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Sunsetting Mobile Browser

Today we are sunsetting the Mobile Browser version of Flick. This means if you want to access Flick on your phone, the only way to do so is via our iOS/Android app.

Posted 2 years ago

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Sam King
Posted 2 years ago

Sometimes, the start of something great means the end of something not-so-great. This is the case with using Flick on your mobile. Today we are sunsetting the Mobile Browser version of Flick. This means if you want to access Flick on your phone, the only way to do so is by using our iOS/Android app.

If you haven’t already, you can download our iOS and Android app here.

If you’re a frequent user of this feature, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause in the short-term, but we promise you’ll have a much more pleasant and fulfilled experience when trying to find, manage and analyze hashtags on-the-go via the app!

Over the past few months we’ve added a bunch of pivotal features to the app which has allowed us to feel confident that the mobile app is all you’ll need:

Here’s what you can do through the mobile app:

  • Find hashtags tailored to your account
  • Store, organize and copy hashtags in Collections
  • Get performance analytics for your account, content, and hashtags



We haven’t taken this decision lightly, but it felt like the right thing for us to do. Almost all users who have downloaded the app have since stopped using the mobile browser view, and more importantly. by removing the mobile browser version, we will be able to significantly increase the performance of our current desktop app and put more time towards creating a better Flick.

By removing this area, we get to focus more of our time, resources, and energy on other areas of Flick, so it’s an all-around win.

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with our Support team via Support@flick.tech.

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