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How to Create a Social Media Pitch Deck

Having a social media pitch deck is key to getting new clients if you’re a social media manager or agency. Here’s how to create your own.

Posted last year
How to Create a Social Media Pitch Deck

Written by

Mackenzie Taylor
Posted last year
Oh, man. The social media pitch deck! It’s a hard one to get started but once you’ve got it completely nailed down, you will “wow” all of your future potential clients. If you’re ready to start pitching new clients in the most effective way possible, you’ll need the best social media pitch deck and this is how to do just that…

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  1. What is a social media pitch deck? 🤔

What is a social media pitch deck? 🤔

When it comes to your social media work and pitching to a client, putting together a good pitch deck is key! A pitch deck is a presentation that you can give to your potential client that gives a quick overview of what you can actually do for them!
However, not all social media pitch decks are created equally—depending on who you’re actually presenting to and what you’re wanting to get out of pitching to the specific client.
What are you wanting to show this client about your social media experience? How are you wanting to win over this person? These are essential things to think about when getting started with your social media pitch deck.

How to create a social media pitch deck ✍️

Now that you have a pretty good idea of what a pitch deck is, now it’s time to start creating one for yourself!
“But how in the world do I do that?” We can hear you ask. Well, here are a few simple steps to getting started and creating a pitch deck that is perfect for you.

1. Research the prospective client 📚

Okay, first things first, who in the world is the client that you’re about to pitch to? What do they do? What do they sell? What do you believe their overall goals are when it comes to social media? You need to research, research, research.
This will not only help you identify any areas that they might not be doing well in and where you can slot yourself in and give them the best social media of their life! How will you taking over their social media benefit them? That is the thing to focus on when doing your initial research on the client.
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What are some things you can look out for when working on your pitch?
  1. What products and services does the potential client sell?
  2. Where are they located in the world?
  3. Who are their competitors?
  4. How much knowledge does the team have of social media?
  5. What is their overall budget?
  6. Do they have social media accounts already?
When you start doing the initial research on the company, think of those questions above when diving deeeeeep. It’ll help you break down exactly how you can help them and is a great starting point when you start building out and personalizing your social media pitch.

2. Customize your pitch deck to the client 🎨

Sweet! Now you’ve done your research and know everything there is to know about your potential client! It’s time to start breaking down everything you learned to create the most kickass social media pitch deck for them.
The more personalized and customized the pitch deck, the better your chances are at capturing the attention of your potential client.
So think of your customer every step of the way when creating this deck. Do they have a small budget? You’re not going to suggest expensive ads. Focus on their specific pain points as a company—do they have no social media presence at all? Talk about how you’re going to build up their profile online giving very specific examples and showcasing how this will help them in the long run.
By making the pitch deck hyper-personalized, it’ll show the brand, business, or client that you’re there to help them out in the best and most efficient way you can.

3. Introduce yourself (and your team!) 👋

You finally have the client’s attention, it’s time to introduce yourself (and your team—if you have one!). Who are you? What work have you done in the past? Why are YOU the best person for the job?
Go into detail on people, brands, and clients you’ve worked with in the past. How have you helped them grow? Give the stats and figures so you can do quick highlights on how you’re kicking butt in the social media game.

4. Define the problem and your solution 😬

Perfect. The client knows who you are, why you’re good enough for the job, and what you’re going to do for them so now it’s time to show the client want they’ll gain from hiring you specifically!
There’s a reason they’re looking for your services. There’s a specific problem they have, so how can you help them? What’s the issue they have? Define the unique problem they have and make sure your pitch is personalized to their specific needs and how your services will help them.
For example, say they don’t have any Reels or TikToks and they are in need of video content that you’re an expert on. Tell them exactly how these videos will help them with their social media. How your Reels and TikToks will boost their accounts. How you will go about helping them with these videos.
Being able to give a detailed strategy on how you can help them can help take your social media pitch deck to the next level!

5. Explain how you work 📝

Explain how you work with your clients. This is helpful for your potential client to know exactly what to expect from you.
Things you should outline when you put together this portion of your pitch deck:
  • The services you provide and deliver. Give your potential client an exact list of things you will provide to them. Communicate everything clearly so they know all of the ins and outs of what to expect.
  • How you’ll measure your results. Explain to the client how you’re going to measure their metrics. Your client will want to know if you’re worth your services to showing off how well their metrics have done month-per-month is important!
  • How you’ll check in. Explain how you’re going to get assets to your clients, how often you’re going to check in with them. Will you be doing weekly meetings? Will you be giving a monthly report? Add all that information!
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6. Include case studies🤓

Showing other clients and brands you’ve worked with will be an essential part of your pitch deck! Show off how you’ve worked with other people in the past and how well you’ve done for them.
This provides social proof and better credibility for you and your company.

7. Leave time for questions 🙋‍♀️

Last but not least, give a summary at the end and leave time for questions for your potential new client!

How do you build a social media pitch deck 🧱

Okay, sweet! You’ve got a general concept and now it’s time to actually figure out how to outline your pitch deck. What should be included? How should you create it? Let’s start putting it together:

1. Introduce yourself

This is the opening slide! Do a nice clean image, present yourself, and list your services in a single sentence.

2. Table of contents

Give an overview of what you’re going to be presenting in the pitch deck! It makes it easier for people to understand what’s coming up, and skip ahead to what they want if it’s sent digitally.

3. About your company

Introduce yourself and your team on who you are and what you do. It’ll make for a great selling point if you have a fun, unique story to really sell yourself.

4. What are your services

Explain and describe the services you provide. Be sure to make the services personalized for the client that you’re presenting to.

5. Social proof

Highlight the brands you’ve worked with in the past with reviews and testimonials from your clients. If you have any accolades or awards you’ve won, you should highlight them here as well!

6. Pricing page

Give an overview of your pricing and establish if you like to be paid hourly, project-based, retainer, or anything else.

7. Your process

Let your potential client know how you work and what they can expect from you and what you expect from them.

8. Thank you

Summarize what you went over and thank your potential client on the last page. Include contact information on how they can get ahold of you if they have any questions.
And that’s that! We wish you luck on your social media pitching journey. We know you’re going to absolutely smash it.

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What is a social media pitch deck? 🤔

How to create a social media pitch deck ✍️

How do you build a social media pitch deck 🧱

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