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Instagram Announces Grid Pinning and Updates to Reels

Instagram releases new updates to Instagram Reels and announces grid pinning for all of your favorite grid content.

Posted 1 year ago

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Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 1 year ago
Instagram has announced one of its biggest Instagram Reels updates to date: longer Reels, new interactive stickers, audio editing options, and so. much. more.
To try and keep their competitive streak up with TikTok, you can now create 90-second clips on Instagram Reels.


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“But isn’t the point of Reels to have short-form content?”
Well, it was. But now that TikTok is seeing the number of people consuming long-form content after it released its 10-minute videos in February, Instagram has decided to step up to the plate and experiment with its own longer video content for Reels. I guess people have forgotten about Instagram Video? 🤔
Other changes happening to Reels that could be a great way to boost engagement as a creator and social media manager are Instagram Story stickers being added to Reels! Yes, poll, quiz, and emoji slider stickers are coming to Reels. We can already see the engagement rising!
But wait … that’s not all the updates. We still have MORE! Other exciting updates being added to Reels are:
  • Importing your own audio directly to your Reels
    Sound Sync option where you can automatically sync your video clips to the beat of the song (yes, like TikTok!)
    And, of course, Instagram Reels templates (the thing we’re MOST excited about!)
pinning instagram posts to the top of your profile
Oh, you thought that was it? No, no. Instagram has now released the ability for you to start pinning your favorite posts to the top of your feed. (Hi, TikTok…). Now whenever someone comes to your profile, they can see the top 3 posts you’ve pinned. So be sure to pin your very best stuff so people get a nice taste of what you like and post about.
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