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Best Instagram Caption Generators

Looking for an Instagram caption generator to help you save time when planning your posts? Here’s our list of the top 5 you can use.

Posted 2 years ago
instagram caption generators ai

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Julia Cohen
Posted 2 years ago
Find yourself always getting stuck when you try to put pen to paper (or er… thumb to phone)? Or maybe you’ve written so many questions that all you’ve got left in your arsenal is “live, laugh, love”. And, captions are important, at least according to Instagram’s Head, Adam Mosseri, “the time people spend with Instagram photos and Instagram stories is a very important factor that the Instagram algorithm takes into consideration when ranking content.” 👀 Not to fear, today’s article is all about the best Instagram caption generators, where to find inspiration for unique captions, and much more.
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Best Instagram Caption Generators

Captions are one of the most important aspects of any Instagram post. They provide a hook, allow followers to understand your distinct tone of voice and values, help you incorporate CTAs for your audience to act on and sometimes, help you explain your posts and videos.

So, what are caption generators? 💡

Auto-caption generators will auto-create captions for you based on a keyword, one-liner or phrase, giving multiple caption ideas that you can copy and paste directly to your posts, or edit and make your own.

Why use an Instagram caption generator? 🖊️

There are a lot of reasons why a caption generator could benefit you. Firstly, for inspiration. If you can’t think of any ideas, but know what sort of gist you want for your captions, a generator can help you take a small inkling, to a fully-fledged idea.
Secondly, if you are creating and bulk-scheduling content, coming up with a list of caption ideas all at once can be challenging, and your creative brain may only stretch so far. Caption generators can help fill in some of the gaps you might have, so you can get your content scheduled and ready to go, without taking too much time trying to think of copy.

Can you edit auto-generated captions on Instagram? ✍️

Of course! Most caption generators are third-party apps, so you can always edit and adapt your captions, once you have selected those that you like. Once finalized, you can paste your caption into an Instagram scheduling tool, like Flick, and let your posts do their work, without too much hassle. Flick also allows you to input your best-performing hashtags, direct from your Collections, as you schedule your posts.

Now, let’s get into our list of the best Instagram caption generators:

1. Jasper
Jasper is a great option if you want a quick and reliable way to generate a quality caption. The tool allows you to input ‘what you would like to post about’ as well as the ‘tone of voice’ you would like to post in. Pick the ‘Photo Post Captions’ template if you’d like to create a caption for Instagram, then set your parameters and let Jasper do its work!
instagram caption generator
This is a paid-for platform, so if caption generating isn’t something you want to invest in, this may not be the one for you.
2. Caption AI
This is a free Instagram caption generator loaded with thousands of different captions. All you have to do is upload an image, and Caption AI’s clever software will scan it, producing ideas for captions to use. Although the app is fun to use, it may not always hit the nail on the head when it comes to captions, so you might have to search a few times to get the perfect caption. This one might be a better option if you are looking for more inspiration, rather than a copy-paste caption.
3. Copy.ai
Copy.ai is a great free tool that applies similar principles as Jasper, asking users what their post is, and the tone of voice you want your caption to be in. However, copy.ai isn’t gated, which means you can use their webpage quickly and easily (more importantly – for free!)
instagram caption generator
Copy.ai will also provide emoji suggestions, and allow you to tell the tool to ‘make more’ if the captions you see aren’t doing anything for you. You can also save your favorite captions, and select to create ‘more like this’, which will take into account your ‘saved’ captions to create more suggestions.
You should always make sure to alter and edit the captions you select so that they suit your page and still remain authentic to your brand or personality.
4. Anyword
Anyword is another AI-driven tool, perfect for business Instagram accounts. The free tool allows you to put in a product name, description, and keyword and provides options for captions. What makes the tool unique, is that it also provides a ‘performance score’ based on predicted engagement by factors such as age and gender.
free instagram caption generator
5. CaptionPlus
You can either use this free Instagram caption generator, CaptionPlus on your phone, or on Desktop. The app isn’t as specific in terms of inputting keywords or phrases to create your search, but they do have a plethora of categories to choose from, like ‘Success’, ‘Fashion’, ‘Fitness’ or ‘Father’s Day’ to name a few. You can click any category you like, and then directly copy and paste captions to your posts or scheduler.
instagram caption generator
Once you’ve crafted the perfect captions, and scheduled your posts, you’re ready to go! If you’d like to learn more about how to pick the perfect hashtags to help you perform, just click the banner below.

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Best Instagram Caption Generators

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