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Instagram Username Ideas: How To Choose The Perfect Instagram Username

Struggling to come up with Instagram username ideas? Take a look at our list for inspiration as well as tips for creating unique handles.

Posted 3 months ago
instagram username ideas

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Julia Cohen
Posted 3 months ago
Your Instagram username is important. It’s often one of the first things people learn about your personal or professional brand, and it can often define people’s first impressions of your account. Coming up with something catchy is essential, but you also want it to be interesting, relevant, unique, discoverable … the list of requirements goes on and on. Don’t worry, Flick is here to help!
We’ve put together this little guide to help make the process of finding the perfect Instagram username a little easier. We’ll be covering some tips and tricks that will help you meet all the requirements for a great username while still reflecting your brand’s unique identity. So, without further ado … let’s get started!

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  1. Why Is Your Instagram Username Important?
    • What Makes An Instagram UsernameGood?

Why Is Your Instagram Username Important?

The answer to this question is pretty simple: your Instagram username is important because Instagram itself is important. In fact, Instagram is arguably the most important social media platform for businesses and brands. Let us justify that statement.
Instagram logs 1 billion active monthly users and 90% of those users follow at least one business or brand. That means at least 900 million Instagram users are interacting with brands and businesses every month … and we haven’t even got to Instagram ads yet!
The username linked to your Instagram account is how these Instagram users will identify your posts in their timelines, search for your account, share your content with friends. In addition, it will be the first impression many people get of your account and will be inextricably associated with your business or brand as a whole.

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What Makes An Instagram UsernameGood?

There are a few requirements for your username:
  • Relevant: Your username should be something that is easy to associate with your brand. In other words, it should be on-topic.
  • Unique: Your username needs to be unique because… well, Instagram requires you to choose a unique username. However, this is also important because unique usernames are easier to remember.
Harmonious: Your username should fit in with your brand’s image, persona, copy, content… whatever it is you produce. If your brand is known for being serious, it’s probably best if you skip the funny username.

Instagram Username Ideas 💡

First things first – what is your profile for? Is it to interact with friends, or is it a small business you are trying to set up? The purpose of your Instagram will likely determine what kind of username you should go for and the ideas you should use. If, for example, you plan on using Instagram to just interact with your friends and family, its likely you will want to go for a username featuring your name. If you’re a small business, you’ll want your brand in there somewhere.

Instagram username ideas for personal profiles 🙌

If you’re setting up a personal profile on Instagram, the best place to start is with your name. That means, if people are actually trying to find you, they will be able to, easily. However, sometimes its not as easy as just typing in @samking and calling it a day. If you’re new to Instagram, it’s pretty likely that your full name could already be taken. Here are a few workarounds:
  1. Instead of using your full name, input any middle initials you might have like @samjaking
  2. Make use of special characters like @sam_king
  3. Go old-school email vibes, and attach a number at the end of your handle, like @samking96
  4. Use any nicknames you might have instead like @sammyking
  5. Have a little fun by swapping letters around like @kamsing
  6. Think of things that might rhyme with your name like @samkingsings
  7. Do you have a favorite flower, pet, or color? Incorporate this into your username like @orangesam
  8. Speak another language? Pick a word you like in a different language that means something significant, or you feel represents who you are, and use this as part of your handle
Remember, you will always have the chance to input your full name on your profile, so even if you use a nickname or abbreviation, you will still be searchable by your full name.

Instagram Username Ideas for Brands 🛍

Crafting the perfect username for your business can be tough. The challenge is coming up with a name that is fun, interesting, and compelling while maintaining some level of professionalism.
You want people to be intrigued about your business, but you don’t want them to leave with the impression that you aren’t serious about what you do.
If you’re representing a brand on Instagram, you’ll want to follow a similar formula as you might for a personal profile.
Again, you’ll want to fit your brand name within the username so that people can easily find your account. However, let’s say your brand name (e.g., @plantshop) is already taken. What do you do then? Don’t worry! There are tons of tricks you can use to find a username that’s available and represents your business or brand.

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What Makes a Great Brand Instagram Username?

Before we get into the inspiration stage, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind about choosing a username for your business’s Instagram account:
  • It needs to be memorable. Your Instagram username is a company asset-something that has actual value. The primary value of your Instagram username is that it’s an easy way for interested users to search for your business and content on the platform. If your username isn’t memorable, you’re limiting the value of a major asset.
  • It needs to be available. Obviously, your Instagram username needs to be available on Instagram. However, it should also be available on any other social media platforms you use. At the very least, there should be consistent elements across all your social media platforms to ease the process of finding your brand or business.
  • It needs to be (relatively) simple. This one is extremely important. Your username needs to be something that users can easily search up and spell correctly.

What If My Business Name Is Taken?

This is an extremely common problem that people run into when setting up Instagram accounts. With 1 billion monthly Instagram users, there are a ton of unavailable usernames!
Luckily, there are also tons of workarounds you can use to get a username that’s a) available and b) representative of your brand.
Let’s break down some of the most effective ones:
  • Add your location at the end of the brand name. This allows locals to easily recognize your account (e.g., @plantshopedinburgh).
  • Add elements that are unique to your brand. If your store is located at 5 Drummond Street, you might make your name @5DrummondPlantShop.
  • Add keywords. By adding search terms that connect your business to the industry you operate in, you’ll be increasing your reach on Instagram (e.g., @gardenersinedinburgh).
  • Incorporate related terms or concepts. This will help increase the likelihood that your username will be available while making sure it stays relevant to the products or services you provide (e.g., @plantshopgardencenter).
  • Add prefixes or suffixes. Adding a prefix or suffix to your business name is a great way to get the username that’s pretty close, even if someone has already claimed your exact name (e.g., @theplantshop or @plantshopofficial).

50 Business Instagram Username Ideas

  1. @metaphorsolutions
  2. @brunotasmania
  3. @houseoffiberglass
  4. @indooremployment
  5. @cartoonshore
  6. @airwaystream
  7. @rosadba
  8. @alfatonight
  9. @notabrand
  10. @imperialchandelier
  11. @toolwarehouse
  12. @holdsalice
  13. @missagreeing
  14. @brandpasta
  15. @iconicolas
  16. @displaytabs
  17. @kylogos
  18. @brandfred
  19. @developmentalpreparedness
  20. @hamaelapsed
  21. @vibrand
  22. @luthereau
  23. @distancesbeginners
  24. @lenderfasteners
  25. @branddeterminants
  26. @whichmozart
  27. @irangastrointestinal
  28. @websphereasu
  29. @suttonavenues
  30. @sausagedice
  31. @branduniversity
  32. @pagebuddies
  33. @southroutebells
  34. @huangproduction
  35. @derbyshirebakery
  36. @protocolarchive
  37. @currentimmersion
  38. @initiativeangel
  39. @brainacquire
  40. @goodwillolympus
  41. @burberryskincare
  42. @kurtconstructs
  43. @playhousetobag
  44. @shoppingjedi
  45. @seafreebsd
  46. @foundationmad
  47. @brandnewtextiles
  48. @majorpresiding
  49. @frustrationlater
  50. @datingtreaty

Creative Instagram Usernames

Creative Instagram usernames stand out thanks to their use of unusual phases, expressions, or words. All in all, the goal of a creative Instagram username is to captivate the people who see it.

50 Creative Usernames For Instagram

  1. @magicalworld
  2. @iblamejordan
  3. @petiue
  4. @bagatiba
  5. @openair
  6. @fragmentation
  7. @witchoria
  8. @_sightunseen_
  9. @snarkitecture
  10. @loversland
  11. @motelvibes
  12. @fogwoodandfig
  13. @dontfeedtheunicorn
  14. @publicbutter
  15. @032c
  16. @ihateblonde
  17. @loveseeker
  18. @ssense
  19. @placesplusfaces
  20. @manicpixiememegurl
  21. @rainbowsalt
  22. @idreamofunicorns
  23. @fuckyoumakeart
  24. @lesparisiennesdumonde
  25. @comefeelme
  26. @coyoteflowers
  27. @watts.on
  28. @_woldandmoon
  29. @scarymommy
  30. @basementfox
  31. @4thandbleeker
  32. @theloversanddriftersclub
  33. @lackofcolouraus
  34. @weekendlust
  35. @zippyseve
  36. @digitalf33ls
  37. @bloomingalchemy
  38. @natureangel
  39. @clash.studio
  40. @vintageparis
  41. @darksun
  42. @psychosocialclub
  43. @purrienne_
  44. @latenightsinthecity
  45. @dirtydisco
  46. @sugarhighlovestoned
  47. @jimsandkittys
  48. @sundaze
  49. @chillwildlife
  50. @the_wylde

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Unique Instagram Username

Unique Instagram usernames stand out because there really isn’t anything else like them out there. They immediately conjure up images of the account or brand) they represent, and that helps a ton when it comes to generating engagement.

50 Unique Instagram Username Ideas

  1. @eatingaroundtheworld
  2. @julesontour
  3. @pinchofsalt
  4. @weworewhat
  5. @lustforlife
  6. @secretsofacontentmanager
  7. @wineandwhine
  8. @themummydiaries
  9. @soyouwanttotalkabout
  10. @candidcaptures
  11. @lifeofasocialmediamanager
  12. @doyouevenlift
  13. @whatsthetea
  14. @influencersinthewild
  15. @theressomethingaboutmary
  16. @thesocialdilemma
  17. @hairofthejog
  18. @beauty.secrets
  19. @justdogs
  20. @alwaysinblack
  21. @thoughtcatalog
  22. @girlwithnojob
  23. @accidentalinfluencer
  24. @dietprada
  25. @ssense
  26. @writingyourstory
  27. @thriftandflip
  28. @mypersonalhotspot
  29. @lad_libs
  30. @behindmylens
  31. @feedingthefeed
  32. @modelbehaviour
  33. @E20life
  34. @lifeonthefarm
  35. @americaninlondon
  36. @theveganwarrior
  37. @princess.peach
  38. @vintageclothesonly
  39. @thriftchic
  40. @whatsthewifi
  41. @alexanderthegreat
  42. @askingforafriend
  43. @askastylist
  44. @moreplease
  45. @thesocialhub
  46. @friendsoffacebook
  47. @neverdressedfortheweather
  48. @thecheeseclub
  49. @fortheloveofdogs
  50. @betches

Cool Instagram Usernames

Cool Instagram usernames catch people’s attention by highlighting something about your brand that sets you apart from the crowd. Often, cool Instagram usernames combine words or concepts that aren’t typically seen together.

50 Cool Instagram Username Ideas

  1. @accourt
  2. @broken_smile
  3. @bronze_gamer
  4. @canadian_violinist
  5. @candycough
  6. @cosmorama
  7. @dawnordusk
  8. @dead_ground
  9. @epic_angel
  10. @equative
  11. @event_include
  12. @garden_rose
  13. @hitch_hiker
  14. @hypnosis
  15. @lovelypoison
  16. @married_man
  17. @minor_leak
  18. @nasology
  19. @nubilate
  20. @obvious_dump
  21. @officious
  22. @okieedokieee
  23. @omnipotentbeing
  24. @onceuponadime
  25. @operaofdreams
  26. @passion_fruit
  27. @qwert
  28. @racer
  29. @ready2go
  30. @sandstorm
  31. @slayer
  32. @snow_hound
  33. @spacewalker
  34. @storyofme
  35. @strangeevil
  36. @swerve
  37. @techdolpihn
  38. @technocracy
  39. @undiscoveredyet
  40. @urbanlegend
  41. @venom_stone
  42. @vermeil
  43. @vinous_hideous
  44. @viral_witch
  45. @warrior_in_pain
  46. @waving_slamming
  47. @white_storm
  48. @yourea_lion
  49. @yoyo_guitarist
  50. @yawn

Cute Instagram Usernames

If your personal or professional brand is all about cuteness, it makes a lot of sense to reflect that in your Instagram username. Not sure how?

50 Cute Instagram Username Ideas

  1. @alchemyworks
  2. @alwaysaugst
  3. @beauty-fool
  4. @blousesandhouses
  5. @blush.and.ochre
  6. @booksandpeonies
  7. @buggy_peace
  8. @bundle_of_love_solid
  9. @butterfly_silly
  10. @candy_cane
  11. @champagnefabulou
  12. @coastbycoast
  13. @enjouecollectif
  14. @flowerbean
  15. @forgoodluck
  16. @garden_heart
  17. @honey_hug
  18. @houseofhoney
  19. @hug_hello
  20. @indigosparkle
  21. @infintesoul
  22. @isntitdarling
  23. @junemoment
  24. @kissesandmartini
  25. @margoandme
  26. @moonjuice
  27. @morelight
  28. @oliveandjune
  29. @paperinashes
  30. @peppermint_kisses
  31. @poketo
  32. @princess_punch
  33. @rainbow_sweety
  34. @randomactsofpastel
  35. @rubysunn
  36. @saltsandandsmoothies
  37. @shimmer
  38. @shop_hi
  39. @snowy_secret
  40. @spellboundead
  41. @sprinkles
  42. @squiggly_munchkin
  43. @stellarflower
  44. @sunshinegyspy
  45. @sweet_whimsy
  46. @sweetie
  47. @teen_boo
  48. @thesunriseshack
  49. @withmercii
  50. @zuluandzephyr

Classy Instagram Username

If your brand is known for exclusivity and class, there are plenty of ways you can reflect this in your username by making references to other classy or exclusive things.

50 Classy Instagram Username Ideas

  1. @ableporsche
  2. @acuminate
  3. @adjutant
  4. @adnomination
  5. @affectedspoiled
  6. @amours_hideous
  7. @angel_of_memories
  8. @apotropaic
  9. @artificialsleeping
  10. @awesome_whisper
  11. @balsamsmalt
  12. @bartisan
  13. @brilliantine
  14. @butterfly_on_rose
  15. @cacography
  16. @cheaperprograde
  17. @claustral
  18. @cokeangolan
  19. @commorant
  20. @conation
  21. @concernedhoop
  22. @coniferous
  23. @controlroach
  24. @coriaceous
  25. @crystalsascend
  26. @cupid_of_hearts
  27. @cymaphen
  28. @dagfargewgaw
  29. @dateswhipped
  30. @decisiveshattered
  31. @decorticate
  32. @demandingcohert
  33. @dentedmetacarpal
  34. @diffugient
  35. @donnism
  36. @enviousdesired
  37. @exergue
  38. @fair_marble
  39. @famelicose
  40. @fizzberwyn
  41. @foolocracy
  42. @forecastle
  43. @genius_generous
  44. @geratology
  45. @gladiator
  46. @goldenrod
  47. @graptomancy
  48. @happy_saint
  49. @hydrospace
  50. @hygrophilous
If you’ve gone through this list and still have no idea what a good Instagram username would be, don’t worry! Instagram username generator tools are viable (albeit unreliable) options that can spit out a ton of ideas in a short amount of time.
All you need to do is enter seed words and wait to see what the AI comes up with! As an added bonus, almost all Instagram username generators are free. However, in this case, the phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ definitely applies.
In any event, here are a few options:

How many times can you change your Instagram username?

Before you do anything, know that you can only change your username twice before you have to wait 14 days to change it again.
However, if you’ve made an error when making a new name, you can always change it back to your original username without waiting 14 days.

Can I get an Instagram username that’s already taken?

You can but you have to ask first! And sometimes that means them asking for money in exchange for a username.

Finishing Up

Here are a few things to remember when it comes to brainstorming:
  • Think about your niche or your personal brand and see if you can reflect this in your username. For example, if you own a vegan bakery, you might make your username @theveganwarrior.
  • Creating a community page that allows your users to interact closely with your brand? Make this clear by following a format like @friendsofgoogle or @googlesupport.
  • Think about what you’re posting, and see if there is a way to describe it in a creative username like @eatingaroundtheworld.
  • Create intrigue by going for something mysterious that will make people want to click, such as @thesocialdilemma.
  • Think about a famous historical figure or legend that shares your name, and nab their tagline, like @alexanderthegreat.
If you follow along with this guide and flex your creative muscles, you’ll have an amazing Instagram username in no time. Once you do, you’re well on your way to carving out a piece of virtual real estate for your brand.
Curious about how you can speed up the growth process? Flick offers users tons of tools to analyze and optimize their Instagram content with the aim of increasing engagement. To learn more about Flick’s tools and services (or about Instagram in general), check out our educational resources! You can also learn all about generating Instagram hashtags for growth here.

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Why Is Your Instagram Username Important?

Instagram Username Ideas 💡

Instagram Username Ideas for Brands 🛍

What Makes a Great Brand Instagram Username?

What If My Business Name Is Taken?

50 Business Instagram Username Ideas

Creative Instagram Usernames

Unique Instagram Username

Cool Instagram Usernames

Cute Instagram Usernames

Classy Instagram Username

How many times can you change your Instagram username?

Can I get an Instagram username that’s already taken?

Finishing Up

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