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10 Best AI Social Media Post Generators to Use in 2023

If you’re looking for the best AI social media post generators to use, we’ve got you. Here are our favorite tools to use to create great content in seconds.

Posted 2 months ago
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Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 2 months ago

Creating social media content consistently can be creatively draining—and throw in the fact that some people have multiple social media accounts, clients, and other work that needs their focus, taking the time to make good content is not only hard work but incredibly time-consuming. That’s where an AI tool comes in to help. Using an AI social media post generator will help you get post ideas quickly without stressing about the creative block! All you have to do is sit back, type in a few keywords or topics, and let the tool do the heavy lifting for you. If you’re looking for the best AI social media post generators to use, we’ve got you. Here are our favorite tools to use to create great content in seconds.

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  1. What is an AI social media post generator?

What is an AI social media post generator?

Let’s, as ever, start off with the what. What actually is an AI social media post generator? A post generator is a tool that will help you create, repurpose, brainstorm, and publish content on social media.

While a lot of tools out there are copywriting tools, other AI social media post generators can help you brainstorm ideas, generate lots of content ideas in a snap of a finger, and even help you figure out hashtags to help your content reach more and more people.

Learning exactly how to make AI work for you and your content is going to be important in the future of social media, so I suggest trying one of our favorite tools below to help you get a jumpstart.

Flick’s AI Social Media Marketing Assistant

If you’re wanting a copywriter and social media assistant in your back pocket at all times, Flick’s AI Assistant is the tool you want.

flick ai generator tool

With the AI Assistant, you’ll be able to create content fast, never run out of ideas (ever), schedule your content in seconds, and grow your account—all from one platform.

The AI Assistant will help you with:

  • Copywriting
  • Scheduling
  • Hashtags
  • Analytics
  • And so much more

With Flick’s AI Assistant tool, you’ll have access to a number of unique and engaging content ideas, create on-brand captions 10x faster, be able to schedule all of your content with a click of a button, auto-generate hashtags based on your captions and content, and that’s just Flick getting started!

You’ll also have access to repurposing your long-form content into small bite-size social media posts for all platforms.

What makes Flick the best option:

  • Brainstorm various post ideas from a single word
  • Select a variety of content ideas to expand upon further
  • Get auto-generated hashtags based on your captions that are the best fit for your content
  • Writes in your brand voice
  • Can ask the tool to regenerate content for you in a different tone of voice
  • Repurpose your long-form content instantly
  • Free caption generator that you can have instant access to
  • Schedule your content out from Flick with a click of a button
  • The tool analyzes all of your social media content and tells you how you’re doing compared to your competitors
  • Integrates into Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok

Pricing: Free trial for 7 days. Plans start at £11/month.


With a large database of content, Jasper uses AI to help marketers and social media managers write social content quickly and effectively to streamline their workflow in an instant.

jasper ai generated content

With Jasper, all you have to do is give a brief description on what you’re wanting and it will write captions for you on all social networks, shorten social posts to fit into Twitter, write ad headline copy, and more.

Other features that make Jasper great are:

  • Generate content in a certain tone of voice
  • Can write content in multiple languages
  • Create ad copy and catchy subject lines for your ads and newsletters
  • Ask Jasper to re-write content you’ve written to make it more interesting and engaging

Pricing: Starting at $29/month for 20,000 words


If you work a lot with ads and ad copy, Pencil can help you generate quick and on-brand social media graphics and ad creative.

pencil ai social media post generator

Pencil will take past ads that have performed well in your niche and create ad copy and graphics based on that data. And if you don’t like the ad it’s made or need to make edits, there is a simple drag-and-drop editor you can use to update anything from the images, color, music, font, and more to the ad.

Other features that make Pencil great are:

  • You can connect your ad manager to Pencil so it generates ads based on your exact data
  • Drag-and-drop editor to tweak your graphics as needed
  • Export graphics as PNG or MP4
  • Collaborate and get edits quickly from clients and other team members

Pricing: Plans start at $119/month


Peppertype.ai is another great social media post generator for both social media and long-form content.

peppertype ai social media post generator

With this tool, you can easily get social media posts, captions, subject lines, emails, landing pages, Amazon product descriptions, and so much more. It calls itself a virtual content assistant because it does all of that and more.

Other features that make Peppertype.ai great are:

  • Quickly get AI-suggested YouTube topic ideas
  • Repurpose your content using the rephrasing tool
  • Generate social media content for all social channels, including Twitter, Facebook ads, social media poll questions, and more

Pricing: Free plan that gives you 15 posts, or paid plans start at $20/month and gives you 120 AI-generated posts


With Anyword’s Social Post Generator, you can create captivating content for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube in just a few clicks. Tailor your copy, save time, and kiss writer’s block goodbye.

Anyword is a valuable tool for idea generation through word association. Simply input a word or phrase, and the platform offers a comprehensive list of related words and phrases. These suggestions can be utilized to create fresh and engaging content.

Other great features include of Anyword include:

  • It can learn your specific tone and style.
  • You may use the style options provided or customize it to write like your brand using Power Mode
  • Tailor your copy with Customer Personas
  • 100% unique copy variations

Price: It is free to use! But if you want more AI copywriting tools, tailored plans start at $39.

anyword ai


Creating irresistible Facebook posts, banging Tweet threads, or captivating Instagram captions that make people stop mid-scroll has never been easier. Simply feed Copy.ai’s AI-powered content generator with a brief description of your post, and watch in awe as it creates a multitude of options that are bound for your audience.

Copy.ai is a versatile companion for your social media needs across various platforms.

  • AI-powered writing assistant for instant creation of high-quality content
  • Wide selection of templates available for customization to match your brand’s voice and style
  • Additional tools for writers and marketers, including a blog post generator and ad copy generator
  • Streamlined process for creating engaging social media posts and various other content types.

Price: It offers a free version with a monthly limit of 2,000 words. If you need unlimited access, paid plan starts at $36.

copyai ai


With Rytr, generating engaging ideas for your social media posts and captions is as easy as 1-2-3-4! Select your preferred language from over 30 options, choose a tone from a range of 20+ options, pick the “Post & Caption Ideas” use case, and provide some input keywords or phrases. Then, click “Ryte for me” and witness the magic unfold!

rytr ai

Here’s what you can expect from Rytr:

  • It supports 40+ use cases and content types in over 30 languages
  • It has a free forever plan but as your needs grow, you can easily upgrade to unlock even more possibilities.
  • It supports Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram content creation
  • You can choose from a variety of templates and customize them to fit your brand’s voice and style.
  • It also offers a range of other tools for writers and marketers, including a blog post generator, ad copy generator, and more

Price: Starting at $9/month, you’ll get 100,000 credits to fuel your creativity. Upgrade to the Premium plan at just $29/month for unlimited access.

Predis AI

Predis AI is an AI-powered tool that helps you optimize your Instagram posts before they go live, ensuring maximum impact and engagement.

Predis.ai utilizes AI to generate complete Instagram post designs, including captions and hashtags, based on simple text inputs. It seamlessly incorporates your brand assets and colors into the posts, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing result.

Moreover, with Predis AI Instagram Post Creator, you can unlock the power of predictive analytics to fine-tune your Instagram posts.

predis ai

Predis.ai’s advanced algorithms can help you:

  • Analyze various factors, including time and day of posting, caption length, and image enhancements
  • Gain valuable insights into what works for your rivals.
  • Optimize your post’s reach with intelligent hashtag suggestions.

Price: Paid plans start at $29 for 120 AI-Generated Posts/month and $59 for unlimited access.


ChatGPT is a well-known AI language model that can do some pretty incredible stuff. Using prompts, you can generate captivating social media content that’s engaging and resonates with your audience.

chatgpt ai

Unlike traditional text generators, ChatGPT:

  • engages with you in a conversational manner
  • allows follow-up questions
  • acknowledges its mistakes,
  • challenges incorrect assumptions
  • rejects inappropriate requests.

Whether you’re looking for compelling captions, thought-provoking prompts, or engaging dialogue snippets, ChatGPT is here to assist you. Simply provide a prompt or initiate a conversation, and watch as ChatGPT delivers creative and dynamic content tailored to your needs.

Price: ChatGPT has a free version and a premium membership called ChatGPT Plus, priced at $20 per month.

Google Bard

Out of the many AI chatbots, Bard stands out due to its unique ability to tap into Google’s massive index of articles, blog posts, reports, and other relevant documents. No longer confined to static or outdated knowledge, Bard creates answers based on what’s currently happening.

Imagine having a chatbot at your fingertips that can provide you with the latest insights, trends, and updates on any subject you want.

bard ai

With Bard, you can:

  • ask questions
  • engage in conversations
  • explore the vast realm of real-time information
  • have meaningful interactions and discussions based on the freshest data available

Price: Bard is free to use, as of now

While social media can be stressful, time-consuming, and creatively draining, using an AI social media post generator tool can help you work more efficiently and quicker—while also creating content that your audience actually wants from you. It’s all about finding the right tool for you. Start getting free caption ideas with Flick’s AI Caption Generator, or get access to our full AI suite of tools by signing up for a FREE 7-day trial.


What is an AI social media post generator?

Flick’s AI Social Media Marketing Assistant







Predis AI


Google Bard

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