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The Best TikTok Tools You Need to Use

Looking to upgrade your TikTok, deep dive into your analytics, and figure out how to go viral? Here are the top TikTok tools to help you!

Posted last year
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Alex Rosone
Posted last year
Whether you’re new to TikTok or a seasoned pro, you need a trusty toolbox to rely on for effective content creation. With 1 billion users on the app it might be hard to get your content to stand out, but not with the right tips, tricks, and TikTok tools in your back pocket. We can all agree that there might be an overwhelming amount of resources for creating, planning, and editing videos for the app (understatement of the year!), so we’ve gone ahead and compiled some of the best TikTok tools so you didn’t have to scrounge around the internet trying to find which ones are worth it or not. Here you’ll find a variety of options that will help you to improve both your content and your TikTok presence as a whole.
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  1. Best TikTok tools for editing
    • Beecut
    • Quik
    • TikBuddy
    • Funimate
    • Lomotif

Best TikTok tools for editing


This video-editing app is a beginner-friendly way to enhance your videos and improve your content. With Beecut, you can apply filters, add transitions and effects, cut and trim videos, delete excess material, and convert your photos to videos.
This simple tool is incredibly user-friendly, where you can create visually appealing and interesting videos in seconds.
quik tiktok tools


Quik is another awesome video-editing app, perfect for TikTok users with any level of experience. With Quik, you can slow down and speed up videos, customize them with text and frames, cut and trim, and add multi-lingual components to increase accessibility.
Tikbuddy tiktok tools


Looking for analytics, management, and marketing solutions for your TikTok? TikBuddy is a free browser extension that links directly to your TikTok!
You’ll get industry insights, data tracking and analysis, account management for your TikTok, and influencer marketing insights that you can provide information back to brands and businesses. And not only that, but you can discover global TikTok creators’ analytics, growth rank and so much more.
funimate tiktok tools


If you’re looking to boost your account and create visual videos that are more appealing to your audience, Funimate is the tool you should download. You’ll have access to a wide range of visual effects, video transitions, and easy-to-use editing tools.
Plus, Funimate lets users participate in challenges that help boost their TikTok profile!
lomotif tiktok tools


Want to add music to your TikTok videos? Lomotif is a video editing tool that contains a large library of music that has any and every song you could possibly want.
It’s super easy to create videos with music and share them across any and all social media channels. Add filters, emojis, or use slow or fast motion effects to make your video completely unique.

The best TikTok tools for businesses

tik hashtags best tiktok tools

Tik Hashtags

For those looking to boost their followings and increase profile traffic, Tik Hashtags is a great place to start. This tool provides users with popular hashtags to make their content more discoverable, leading to an increase in engagement and following. The app guarantees more likes and more action, so it’s become popular among TikTok users.
tiktok tools loomly


Loomly is a great tool for social media managers of any kind. This one promotes collaboration, notifying all team members of important comments and updates on TikTok content creation or publication. Loomly also offers scheduling services, content ideas, publishing advice, and a variety of other personalized elements to boost your content.
tok upgrade tiktok tools


This is another tool that will help you boost followers and TikTok engagement organically, with the help of a trained account manager. Your profile will be marketed to a target audience, and the account manager will engage with similar content on your behalf, so you can grow your following and still have time to focus on content creation itself.

The best TikTok tools to track analytics

upfluence tiktok tools


If you’re looking to find influencers, UpFluence is perfect for you. This tool uses a data-driven search engine to find influencers, then measures ROI, sends mass emails, streamlines workflow, and helps facilitate meaningful collaborations between your brand and the influencer community.
According to Upfluence, 3 million of their users have found brand ambassadors for their content so if you’re looking to boost your marketing effort across TikTok, you need this tool.
best tiktok tools

Brand Maxima Analytics

This tool is perfect for creating and analyzing marketing campaigns via TikTok. Brand Maxima analyzes the effectiveness of your campaigns, hashtags, keywords, or events in real-time, then provides you with guidance and suggestions for future success based on personalized data.
trendtok tiktok tools


Keeping up with everchanging TikTok trends might be a challenge on your own, but TrendTok is here to help. This tool identifies, tracks, and predicts trends, helping you stay one step ahead of the game.
TrendTok’s AI will suggest the best trends for you to use to reach your audience, then analyze the data and provide you with comprehensive reports on the performance of your videos.
storyclash tiktok tools


With millions of brands on TikTok, it might seem difficult to monitor the competition and stay ahead. Luckily, Storyclash will do that for you. This tool assists you in bowsing relevant trends, analyzing your brand’s performance, monitoring competitors, and suggesting new opportunities for growth.
Whether you’re a social media manager, agency, or content creator, you can use Storyclash to help monitor your brand, competitors, and fellow influencers on TikTok.
socialinsider tiktok tools


With SocialInsider, you can track all the measurements you need to help grow and improve your TikTok. You’ll get all the detailed information on post engagement, engagement rate, the best time to post on TikTok, total plays, hashtag analytics and so much more.
You can also get all the in-depth analytics you need against your competitors’ campaigns to make sure you’re doing everything you can to improve your own account.
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Best TikTok tools for editing

The best TikTok tools for businesses

The best TikTok tools to track analytics

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