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How to Stitch on TikTok + Creative Tips

Want to learn how to Stitch your videos on TikTok. As one of the most popular features that helps videos go viral, learn how to use it here!

Posted 7 months ago
Stitch on TikTok + Creative Tips

Written by

Julia Cohen
Posted 7 months ago

TikTok has taken over as the place for short-form video content that packs virality. The platform has a number of different features that allow its users to create content easily within the app, and Stitching is just one of these. Today, we’ll show you how to stitch a video on TikTok, as well as go through the most popular and trending ways you can stitch, in order to increase your views and potentially go viral.

How to Stitch on TikTok (plus some creative content tips!)

What is stitching on TikTok? 🧵

Stitching on TikTok is when you feature another user’s video before your own in the same piece of content. They can be used as a way to ‘react’ to other people’s videos or recreate something from a viral video or show something cool they have discovered on the platform.

Can you stitch any video? 🤔

In order to stitch a video, the user must allow for this feature in their privacy settings. Likewise, if you want to allow other users to stitch your videos, you can enable this in the privacy settings of your video.

How to stitch a video on Tiktok 📹

First, find the video you’d like to stitch. Next, click the ‘share button’ and select ‘Stitch’. Select the timestamp/amount of the video you want to share at the start of your own piece of content. Then, record your piece, or upload your content. This will automatically stitch the two together, and you can post as normal.
how to stitch on tiktok


How to Stitch on TikTok (plus some creative content tips!)

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