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Top Social Media News of the Week

What’s Meta up to? Snapchat is doing what? We’re bringing you the top social media news of the week! Let’s dive in.

Posted 2 years ago
social media news of the week

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Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 2 years ago
It’s been a week full of crazy ups and downs in the world of social media! Here are the top social media news stories from the past week that you should know about.

Chronological Feed is back, BABY!

The biggest news of all: Instagram’s chronological feed is back! And confusing to figure out how to actually get to it but, ya know, it’s back!
And in case people forget why they brought it back, I will *happily* remind everyone: They were forced to after the congressional hearing and they didn’t want to (no matter what Mosseri says). That’s why it’s never going to be the default view!
Now, if you’re wondering how TF to get to the new feed, click the Instagram logo in the top left corner and you’ll see a drop-down with two options, “Following” and “Favorites.”
But, Mackenzie, what do these even MEAN? Don’t worry, I got you:
Home (main): This is the Instagram we’ve come to know over the past few years. It shows ranked and personalized content for you.
Following: The chronological feed people have been asking to have back for years and years.
Favorites: A second chronological feed with content from up to 50 accounts you have selected to favorites, like friends, family, or your favorite brands and content creators.
P.S. Don’t freak out if you don’t have access to it just yet! It’s slowly started rolling out to all users.
Are you excited about the chronological feed being back or are you feeling pretty “meh” about it? We want to hear all about it over on our IG!

Metaverse takes on Fashion Week

Yes, that’s a real headline I’ve written. As we dive deeper and deeper into the world of Black Mirror, Metaverse (you know, that thing run by a man who only wears hoodies?) has decided to add Fashion Week into their rotation.
Brands like Forever 21, DKNY, and Estée Lauder have joined in the first-ever Metaverse Fashion Week in the virtual world called Decentraland.
Honestly, I feel like I’m writing about a plot from a TV show.
While the pandemic has taught us all that fashion week can be virtual, this is a major step forward for Meta as start-ups and luxury fashion brands were able to sell their physical items, as well as digital items like NFTs (yes, those things are still around).
So how does the virtual fashion show work?
Brands have to “rent” space inside to showcase their work. They even have digital avatars that are sales associates to help guide you through your fashion experience. You can even purchase “Clothes That Don’t Exist” (aka NFT-backed virtual outfits) that you can wear in the Metaverse.
If this sounds absolutely mind-boggling to you, it’s time to take the blue pill and get on board. It seems like we’re headed straight into the Matrix.

Instagram is working on a new feed … yes, another one.

Well … looks like Instagram is working on a completely new fully immersive feed.
Dare I say it again? TikTok called, Instagram. It wants its ideas back.
The fully-integrated home feed means no more IG stories at the top of your screen or clicking the Reels button at the bottom but everything in one central location as you swipe through the app.
If you’re on Facebook still (yes, people still use Facebook!), you might have seen this integration within their platform. As you swipe, you can now interact with users’ stories straight from your feed page instead of clicking their story at the top of the Home Screen.
And why does this feature feel *so* familiar? Because it’s what TikTok currently does and is incredibly effective … and addictive. With the biggest way to grow on IG is through Reels and followers spending more time on Stories versus feed, this could actually be a HUGE way for users to grow on Instagram and be good for all.
At least that’s what I am hoping for… 😬

“Oh, these? They’re just my Snap Glasses.”​

Snap is the latest in the line of social media apps to get into AR glasses. Who’s excited?!
Same. Absolutely, no one. Okay, that is a bit harsh but haven’t they learned anything after Google Glass and Meta’s Ray-Ban Stories, sort of, failed?
Snap recently acquired NextMind, a neurotech startup that created a headband that lets the wearer control parts of a computer with their thoughts (and this is when I begin to question if we’re in a simulation again…).
Snap is hoping that NextMind’s technology will help them with creating AR glasses you can control with your thoughts. 🤯
While creepy, very creepy, it would be a huge step forward for Snap if they could actually get it to work. Especially as that was one of the major missing pieces for Meta and Google glasses.

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Chronological Feed is back, BABY!

Metaverse takes on Fashion Week

Instagram is working on a new feed … yes, another one.

“Oh, these? They’re just my Snap Glasses.”​

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