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Instagram is Saying Goodbye to Swipe Up and Hello to Stickers

Instagram is saying goodbye to the swipe-up feature in stories and replacing them with new and improved link stickers starting August 30!

Posted 2 years ago
no more swipe up link on instagram

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Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 2 years ago
It’s time to say goodbye to the swipe-up link on Instagram! If you haven’t heard, Instagram recently started testing link stickers in stories (even for those who don’t have 10K followers!) and it looks like the testing has done well as they have announced that starting August 30, swipe-up links will be replaced by stickers.
The new sticker feature will allow people to be able to comment on the stories—something swipe-up links don’t currently allow—and give the users more creative control of what the sticker will look like. Now instead of adding a sticker to your swipe-up story that tells people, “Hey, you need to swipe up!” the link sticker will be there to streamline the creation experience for users.
instagram swipe up link
From Instagram
Back when testing began, Instagram’s former head of product Vishal Shah said the link stickers fit more into how Instagram users already use the app, and will be placed where all gifs, stickers, and everything else you can add to your story will be placed.
For now, it looks like only those who currently have swipe-up privileges will get the new link sticker, but hopefully, all users will be getting it soon if the testing continues to go well. (Please, please, please let this be a thing soon, Instagram! We’re all begging you!)
What do you think? Do you agree that the link stickers fit into Instagram more or do you like the swipe-up feature option? Or, is there a different option you think would be better? Let us know over on our Instagram!
And if you want to know more about Instagram stories and how to boost your Instagram story engagement, we’ve got just the blogs for you. Get better engagement through Instagram Story Polls and learn how to find cute Instagram Story stickers to up your Instagram story game!

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