenes content, influencer and celebrity guest content, promotional videos, and engaging transition-style videos. The diversity of their videos constantly works to attract new followers, growing the brand online by the day.

Le Creuset (@lecreuset)

Le Creuset is a French cookware brand specializing in chip-resistant, highly-durable enameled cast iron. It prioritizes both quality and design, both of which are responsible for its claim to fame.
Le Creuset’s TikTok features recipes and tutorials using their products, which works in a few ways. Not only does it engage a new audience (anyone looking for recipes or cooking tips might stumble across their page), but they also promote its products in the process. Followers not only find inspiration from their page, which drives digital traffic, but they also find a need for Le Creuset products to achieve their culinary goals.
@netflix famously good at lying, Dustin Henderson #strangerthings4 #netflix ♬ original sound – Netflix

Netflix (@netflix)

Netflix is an American streaming service that offers an extensive digital media library to its customers. Between movies, cartoons, television, documentaries, and comedy specials, Netflix has something for everyone.
Netflix’s TikTok features a variety of videos, all of which are meant to be engaging, accessible, and relatable to followers. These videos may be behind-the-scenes of characters, actors, or sets, or they may be meme-style content of Netflix media. All of them end up attracting new followers looking for more content from their favorite movies and shows as well as existing followers looking for new ways to engage.
@natgeo POV: you’re on assignment with Tom Peschak and the meerkats 🌍📸 #NatGeoTikTok ♬ original sound – National Geographic

National Geographic (@natgeo)

NatGeo is an American monthly magazine made famous for its photojournalism and educational content across science, nature, and exploration.
National Geographic uses its TikTok to share shorter bits of content that can be found in magazines. This includes news, culture, and the natural phenomenon around the world, all of which are bound to interest new and old followers. There is something for everyone on the NatGeo TikTok, and all of their videos are clearly tagged with the location so viewers can enjoy glimpses all over the world from the comfort of their homes.

Gucci (@gucci)

Gucci is another Italian luxury brand, also specializing in shoes, clothing, handbags, makeup, fragrances, and accessories.
While Gucci may have a higher production budget for their TikTok account, they are still an excellent example of how to play with videography in order to captivate an audience. The dreamlike quality of their videos is consistent with that of the brand, making their TikTok an excellent example of the power of adhering to your aesthetic.

Heider Real Estate (@heider_realestate)

As a branch of Sotheby’s International Realty, Heider Real Estate relies heavily on social media platforms to advertise listings and connect with potential buyers.
Heider Real Estate has capitalized on TikTok’s obsession with aesthetics. Their videos feature tours of their listings. Plus, behind-the-scenes clips that are fast-paced to keep the audience engaged without being too quick that viewers miss out on the gorgeous homes. If you’re looking to play with length in your videos and maybe even cut them down a bit, Heider Real Estate might be a great inspiration.
@rizoscurlshair Still not over our collab with @Thalia !! 🤩 Our New VIP Box is now available on RizosCurls.com #cabellorizado #amoralamexicana #thalia #RizosCurls ♬ original sound – monet mcmichael 🤍

Rizos Curls (@rizoscurlshair)

Rizos Curls is a Latina-owned hair care brand targeted at curlyheads everywhere. The brand aims to provide quality hair care for all curl types, allowing users to embrace and celebrate curls, waves, and coils.
Rizos Curls has created a fan base on TikTok by posting content that is as informative as it is relatable. They post tutorials using their products to manage and enhance different types of curly hair. There are also videos where they’re laughing and commiserating with their audience about the struggles of having curly hair. Their relatability has allowed them to really connect with their community and strengthen their brand.

Our Place (@ourplace)

Our Place is another cookware brand. It focuses almost equal parts on developing quality products and using food to connect friends, families, and communities all over the world.
This mission comes through in their TikToks, which is what makes their account so successful. Their videos highlight the power food has in connecting individuals and groups of people while simultaneously promoting their products. With content that promotes a mission as much as a product, their TikTok profile is bound to reach a broader audience than simply existing customers.
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30 brands to follow on TikTok

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