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NEW! AI Graphic Generator for Social Media in Seconds with Flick’s AI Assistant!

Get on-brand social media graphics with Flick’s AI Graphic Generator. Create a caption and have the AI create the best graphic for you!

Posted 3 months ago
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Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 3 months ago
Calling all small business owners, social media managers, content creators, and more!
If you feel like you spend too much time creating social media graphics and not enough time building your business, growing your accounts, or managing other areas of social, you’re not alone.
A tool that helps with content creation AND graphic design can be a game-changer.
Introducing Flick’s AI Graphic Generator—the fastest way to create branded carousels and promotional posts without the time-suck of graphic design and copywriting. This is the first version of our AI Graphic Generator and we will be releasing even more items with this new feature (including adding your own imagery, new templates, and more!) very soon.
It’s like if ChatGPT and Canva had a baby.

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  1. How to use Flick’s AI Graphic Generator

How to use Flick’s AI Graphic Generator

1. Head to your Flick account. Don’t have a Flick account? No problem! You can try Flick for FREE for 7 days by clicking here.
2. Create a caption! Either write something you love or use Flick’s AI Assistant to help you create something that is on-brand and in your voice.
ai graphic generator create caption
3. From there, click “Generate Graphic.”
ai graphic generator generate graphic
4. Choose a template that you like from Informational, Numbered, or Quotes.
select a template ai graphic generator
5. The AI Graphic Generator will create the perfect graphic for you based on your caption. You can edit the font, change the text, update the colors, and more to make it as uniquely yours as possible.
create graphic ai graphic generator
6. Once the graphic is exactly how you want it, click “save.”
7. You’ll now see the carousel or quote on the right-hand side of your Scheduler. Add hashtags, select the best time to post for your account, and click “Schedule.”
schedule ai graphic generator
8. That’s it! Sit back, relax, and watch that engagement roll in.

Why use an AI Graphic Generator?

AI graphic generators help those like small business owners, freelance social media managers and marketers, content creators and more streamline their workflow. At Flick, we understand how time-consuming it can be to create graphics, write content, check analytics and more when it comes to social media. With the help of the AI Graphic Generator, you’ll be able to create your social media content from start to finish, with no design skills needed!

What types of graphics can Flick’s AI Graphic Generator create?

Flick’s AI Graphic Generator has launched with three different templates (with more to come!). At the moment, you can choose from:
  • Informational: Where the template will create a detailed carousel post based on the information in your caption.
  • Numbered: A step-by-step carousel that breaks down the topic in your caption.
  • Quotes: Create a quote based on the information in your caption.
  • Promotional: A single-page graphic to highlight a product or service.
In the future, we will be releasing more templates including Promotional and custom.

Can I edit the graphic after it is generated?

Yes! You can edit almost every part of the graphic to your exact needs.
Update the font, colors, text, and more to make each AI graphic completely and totally unique to you!
If you have added the generated graphic to the Scheduler, all you have to do is click on the photo and select the “edit” button to change anything you would like.

Is this available on mobile?

Not yet! At the moment, our AI Assistant is not part of our mobile app but we are working hard to make that happen one day.
Ready to try the AI Graphic Generator for yourself? It’s super easy to get started! If you have a Flick account, it’s already inside your Flick account now! Just get started. If you don’t have a Flick account, click here or the banner below to start your FREE 7-day trial today!


How to use Flick’s AI Graphic Generator

Why use an AI Graphic Generator?

What types of graphics can Flick’s AI Graphic Generator create?

Can I edit the graphic after it is generated?

Is this available on mobile?

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