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Podcast Name Guide: Inspiration, Ideas and Tips

Congrats on starting your very own podcast! But … what are you going to call it? Here’s our guide on podcast name ideas to get you started.

Posted 1 year ago
podcast name

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Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 1 year ago
Podcasts are fast becoming one of the most popular sources of entertainment for listeners to get closer to their favorite creators, learn about something new, or start their day off with a motivational pep talk. So, if you’re considering creating a podcast, this is a great place to start. Today’s blog will be your guide for one of the most important things you can do when starting a new podcast: coming up with a name.

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  1. How to come up with a good podcast name
Because of the sheer amount of podcasts that exist on Apple, Spotify, and other streaming platforms, it’s important that the podcast name you pick clearly gives an idea to prospective listeners about what your podcast is, and that stands out from the rest. This is no easy feat. Let’s get you started with some tips on how to come up with podcast name ideas before we delve in.
podcast name

How to come up with a good podcast name

First things first, what is your podcast about? Think of the niche or genre that someone would be looking at if they were to discover your podcast, and start to write down some keywords that relate to that. Let’s say that you want to start a self-help, you might make a list of keywords that looks something like this:
  • Self-help
  • Motivation
  • Mindset
  • Progress
  • Inspiring
  • Mental health
  • Encouraging
  • Best self
  • Reflection
Once you’ve come up with a list of generic keywords, build on it by adding phrases or descriptors that are unique to your podcast. If you pick too generic of a name, you might not stand out from other popular podcasters, so it’s important to create a hook with what makes you special and communicates your USP. Let’s continue with our example:
  • Qualified therapist
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Millennial
  • Female
  • Dealing with relationships and dating
  • Growing up
Now that you’ve come up with your list of keywords, you can start to marry them up or string them together into a phrase or potential list of podcast names to work from. It’s a good idea to consider what people might be searching for if they want to find a podcast like yours, and incorporate this into the title.
  • This is 30: A millennial’s self-help guide
  • Motivation for millennials
  • How to inspire yourself
  • Fail and prevail
  • The first date
  • A girl’s guide to modern dating
  • Swipe right on life
Another great way to come up with a good podcast name idea is to look at some examples of podcasts, TV shows, or songs that particularly stand out and think about why they work so well. Here’s a list of some popular podcasts that have great names:
How To Fail: this is a great name because it is straight to the point, but peaks curiosity about what it could be about.
The Receipts: this plays into pop culture by taking a phrase that is often used in reference to drama, giving the idea that this podcast is fun, lighthearted, and entertaining.
Stuff You Should Know: simple yet effective, this title draws you in because it makes you question what it is you don’t know, that you should!
Why Won’t You Date Me: this clearly states the niche that this podcast operates in.
My Favourite Murder: again, it is super clear which niche this sits within, but the title is also provocative enough to make you stop and want to learn more.
Talk Social to Me: Yes, our very own podcast but the perfect name for what the podcast is about (social media) while also being a little tongue-in-cheek.
Now that you have our tips and inspiration on how to come up with a podcast name from scratch, let’s get into some ideas that we’ve come up with for you. You can use these as inspiration, or use them directly as your podcast name.

One-word podcast name ideas


Podcast name ideas based on phrases

Ex Marks The Spot
Swipe Right
Eat, Pray, Date
Find Your Feet
It’s Rocket Science
Long Story Short
Two To Tango
What’s The Tea?
The Ten Commandments of Dating
Boys Don’t Cry
Say It To My Face
What’s on The Menu?
Get Well Soon

Generic Podcast Name Ideas

Thoughts After Midnight
Internet Religion
Girls Like Me
People Watching
No Body, No Crime
Two Tickets To Iron Maiden
Fifty-First Dates
Future History
Things My Dates Have Said
Don’t Date a Josh
Motivating the Unmotivated
How to be Better
Now that you have a better idea of how to get started with naming your podcast, learn how to market your podcast on social media here. Also, be sure to check out our favorite social media marketing podcasts here and be sure to subscribe to ours below!

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How to come up with a good podcast name

One-word podcast name ideas

Podcast name ideas based on phrases

Generic Podcast Name Ideas

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